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I.C.S Chapter 94: Angry Madara

“Legendary reputation from Uchiha Madara +2891.”

Under the sudden pressure from the front, Naoto not only did not panic, he even want it to laugh.

This is the benefit of high strength, more than two thousand points of reputation, and this is only the elderly version.

At least the A-class cards need a million reputation points, and S-class cards need 10 million reputation points, such an exaggerated amount, if there is no top-level expert, it will take him forever to collect these cards.

The coercion released by Ban is menacing, and the ground became cold, and it seems like some ancient demon woke up from a deep sleep and showed his fangs. The surrounding temperature plummeted, and the space seemed to freeze.

But Naoto showed no fear.

In the final analysis, this is just a clone of his clones. Even if he dies, he will not feel bad. As long as there is enough energy, such a clone can be split as much as Kars needs.

“You’d better speak clearly…!”

After a while, Madara put away his murderous aura, and his face was cold.

Just now Naoto’s words have poked him in his most secret part, this is what his entire plan was based on. For that Stone Tablet, he did not hesitate to fight Hashirama, and faked his death after the battle, surviving in the shadow of the Shinobi world for decades, such dedication in return for a sentence that all this may be is just fake?

Decades of planning for nothing at the end?

This is something that no one can accept.

“Ōtsutsuki Kaguya ate the fruit of life, gained unparalleled power, and easily conquered the Shinobi world. But just like the original, the reason why the Fruit of Life is called the forbidden fruit is because after eating it, unimaginable things will happen.”

“Originally, the function of the fruit of life is to absorb the energy of the planet. Without it, the energy generated by the planet began to flood the entire ninja world, and in order to recollect this energy into the God Tree, this planet survived from ancient times to Today’s ancient, but the tree has launched a war…”

“Can a tree start a war?” Madara frowned.

“Of course not, but Kaguya Otsutsuki who ate the fruit of the God Tree has become the incarnation of the God Tree in a sense. Remember when I said she was an alien warrior from the universe? In fact, the purpose that she came to here is for the fruit of the God Tree. Otsutsuki is a family that plunders the energy of the planets and sends it back to the clan, but Kaguya has her own ideas after coming to the ninja world. She doesn’t want to go back to the Otsutsuki clan. She wanted to stay in the ninja world and be an eternal goddess.”

“In order to satisfy her wishes and the God Tree, Kaguya who had calmed down the chaos of war forcibly with Infinite Tsukuyomi genjutsu, used the God Tree to absorb people’s chakra and transform it into the biological weapon – White Zetsu!”

“What? White Zetsu…”

“Of course, White Zetsu wasn’t created by you from the DNA of Hashirama Senju.” Naoto interrupted Madara’s self-questioning, then let out a scoff “White Zetsu is out of your control, so guess what about Black Zetsu?”

Madara didn’t have much energy to ask how the person in front of him knew about the existence of

Black Zetsu. Because if everything the person in front of him says is true, then it proves that everything he did in keeping with his plan is based just on illusions and lies…

“It’s okay if you don’t want to guess or ask, you’ll know soon anyway.”

“Let’s get back to the important point, Kaguya Ōtsutsuki wanted to absorb chakra through the Infinite Tsukuyomi and create enough to fight against the Ōtsutsuki clan who are very likely to come to arrest her in the future, but she was stopped by her two sons. They are Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki and Hamura Ōtsutsuki, and Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki who became known as the Sage of Six Paths.”

“It’s just that no one knows… Before Kaguya Ōtsutsuki was sealed by the Six Paths — Chibaku Tensei, she manifested her will in the form of Black Zetsu in the hope that he would be able to save himself from the eternal sealing Six Paths — Chibaku Tensei. But this form is different from her sons, he does not have the same powerful strength as they have.”

“Then…if you were actually the will Kaguya that was hiding, what would you do? Uchiha… Madara…”

Naoto looked up at Madara’s face, his wrinkled face twisted with anger, “I’m going to ask you again now, okay?!”

Although he said so, Madara is not an idiot.

Naoto has already talked about this, why doesn’t he understand that all this is most likely the result of the hidden Black Zetsu?!

The first thing he needs to do is to get a good idea of what he’s doing.

In addition to Naoto’s question earlier ……

“Black Zetsu ……”

Under such circumstances, he quickly calmed down and took the killing intent to the bottom of his heart. Madara re-evaluated the man in the white robe and the golden mask.

Everything he said just now really surprised him, but the premise of all this must be based on the fact that the story is true…

Growing up in the brutal environment of the Warring States Period, made Madara have trust issues.

So he wasn’t able to trust any person so easily.

The story Naoto told might indeed be true. After all, no one would make jokes about such a long-term story, which also involves the story of the Demons and the Sage of Six Paths.

But it is also possible to be false. After all, if Kaguya really has a will form in the ninja world, and even the Sage of Six Paths can’t detect his existence and let him secretly control the history of the ninja world, then how did he know all of that?

Is his strength beyond the Sage of Six Paths?

(Don’t be ridiculous ……)

Although he is not as good as in his heyday, Madara is an Uchiha ninja who was killed from the sea of ​​blood and corpses, and he still trusts his judgment on strength.

The white-robed man in front of him is obviously not the original body, because he was only a short time ago in a small city in the east of the Fire Country, and he could not come here in the blink of an eye.

But even if the best estimate that based on his performance in the village, he is at the best able to recall the souls of the six Kages and recover the souls, and that makes him just a good opponent, but not very powerful.

But at this level, is he stronger than the…?

“Ha ……”

Madara couldn’t help but laugh

“Hahahaha ……”

Then he laughed wildly, hysterically, unable to restrain himself from laughing, his laughter echoed throughout the cave…

“Black Zetsu… right…”