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I.C.S Chapter 88: The Return of The Demonic Energy.

Although Orochimaru’s attack didn’t really hurt the Raikage, it still had the desired effect.

The battle between the two of them made Third Raikage out of the range of the demonic energy. Suzuki used his energy to gently hold the demonic energy that everyone came for.

“The Demonic Energy of Earth is in my hand, Ace, you can retreat.”

“I want to retreat…but they won’t let me…”

Ace smiled bitterly. The attack he and Manda cooperated with White Zetsu just now made Byakuren unable to resist for a while, but under the recovery ability of the vampire, he quickly regained his fighting ability, and he no longer wanted to use his ultimate move. Instead, he used the water release.

The Water Release Technique is not outstanding in terms of attack power among the other five release techniques, but only Earth Release can compare with it in terms of defense. A Kage-level water release user who only wants to entangle himself is quite difficult to deal with.

“None of you can leave!”

Reto, who had successfully subdued Alex, called out a fierce wind, which blew the sand and rocks on the ground in all directions, flames and ice were also attracted to it, and the ruptured buildings all around simply couldn’t stop the fierce hurricane and collapsed, even a modern army would be destroyed under such a terrifying natural disaster.

“Do you think you can stop me with such a move?” Suzuki looked indifferent, he stomped his feet gently, and suddenly a gust of wind in the opposite direction of the sandstorm created by Reto which was mixed with yellow sand.

The two sides were engaged in a pure wind contest, but as Suzuki said before when it comes to energy accumulation, he believes that he will not lose to anyone!

He can not only accumulate energy indefinitely but also capture it and give it. For example, he used his energy to strengthen the Fire Qilin before, and in the original work, he gives psychic energy to the Claw soldiers.

At this moment, in the confrontation of his wind, he not only created a gust of wind but also absorbed the wind energy created by First Kazekage and transformed it into his own strength through the constant confrontation.

Under the two-pronged approach, even Reto the First Kazekage, who had the power to suppress the Sand Village, had to lose the battle.

The wind and sand transformed into a yellow giant creature, who threw a heavy punch that sent Reto flying tens of meters away.

He was about to take advantage of the victory to smash Reto but saw that the First Raikage, who had been repelled by Suzuki, summoned a lot of lightning power again, and he took a deep breath, and literally swallowed the energy…

“Lightning Release: Thunderbolt!”

He roared low, and then from his hands, a strong light emerged, forming a lightning ball mixed with chakra similar to the Rasengan.

His body was wrapped in lightning and thunder as if he were in the Lightning Release Chakra Mode, and his speed was much faster than before.


The First Raikage leaped up and punched the yellow Giant heavily in the chest, then a large amount of lightning power poured into the giant’s body, which eventually formed a huge twisting spiral that wrapped around the giant, including Suzuki.

Boom ……

The mighty-looking giant was destroyed without any resistance under this hit.

“The Seal of Sand!”

At the moment when the giant collapsed, Reto gritted his teeth and forcibly regained control of the sand. The collapsed sand and stones gathered again under his will.

And formed a huge sphere to wrap Suzuki in it.

However, in the next second, he spat out a mouthful of blood, and behind him, Toichiro Suzuki stretched out a finger and shot a red beam of energy that pierced his heart…

“How ……”

Reto couldn’t believe how fast Suzuki was, but when he turned his body reluctantly, he realized it.

It’s Namikaze Minato!

He was proficient in Space-Time Ninjutsu, he had brought Suzuki out of the range of the sand the moment the Seal of Sand took shape and shifted behind Reto.

For Minato, the demons, who are completely different from humans, are the most hostile targets to destroy the world. Especially after knowing what happened after Jiraiya went to Mount Myōboku.

Not to mention the fact that the Demons had sent members of the Black Watch to kill them here, and in this case, they had no choice but to join forces with the Shichibukai.

Although they had managed to defeat one of their enemies, with their exaggerated recovery ability, they would be able to regain their strength if they hid for a while.

In addition, the other battlefields are not all dominant, in short, the longer they dragged on, the worse it would be for them.

In this situation, the joining of Suzuki in the battle was very important, because he was able to fight against two and reduce pressure on them.

However, Suzuki didn’t express his gratitude. After Reto’s body fell to the ground, he glanced at Minato and said:

“You won’t be able to control the power of demonic energy,  only in the hands of us, the Shichibukai, we can seal it away.”

When Minato transferred Suzuki, he took the opportunity to take away the demonic energy from Suzuki’s hand. This dark blue gas was their main mission goal. If Konoha sent such a luxurious lineup, and they still failed to complete the mission. Then the reputation of Konoha is definitely will take a heavy blow.

“I don’t know about that,” Minato said with a relaxed smile.

Once Minato, whose mobility is unparalleled, gets the demonic energy, it will be difficult for others to have a chance.

“Konoha’s sealing technique can seal even tailed beasts perfectly. As long as we give us a period of time, it is not a problem to develop a sealing technique for the Demonic Energy.”

“It’s a pity that you don’t have the time that you need.”

The First Raikage in the distance let out a gloomy laugh, that seemed to come from hell.

A red jewel suddenly appeared in his hand, and then the jewel emitted a dazzling red light. The demonic energy in Minato’s hand suddenly escaped from his control as if attracted by something, and flew towards the red jewel.

“I already knew you had the Red Stone of Aja!”

Before the First Raikage could relax, his heartbeat accelerated again, and the demonic energy was about to rush to the jewel. The ground suddenly shattered in the middle, and then Alex Mercer’s figure passed through the ground, blocking the demonic energy, right in the way of the energy’s advance ……

“TheDemonic Energy of The Earth is mine now…”