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I.C.S Chapter 92: The Apostle

The Child of Destiny?

Sitting on a wooden bench, Madara frowned.

Because of the loss of the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path, his body is very weak now, and he even has to lean on something to sit firmly.

But with his character, even if he needs something to rely on, he won’t be an ordinary crutch.

What he used to support his body was a black sickle, and with his wrinkled face, he really looked a bit like the legendary death god.

He has heard the words about the Son of Destiny. In White Zetsu’s report, Jiraiya, one of Konoha’s three legendary Sannin, has been looking for the so-called Child of Prophecy. For Madara, who had been completely destroyed, the so-called Child of Prophecy was nothing but a myth.


Child of Destiny… Madara Uchiha…

He doesn’t know why, but he actually had a little bit of expectation in his heart about the arrival of the man in a white robe.

“Bring him in.”

He slowly ordered

“Looks like he came in by himself ……” White Zetsu reported, raised his head and looked to the top, and saw no movement, then walked across the bottom as if he was walking on the ground and came down.

“Hmph… I don’t have the plan to attack him from the ground…” Madara Uchiha waved his hand, signaling White Zetsu to retreat, although the latter was very jumpy, in front of Madara who dare to do this, he quickly obeyed the order and stayed away from them.

“It seems that you know my identity.”

He questioned the white-robed man as soon as he came up.

As a strong person with high aspirations, he was confident that his ability to hide was very strong. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to fake his death at the hands of the First Hokage Hashirama and the Second Hokage Tobirama, to be able to deceive the entire ninja world except for those he wanted to exploit.

But the white-robed man in front of him knew him quite well, so he had an inexplicable feeling of discomfort in his heart.

He hated this mystery, very much……

“As I said, what guides me is fate, and fate knows everything…”

“Fate? Do you believe in the existence of that kind of thing? “

Madara Uchiha is very disdainful. He has a certain understanding of the holy places in the ninja world. After all, he is also very interested in the power of immortality, and in the process of investigating the information, he knows about the fate beliefs that spread from Mount Myōboku.

“If you believe in it, then it exists, if you don’t believe in it, then it doesn’t exist. “

Naoto laughed lightly and said “fate is also a kind of rule, if you are strong enough, then you can make yours. “

“Huh, listen to you…Is your destiny to find me also determined by someone?”

“You can understand it this way, after all, in a way, we are the same. “

“I would like to hear more about it ……”

After perceiving that the other party does not seem to be malicious, Madara slowed down his previous cold attitude, he had a vague feeling that the white-robed man was a friend and not an enemy.

“Ha ……” Naoto casually found a place to sit down, the golden mask in the dark crypt faintly emitted a majestic light.

“Well, from where do I start” He put his hands on his chin.

“To make it clearer for you, I’d better talk about it from the very beginning, but this history may not be quite the same as what you know ……”

“At the beginning of this world, there were no ninjas, no vampires, and no demons ……”

Then he continues “the world was still dominated by intense heat and extreme cold, the earth covered with lava and poison gas, that is the birth of this planet, even life is not allowed to exist, the most primitive posture. “

Madara Uchiha was unmoved,

He didn’t expect that what the white-robed man was going to say would actually involve the birth of the planet!

For Madara the knowledge of the beginnings of the planet is beyond the level of humans and monsters alike, only immortals and semi-gods could possibly know such things.

Compared with the earth with a history of billions of years, thousands of years and 10,000 years are just a snap of fingers, far beyond what human beings can understand…

“But in the dark, this planet gave birth to strange life. In this hell that normal creatures can’t tolerate at all, a few big trees rose from the ground. This is the earliest life in the world. The creature is called the Tree of Life.”

“The Tree of Life… and later… Creatures…?”

Madara’s echoed after Naoto’s words, and a familiar feeling emerged spontaneously. He always felt that he had seen this setting before…

“That’s right, tens of millions of years after the birth of these trees of life, other primitive creatures appeared, and not long after they appeared, the tree of life finally ended its long growth period and bore fruit… “

“God tree…” Madara murmured.

He suddenly realized that this so-called tree of life could be the legendary tree of God!

According to legends, there was a sacred tree from ancient times in the Sage of Six Paths era, and a woman devoured its fruit, thus gaining extraordinary power to calm down the endless war, this woman is also known as the Mother of Chakra.

Even his plan was to create a God tree through the Infinite Tsukuyomi genjutsu and cause the birth of the god-tree world, so he naturally has some knowledge about it.

And the tree of life …… that this person is talking about isn’t somehow related to the God tree?


The words that came out of Naoto’s mouth confirmed Madara’s guesses.

“The tree of god…is one of the trees of life.”

“In the distant ancient years, all creatures were weak and ignorant. They called the place where they lived as the Garden of Eden, and the fruit of the God tree was called the forbidden fruit. They believed that once they ate the fruit, they will bring disaster.”

“This thinking is justified, because at that time, although people were ignorant, everything was in chaos, and they were able to understand each other, so there was never a dispute, and people lived in peace and harmony ……”

“But sooner or later, the taboo will be broken …… After an unknown period of time, some creatures came together, they want to eat that tempting fruit of the tree of life… “

Madara held his breath and listened carefully to the white-robed man speak on, well, the other side did not pretend to be a mystery, he speaks clearly and without reservation.

“They ate most of the fruit, without knowing that some fruits were different from the others ……”


“Yes, the fruit that absorbed the essence of the planet has incredible magical power, including the fruit of wisdom, which gives wisdom, and the fruit of life, which gives strength …… One of the creatures swallowed the fruit of wisdom, while the rest swallowed the fruit of life … …”

“Since then, the creatures that have swallowed the fruit of wisdom have slowly reproduced their offspring, and they are the creatures that exist in the ninja world today… Human beings are also from them… And those creatures that have eaten the fruit of life, we will call them as…”

“Apostle! “