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I.C.S Chapter 90: Five Kage Return.

Ace figure out that he was the only fighter left in the entire village who was considered as a hostile to the Black Watch, so he could only helplessly shrug his shoulders. With an embarrassed smile, his body turned into flames and floated towards the sky…

“Leave him!”

White Zetsu, who was fighting with Ace, was the first to notice Ace’s movement and attacked directly with his water release.

However, Ace is not completely unprepared. After finding a water dragon attacking, he condensed the flame in his hand and slammed it down, instantly turning Ace into a rocket, the speed of the upward flight was high.

In the blink of an eye, Ace was close to where the sky cover was, when the fastest of all, the Third Raikage, didn’t have enough chakra left, so he can’t use the powerful black lightning, but relied on his strong physical body and threw a booming punch.

Ace was not surprised but delighted. When the fist of thunder and lightning was about to hit his body, Ace’s body turned into flame again. With a bang, the punch of the Third Raikage directly hit the sand shield, with a crack about two or three meters in diameter.

Humans can’t get out of a crack of this size, but after physical transformation, Ace has become a flame, and the humanoid flame penetrated through the tiny crack and escaped in a flash.

The angry third Raikage followed and wanted to throw another punch, but was stopped by the Second Raikage who arrived close behind.

“Don’t forget that the sun is our weakness.”

he reprimanded

As the Second Raikage of the Cloud Village, although his strength is not as good as the Third Raikage, his qualifications speak for him, especially the Lightning Chakra Mode used by the Third Raikage is inherited from him, so he reprimanded him.

The fist he swung out stopped in mid-air, and the Third Raikage put down his arm angrily, and said, “Are we just going to go back and give up? None of the missions that Lord Dio gave us have been completed.”

“Let’s talk about the next step… not to mention that Reto is still chasing the demonic energy of the earth, maybe he can bring it back.”

The reason why Reto, as a vampire, was able to remain unharmed after breaking through the sky cover was that the surface of his body had long been covered with sand, forming an absolute defense just like Gaara, not only a defense against the attacks but also helping in insulating the sunlight, while the rest of them did not have such a convenient jutsu.

The Second Kazekage Shamon can do it, and is better at using sand, but he is now maintaining the sky-covered barrier, so he is powerless for the moment.

The Second Raikage sighed. He did not expect that their side which dispatched seven Kage-level combat power will fail to complete a single mission. Could it be that the current ninja world has developed to such a terrifying level?

The seven of them regrouped and looked at the battle-devastated village with emotions running through their hearts.

“Shamon, remove the shield of Sand, let’s leave.”

Shamon who maintained the shield of sand breathed a sigh of relief when he heard the words.

He was about to withdraw the shield when he heard footsteps.

A figure wearing a golden mask and a white robe approached them from a distance, a smoke of fire on either side of him, and the mist generated by the evaporation of water shrouded him, he walked toward them silently.

  “Who are you?!”, The Third Raikage frowned and said coldly.

“Returning from the underworld, living like a slave, is undoubtedly the greatest insult to the one who was a very powerful man one day.”

The mysterious figure in the mist seemed to sigh when pronounced the sentence. He slowly raised his right hand and gently pronounced it in front of the five attendees’ wary eyes.

“The soul returns to the land ……”

In an instant, the world changed…

At least it did for these five Kages ……

An inexplicable force impacted their consciousness and awakened their original consciousness. The part of the soul that was eroded by vampires was continuously reduced, and finally disappeared…

“I …… what have I done ……”

They surveyed their surroundings in disbelief ……

They could sense an outside force had given them back their selves and briefly a new lease of life, but with the loss of their vampire powers, they were also losing their life power and feared that it would only take a few minutes before they fell into eternal slumber again.

“Did you save us?”

The Third Raikage looked at the mysterious figure, who hiding his features under a golden mask, and sighed deeply.

“Although it helps you get rid of the vampire’s control, it also makes you lose your eternal life.”

The voice of the white-robed man was ethereal, the words seeming as if they came from afar.

“Eternal life ……” the First Mizukage Byakuren laughed lightly “that is just something that doesn’t matter.”

He simply ignored one of the most important things a ninja strives for and then said in a weary tone:

“There is nothing more important in this world than maintaining yourself, not to mention living forever like a slave, what is its value if it belongs to someone else and not yours??”

The Second Mizukage Gengetsu Hōzuki showed a bright smile “Playing with the juniors was a very missionary, it seems that even now, decades later, they have the ability to protect themselves in this coming chaotic world ah. Then we as the forefathers can rest in peace even if we leave.”

“As expected from the five Kages…”

The white-robed man paused for a moment as if infected, then nodded approvingly, took out the jug that held a liquid, opened the lid, and gently spilled it on the ground.

“Dust returns to dust, dirt returns to dirt, why should those who should go stay?”

The six men’s consciousness began to blur, and the similar horrors they had experienced before came back to haunt them, but at this time they were all grateful.

In unison, they bowed to the white-robed man, then their souls drifted and their bodies collapsed helplessly to the ground ……

And at the end, they also contributed a lot of reputation to Naoto –

“Reputation from the Third  Raikage ‘A’ +797.”

“Reputation from the Second Raikage ‘A’ +665.”

“Reputation from the Second Kazekage Shamon +692.”

“Reputation from the First Mizukage Byakuren +683.”

“Reputation from the Second Mizukage +721.”

“Reputation from the First Raikage Ai +621.”

“Reputation from White Zetsu +499.”

“Reputation from Black Zetsu +712.”

“Legendary reputation from Madara Uchiha +1010.”