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I.C.S Chapter 91: Uchiha Madara

In a crypt, the aged Uchiha Madara had listened to the White Zetsu’s report, and the mindset that had always thought that he had the entire Shinobi realm in his hands had changed.

The Uchiha had already been about to implement the plan, why does this change happen at this time when his own end was near?

“Demons …… Shichibukai ……”

Madara closed his eyes. Originally, after he found Obito and brainwashed him, he was approaching the limit of his lifespan, but the current situation made him unable to reach the Pure Land with peace.

His current power wasn’t enough to support him in his quest to find out the truth about these two forces, after all, he was far weaker than he had been at his peak.

That’s why he had been monitoring their movements through White Zetsu, but the more he watched, the more alarmed he became…

The power that Toichiro Suzuki had shown earlier was less than his full strength, but it was still far beyond the Kage class, and he might not be able to handle it perfectly with his current strength.

“I can’t believe there was never any record of them in the Uchiha’s records… There is something wrong ……”

He made a thoughtful look. With the current situation in the ninja world, It became very difficult for the original plot to go as it was supposed to.

“But in the end, there is still one thing that cannot be avoided… Death…”

This is what troubles him the most. If he has enough vitality now and can be like a few decades ago, then he can come back to the stage, and when the time comes, he can face all the demons and the Shichibukai members calmly.

Just when he was carefully considering his next move, he saw White Zetsu suddenly running over.

“Just now, my clone who was monitoring the demons suddenly disappeared! And the white-robed man who appeared in the village suddenly came here for some reason!”

Madara stood up abruptly after hearing White Zetsu’s words.

He saw the mysterious man in a white robe wearing a golden mask who suddenly appeared in the village. He also saw through White Zetsu’s eyes that he instantly restored the five Kage to normal. He may not be able to prove his strength, but he can see from the side. he can see that this person is not simple, at least he has the means to restrain the demons.

Perhaps he is one of the members of Shichibukai?

As for the leader of Shichibukai, it can be said that he is one of the most mysterious people in the ninja world.

At the beginning, it was he and the First Hokage Hashirama Senju who were dominant in the ninja world, and the ninja world back then had no rivals other than them both. At this moment, a ninja who seemed to be able to reach the same level as them, suddenly appeared. How could he not be curious??

And yes, after seeing Toichiro Suzuki’s strength, he automatically classified the mysterious leader into the category of the super Kage level, because only people like them have the strength to command many Kage levels and make the members feel convinced. After all, the ninja world is a world of strength, and it is not because you have excellent leadership skills that you can be the boss.

“It seems that our stronghold has been discovered…”

Madara showed a stern smile, even though he was old and frail, the domineering arrogance that was invincible in the ninja world didn’t gone, but was buried deep in his heart under the precipitation of time.

But when the need arises, he is always ready to change back to the invincible Madara Uchiha!

“Let’s receive him properly.”

Naoto marched unhurriedly across the field where Obito and Kakashi had fought.

It was just an avatar he had transformed into through Kars’s ability.

Even if he was killed by Madara, he could recover through energy replenishment, so there was no burden on his heart at all.

For Madara, an undead hidden in the shadow of the ninja world, has never let down his guard against such an enemy, but because of his lack of strength, he didn’t want to provoke this mysterious dangerous man.

But now since he has a solid base to face Madara head-on, he had to take advantage of what was likely to be his biggest client.

Yes, his current definition of Uchiha Madara has changed from the biggest enemy at the beginning to the biggest potential customer. Any emotional fluctuation can contribute more than a thousand reputation points to him. At present, he was the only one in the entire Shinobi world who could do that.

The reason why he let all five Kages go was that they were similar in nature to demonic energy, not exactly the right people, and the reputation generated by their activities were only a small fraction, and they did not generate their own reputation, instead of trying to control a group of dead people, it was better to let them go and reap a large amount of reputation at the last moment.

In the previous show, he used a village as a stage, but the reputation harvested was far inferior to that of the Rain Village, which contributed more than 20,000 reward points to him, which was just a bit more than what a group of toads from Mount Myōboku gave at the beginning, but at the end, he got a few thousand more reputations from the five Kages after liberating their souls, and now his savings are very close to 100,000 points.

After the events had festered further and most of the forces in the Shinobi world were aware of it, there would be a large number of reputation points coming in, and then he would be able to draw B-rank character cards.

This is the real reason why he is not afraid of Madara now.

It was with this mindset that he had rushed here.

And he can probably guess that after going through so many things, Madara and White Zetsu will definitely not be stupid enough to hand it all over to Obito according to the original story, they will definitely adjust the plan.

In that case, Naoto has lost the most important foresight, and a completely unknown future would be far worse to him than a future that was in his hands.

So, instead of letting Madara change the plan on his own, it’s better to lead him from here, like Black Zetsu, to induce him from the beginning of the plan, and finally lead him to the path he wants.

As long as Madara succeeded to get the effect he wanted, then the idea of Black Zetsu would be dispensable. After all, as a physical manifestation, his strength was far less than the original creator Kaguya Ōtsutsuki, but his ability to possess and manipulate others was the only thing worth careful.

Standing above the crypt, he emptied his mind, trying his best not to be seen by Madara, and whispered:

“At the end of my destiny, I came here… Son of Destiny, Madara Uchiha…”