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I.C.S Chapter 89: Departure

“The Demonic Energy of the Earth is mine!”

Mercer’s body spread out countless blood shots, swallowing the gas containing the demonic energy into his body, and then an extremely powerful aura erupted, matching his bloody and chaotic appearance, it was almost as if an ancient demon had revived.

It was true that Reto’s Prison Sand Burial had suppressed him tens of meters below the ground, but his strength was even stronger than that of Kimimaro, who was able to break out from Gaara’s Prison Sand Buria, so naturally, he could do the same.

At this moment, after absorbing the Earth’s Demonic Energy, he had already gathered all five Demonic Energy, and the interaction between them had made his strength soar. If he faced Reto again at this time, the ending would definitely not be the same as before.

“Reputation from Minato Namikaze +498 point.”

“Reputation Orochimaru +503 point.”

“From …………”



At this moment, not only the two ninjas from Konoha, but the remaining residents of the village also looked in horror at Alex, who was floating in the sky, like a world-destroyer demon. His majesty was distributed on the ground, overwhelming all.

“Hand over the Demonic Energy of the Earth!”

The Second Raikage, who had recovered some physical strength, shouted angrily, then got up again under the wrap of thunder and lightning, stepped on the ground with one foot, and jumped into the air with full strength.

Alex never retreated, his face was neither happy nor sad as if he didn’t take the Second Raikage seriously at all.

” Graveyard killing!”

He clapped his palm and the ground rose and fell, a huge black thorn sprouting from the ground between him and the Second Raikage.

Alex pointed the huge thorn directly at the Second Raikage who had just jumped into the air. The Second Raikage gathered a lot of lightning attribute chakra in his hands, and then stabbed the top of the huge thorn.

The Lightning made an erosion sound as if it was eroding something, and then abruptly slowed down the speed of the thorn, and even stopped it.

But at this time, Alex was already flying into the air, and two wings grew behind him, and his appearance became exactly the same as the winged-man he swallowed before, and the two wings made him fly straight into the sky.

Kars’s own flying speed wasn’t super fast, but at this moment, his flying speed has more than doubled with the increase of the demonic energy of the sky, which directly makes him reach the top of the sky dome of sand in an instant.

He touched the sky cover that trapped many people here with one hand, and then something unbelievable happened. His body merged into the sand dome of the sky and then disappeared…


Faced with an enemy that could fly, even the top-class experts here could not think of any good solution for a while, especially since this flying opponent was also a Kage-level expert who could change his appearance ……

“Suzuki! Go after him!”

Ace said anxiously while dealing with the attack of the First Mizukage.

Toichiro Suzuki nodded solemnly, then rushed to the top with a thunderous momentum, and then punched a gap similar to the size of the hole that Minato did when he used the Rasengan before, and then the sky cover didn’t heal.

This speed was truly mind-blowing, even the Third Raikage who use the Lightning Release Chakra Mode may not be able to match it.

But what Minato was curious about now was not Suzuki’s strength after he show his full strength, but his thought of what kind of person the leader of the Shichibukai was, who was able to command so many powerful people, and how does he get their loyalty like that?.

Just as Minato was wondering, another figure flew up, it was the First Kazekage wearing an orange mask who flew up into the sky under the influence of the wind.

Then a hole was revealed in the sky cover, which was closed back again by Reto.

“Hmm?” Minato furrowed his brow

When Jiraiya had mentioned the Steaming Multistoried Building earlier he had also thought that the Black Watch combatants were corpses reborn by the vampire Dio, but neither corpses nor vampires could reasonably survive in sunlight, and the purpose of the sky cover was more to shield them from the sun more than to prevent them from escaping… …

But at this moment, the fact that one of them flew out of the sky cover and was still unharmed really surprised him, because if they could survive under the sunlight, then Minato and Jiraiya’s previous guesses were probably wrong.

This would mean that without the aid of Dio’s ability to revive the dead, the Black Watch would still be able to dispatch a multitude of Kage-level experts to surround them, which is just too terrifying ……

If they gathered these seven Kage Levels together, then it’s not impossible for them to take over one of the five great Shinobi villages ……

But there are other possibilities too ……

Like blocking the sun in another way?

As far as Minato knows, a lot of ninjutsus in the ninja world that can use sunlight. After all, light is a very common energy.

Alex Mercer, Toichiro Suzuki, and the First Kazekage Reto left the battlefield one after another, and with Mercer’s departure, the Demonic Energy of the Earth disappeared, leaving the rest of the group without a target to fight, and the battle was strangely stopped.

At this moment, Konoha’s three ninjas got together. Just when everyone thought they were going to use a big move, they found that the three suddenly disappeared…

Before entering the village, Minato had already left a kunai engraved with the Flying Thunder God Jutsu as a transfer point on the outside of the village, which is why he didn’t panic after seeing the entire village covered by sand and seeing too many Kage-level combat powers on the Black Watch side.

This is the strongest point of the Flying Thunder God’s technique. Whether to fight or not, where to fight, and when to fight, he has the final say. The mobility far surpasses that of others, which brings a super advantage.

The reason why they did not retreat at the beginning but fought with the Black Watch was that they wanted to test the combat effectiveness of the race of Demons through this battle, but as they expected, it was just a part of the Demons’ combat effectiveness, and it was unbelievable how powerful it is!

About the Demon race, about Black Watch, about Shichibukai, and about Alex Mercer, these information were all learned during this battle. Although they did not get the expected demonic energy of the earth, sometimes the information action is more important than power…