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I.C.S Chapter 87: Melee (End)

“Don’t think about it!”

Just when Suzuki was about to touch the dark blue gas, a roar that shook the sky came from behind him.

The huge blade of lightning traveled a distance of a hundred meters before it dissipated, tearing apart the buildings and the ground along the way with a terrifying power of lightning.

When Suzuki looked behind him, he saw a man in black wearing a brown mask, the First Raikage who had been hiding behind the scenes, and ready to support the battlefields.

As the First Raikage of the Hidden in Cloud Village, he was very different from the subsequent Cloud ninjas, for during the reign of the Second Raikage he had changed the Cloud ninja exercises to the ninjutsu and had developed the Lightning Chakra mode.

At the very beginning, the power of lightning was the most violent and primitive power. The general lightning ninjas used the effect of its large-scale attack instead of using the lightning attribute chakra to stimulate cells.

Although the First Raikage was not as good as the Raikage who succeeded him later in terms of physical fitness, he was unmatched in the use of lightning.

He formed a seal, and suddenly a purple-black thundercloud appeared over one-third of the village, and the flames below were continuously absorbed, and in the blink of an eye, it turned into a vortex of lightning and fire with a radius of thirty meters.

And when he put his palm on the ground, a dark blue dragon suddenly emerged from the lightning and fire vortex exuding an astonishing aura.

This move is a S-rank ninjutsu formed by condensing the lightning element of a radius of 1000 meters and swallowing all the flame power released by Ace before. If it explodes completely, even a mountain will be completely destroyed.

However, Toichiro Suzuki is definitely the strongest among the C-level character cards, and he is also a character close to the super Kage level. This may be an unstoppable blow for others. For him, only need 5% of his power to counter the attack.

His face suddenly burst with blue veins, and beads of sweat flowed out. In the previous, he used only 50% of his strength to dominate Minato, and now he is even stronger than the last time. A powerful strength of ice, fire, lightning, and wind came out, turning the four directions around him into a paradise of elements.

He stretched his hands over the top of his head to the sky, and a football-sized red ball of light condensed in his palms covered with energy.

“In a confrontation between energies, I will not lose to anyone!”

Suzuki declared coldly and after that the red ball of energy burst violently into a huge beam of light that shot straight up into the sky, freezing all the space around it with an icy chill.

The clash between the power of ice and the dragon of lightning and fire turned the sky into a sea of crimson fire and the earth into a kingdom of ice crystals, an indescribable horror was born at the meeting point. A terrifying deadly silence spread throughout the village in an instant ……

It was as if time had stopped, the whistling wind had stopped, the flames had stopped beating, the violent thunder had stopped in the air, everything seemed to pause, and at the final moment, as if accelerating, it exploded out of its original trajectory, a black beam of light that was enough to destroy everything spread out from the intersection of ice, fire, and lightning, and with a continuous roar, the small village of the Land of Fire was plunged into a state of shock. The small village on the edge of the Land of Fire was paralyzed in an instant ……

“…… What a terrifying power ……”

Minato was dumbfounded ……

He had long known that Toichiro Suzuki has extraordinary power, but he had never expected it to be this strong, with a destructive power of this scale.

He thinks that only the most powerful of all the Tailed Beasts, the Nine-Tails, could do it ……

“But ……”

In the midst of a scene like an apocalyptic disaster, Minato used the Flying Thunder God Technique to catch the dark blue demonic energy that was trying to escape from the area.

As long as he got the demonic energy, then with his speed, he can keep it safe.

“Lightning Release – Black Lightning!”

The black lightning formed by the change of the chakra nature of a single lightning attribute is more terrifying in speed and strength under the power of the Lightning Release Chakra Mode. The strength of the Third Raikage is definitely the strongest among all the Raikage.

Under the attack of black lightning, Minato, who had just transferred over, saw a punch with lightning before he could catch the demonic energy, so he had to give up the plan at the beginning. After all, the Third Raikage is known as the strongest spear in the ninja world. A few people in the ninja world want to face him.

When he saw that Minato had disappeared into thin air, the Third Raikage reached out to the Demonic Energy, but Orochimaru, who had been fighting him, finally came over, and every move he made in the incarnation of the eight-headed snake was a natural disaster.

He has been fighting with the Third Raikage. His defense is not inferior to that of the tailed beast. Even the Third Raikage cannot easily break through. The battle between the two was violent.

But after Suzuki had created that horrific sight, the Third Raikage had to shift to Minato’s side and ignored Orishimaru even though he had taken a sweeping blow from Orochimaru, which made Orochimaru feel a sense of humiliation, and in his anger, he raised his snake tail and flung it viciously at him.

The Third Raikage was not good at lending strength in the air, but there were no absolutes in this world of ninja with chakra, only to see him forcefully twist his body and dodge close to the moment the huge white tail was about to hit him.

He hugged it tightly with his thick arms, and the violent lightning was transmitted to the body of Orochimaro through his fingers, and then he pulled Orochimaru backward with all his strength, and then threw him with a bang. !

Although Orochimaru ranks among the Three Legendary Sannin, there is still a distance between him and the five Kage, especially between him and the Third Raikage, the gap is even more obvious.

What’s more, he hadn’t reached his peak yet, so it wasn’t surprising that he was defeated when he ran into an opponent of this caliber.