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I.C.S Chapter 93: History


Madara murmured, to him it was a term that was unfamiliar to demons and Shichibukai, but after Naoto’s explanation,  he can probably understand what kind of a group of creatures it is.

If everything he said is true, then the fruit that was eaten by the Mother of Chakra a thousand years ago is the fruit of life, so that means she is counted as a member of the apostles ……

“Yes, but breaking the taboo brings bad luck, perhaps because of the wrath of the gods. After eating the fruit, the creatures at that time could no longer understand each other as they did before. slowly, a gap has grown, and when there is a gap, there is a dispute. Among them, the apostles who have eaten the fruit of life are the most powerful creatures. They are the strongest creatures, but they are not ultimate. There is only one absolute and ultimate being, and this being is …God!”

After a pause, Naoto continued, “The war between the apostles has begun. They launched the world’s first war on earth. The surface of the entire planet was almost destroyed. At the end of the war, they were shocked when they discover that there are no other creatures in the world except them, and the angry stars swallowed up all the energy emitted from the remnants of creatures that scattered everywhere, forming a new tree of life, which is the God tree you mentioned before… “

“The tree of god was born from the will of heaven and earth. It is the defense line created by this planet to protect itself. And because it is of the same origin with the apostles, it easily banishes the apostles to a different dimension.”

“Hmph… It sounds like a rather ridiculous story, but what does it have to do with the Child of Destiny you speak of?”

After all, Madara doesn’t care much about the stories that happened hundreds of millions of years ago, because he has his own goals, and he believes that when his plan is realized, the whole world will never fall into conflict again. As for the so-called apostles, he did not believe that any creature could survive for so long, knowing that even the original Sage of the Six Paths could not resist the power of time.

“Then let’s speed up the topic a little ……” Naoto did not care about the impatience in the mouth of Madara, just put his hands down from the cheeks, then hands around the chest, and continue to explain:

“Because the creature who ate the fruit of wisdom did not get that horrible power, but in advance will foresee that horrible disaster, and took some people to hide in the ground to avoid that extinction disaster, after the apostles were banished to the other dimension, they came out of the ground again, and revered the sacred tree as a sacred object, and did not allow any creature to eat the fruit of the tree, and they passed an unknown amount of time at the same situation…”

“During this period, I do not know how many things happened, for example, you know there is a demon invasion, in fact, they are the descendants of an apostle who was banished to the other dimension, that other dimension is also called the demon world ……”

“So that’s how it is, in that case, the apostle is gone, but they still have numerous dependents left behind?” Madara closed his eyes, if the apostles left their offspring for this long time, then it is not good for the future of the Shinobi world.

In his plan, the people in the Shinobi world are bound to fall into the Infinite Tsukuyomi, which is a mega-range illusion that will build for all creatures a world of their own most perfect, but no matter how perfect the world is, it also depends on their own lives to support it.

If other beings step into the Shinobi world during the period when people are caught in the Infinite Tsukuyomi, it can be fatal for these ninjas, in which case the invaders only need a sharp knife to kill all the masters who might get in their way.

“That’s right, the apostles are eager to return to the Shinobi world, although we do not know the exact date of their return, sooner or later they will return to the Shinobi world by breaking the seam between the two dimensions.

Because only in the Shinobi realm can they implement the human complement plan and be called true omnipotent deities.”

“The Human Complement Program? What’s that?” The most annoying thing about a mastermind is the unknown, because the unknown means variables, and sometimes just a little bit of variables is enough to make a carefully plan go completely off course.

This is the importance of intelligence, for the layout of the person, nothing is more important than intelligence ……

“I’ll mention that later.”Naoto shrugged, then he ignored the slightly gloomy expression of Madara, and said “let us return to the subject, in order to prevent later people eat the fruit of life, the surviving creatures that ate the fruit of wisdom set a seal, and this seal is continued by the bloodline, that is, as long as it is his descendant, then the fruit of life cannot be eaten. Originally, this seal can continue to exist forever,  because nowadays all intelligent life has that bloodline, without exception ……”

“Until, as you know, Kaguya Ōtsutsuki ate the holy fruit, the fruit of life that later became the fruit of chakra!”

“…… wait ……” Madara interrupted with a wave of his hand “You just said before that the seal still exists?”

“That’s the problem ……” Naoto raised the sound, a shocking words like a thunderclap hovered in  Madara’s ears.

“Kaguya Ōtsutsuki …… is not an original inhabitant of this planet, she comes from an outer planet! And the rumored that the Sage of the six paths …… is her son!”

It should be said that Madara is indeed a legendary ninja who knows a lot about the ninja world. Even if he heard the great secret, he was only surprised for a moment, and then his face returned to calm, or rather he hid his surprise deep in his heart …

“An alien who ate the fruit of life… Are you fooling me?!”

Although he was old, when Madara questioned, there was still a faint domineering arrogance.

“Heh, this is just the beginning…” Naoto’s face hidden under the mask showed a smile, and then the topic changed, “You should have discovered what the Sage of the Six Paths left on your clan’s stone tablet, right?”

? ? !

Madara’s pupils shrank, this was his own secret, he didn’t tell anyone except Obito, but he quickly made an indifferent expression and said, “That’s right, that is a monument that can only be deciphered after opening the Mangekyō Sharingan or even having a Rinnegan.”

“But what if I say…” Naoto raised his head, looked straight into Madara’s eyes, and said word by word:

“That – Tablet …… is – tampered – with”


Just after these words, a heavenly aura burst out from the aged old man, seemed to be even the sky and earth were eclipsed by this force, strong majesty pressure made Naoto almost can not breathe out ……