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I.C.S Chapter 95: The Human Complement Plan

Hearing Naoto was talking too much, Madara couldn’t have 100% trust in Black Zetsu like before, even if Madara didn’t completely believe Naoto, his confidence was greatly shaken.

The more sophisticated the plan, the easier it is to be affected by some minor changes to the overall situation, as long as Madara can be more warier about Black Zetsu’s moves, then Black Zetsu will not be able to succeed in his sneak attack and release Otsutsuki Kaguya.

Even Madara wants to kill Black Zetsu, but the first thing he needs to do is to get a good idea of what he wants to do about his future plan.

Black Zetsu in his plan is the most important part, he needs him to control Obito and resurrect himself which is definitely not a dispensable existence, that’s why he resisted the idea.

After a moment of thought, Madara stopped smiling, he slowly stood up, looked at Naoto from above, and asked:

“Then, tell me, the true goal of the Sage of Six Paths and… your purpose!”

“Well…let’s ask first…”

  “you say……”

“Do you know… your true identity?”

(True identity?)

Madara was about to say something, but was interrupted by Naoto, he laughed, and then told the story of the Sage of Six Paths: “After successfully sealing Kaguya Otsutsuki, as a younger brother, Hamura went to the moon in order to guard his mother’s sealed remains, while Hagoromo, the elder brother and the Sage of Six Paths, stayed in the ninja world and had two sons, Indra Otsutsuki and Asura Otsutsuki.”

“The elder brother Indra was better than the younger brother. He is powerful and can accomplish any mission by himself, while the younger brother was born with no talent, instead, he valued depending on and cooperating with others. The elder brother was simply incomparable, so at that time everyone thought that their father, the Sage of Six Paths, would pass on the mantle of leadership to his elder son.”

“Unexpectedly, Hagoromo values ​​Asura’s power which can unite people under it and share it, it’s called the group spirit. He knows that once the power is concentrated in one individual, it is very likely that he will be the next Kaguya Otsutsuki, only through union and participation the legacy can continue for the longest period…”


Madara let out a light breath and rose in the cave as a cloud of white.

Did he think of the Senju Hashirama who made him feel conflicted?

Naoto can’t understand, and there is no need to understand.

The love-hate relationship between ninjas is, in the end, a duel between beliefs and views, which no one else can understand it anyway.

It’s like if you really want to change a person with a firm belief, you can only fight him.

But ……

The lulls are obviously no longer on the list ……

He continued, “But the eldest son Indra is not convinced with the decision of his father, so a centuries-long and even millennium-long fight will be launched …… this thousand years of gathering crowds, they and their offspring will be involved in the war, even after the death, they still through their bloodline will continue this fight …… until today ……”

“So …… Madara …… do you understand what I’m talking about.. these two families..?”



Although the answer is already in his head, Madara doesn’t want to say it

He is, Uchiha Madara, what he thinks, and what he does all rely on his own will.

Whether fighting or reconciling with Senju Hashirama, this is all decided by an individual named Madara Uchiha!

“The Uchiha and…The Senju…”

But he finally said it, because he is not a person who deceives himself or hides from the truth.

Naoto nodded, “That’s right, you and Senju Hashirama are also the reincarnations of Indra and Asura. Hashirama, the one who can unite people’s hearts is the reincarnation of the younger brother Asura, and you are the reincarnation of his older brother Indra!”

“Heh…” Uchiha Madara sneered, he didn’t want to continue talking about this topic. “Skip this nonsense.”

“Be patient, some things will confuse you if you don’t know the prelude.” Naoto waved his hand to indicate that he should not be anxious, “although the Sage of Six Paths died, his soul has been in the Shinobi world to watch the fight between the two sons, so he knew that sooner or later, someone will want to change everything, that person is you.”

“Because I opened the Rinnegan?”

“That’s right, now you understand, you already had Indra’s chakra and after you fusion the power of Hashirama from his cells in your flesh you got Asura chakra too, and finally a qualitative change …… you’re close to approaching the power of the Sage of the Six Paths …… “

“So, this old man left a stone tablet to persuade you to change your mind, just because he was afraid that you would be as stubborn as Kaguya and follow in her footsteps.

Madara’s face was gloomy, and then, “In the end… this is just your words, and the specifics will be determined by my eyes.”

“Of course that’s fine, there is still a long time before these events begin.” Naoto shrugged, “Let’s talk about my identity and why I came to you.”

“The Apostles… What connection do you have with them?” When Naoto specifically mentioned the apostles, Madara realized that the person in front of him was very likely to have some kind of connection with them, otherwise, there would be no need to talk about such a thing from a long time ago.

“SEELE ……” Naoto said a word that was unfamiliar to Madara, and then explained it “the organization formed by the direct descendants of those who ate the fruit of wisdom, the ultimate goal of this organization, is to achieve the human complement plan!

“It’s human complement again…” Madara still remembered that Naoto had said before that the purpose of the apostles sealed in the different dimensions was to implement the human complement plan, but he said at the time that he would explain it later.

“Remember what I said? Although the creatures in the world at that time had no power and were not as intelligent as they are today, there are no longer barriers between the minds. People can understand each other, so there will never be disputes.”

“Isn’t the current disputes caused by the inability of human beings to understand each other? The isolated minds are the biggest obstacle to the evolution of human beings!”

“And the completion of the plan for human beings is precisely to let people’s minds break away from the shackles of the body. Only in this way can the spiritual barrier between people be finally eliminated and the difference between the spiritual worlds can complement each other and reach the end of evolution—becoming immortal gods, creating a world where there is no more strife!”