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I.C.S Chapter 96: The Actions of the Akatsuki Organization

“By the human evolution into gods …… a world without barriers …… a world where people can understand each other …… “

   The reason why Madara wanted to release the Infinite Tsukuyomi was to stop the hatred that takes over the world.

However, the bloody reality tells Madara that no matter how hard he tries, it is impossible to change people’s killing instinct. The strong bully the weak, the rich bully the poor, and the good-looking despise the ugly…

As long as there are living creatures, disputes are inevitable, and only in a beautiful dream can people live happily forever.

But at this moment Naoto told him another way, which is to eliminate the barriers between people and create a world where all things are unified, blended into one, and can understand each other…

But there is one more question…

“What is the connection between the human replenishment plan and the Child of Destiny you speak of?”

He did not forget what the white-robed man said at the very beginning when he appeared.

“Well …… first, let me introduce ourselves.” Naoto pushed his golden mask and said, “My name is Kars, and I am a user of ripple chakra in SEELE.”

Ripple Chakra ……

Madara quickly searched for this name in his mind, but unlike before, he had heard the word Ripple Chakra not long ago.

In a big battle in the south of the Country of Fire not long ago, a young man who called himself Jonathan Josta used this jutsu to severely damage the vampire named Dio.

After White Zetsu’s report, he had a little curiosity about the power used by the man, but he find that this power was simply an imitation of the sunlight, with very low killing power, specifically to restrain the vampires in general.

And this man in front of him, who called himself Kars, couldn’t he also be someone who had some connection with Jonathan?

“In the thousands of years of history, SEELE has been behind the scenes waiting for the arrival of the Sons of Destiny, because in this world, in addition to the apostles, only the Sons of Destiny can implement the human complement plan, in a long time, we have many comrades gave up this idea and choose to return to the world of ordinary people choose to live as an ordinary person, they forgot the mission but I did not!”

“As one of the humanoids Pillar Men I have an eternal life, in constant slumber and awakening, I have been looking for the son of destiny, until today I finally found you!”

Kars’s expression was a little excited, and he could hardly contain his excitement.

In the constant pursuit, the comrades beside him choose to give up one by one, only a few friends accompany him on this road that no one knows when it will end, and even friends eventually will grow old. Destiny is the only one left.

Madara doesn’t know his inner thoughts, but he thinks that …… there should be some ……

In order to a nebulous plan and choose to go alone, carrying the whole world’s disbelief, watching the once like-minded friends gone one by one far away, is it really worth it?

Of course it’s worth it!

Isn’t the same case with Madara too?

For the so-called Infinite Tsukuyomi, he would not hesitate to fight to the death with Hashirama and destroy the world he established with his own hands, just to completely cut off this endless cycle of fate!

“What do you mean when you say that only the Sons of Destiny are able to achieve the human complement?”

Madara was getting interested in this so-called human completion, although he didn’t know how much truth there was in Kars’s words.

But even if he made it up, this so-called human complement plan is indeed a good way to eliminate the wars ……

“Because to implement the human complement plan, it is necessary to connect all life in the world through the tree of life, and it is even more difficult to mix so many consciousnesses into one, even a master in your level… Can’t do it.”

“The only one who can do this is the apostle who ate the fruit of the tree of life, but you are different…”

“Isn’t the Infinite Tsukuyomi a genjutsu that can affect everyone in the ninja world at the same time?!”

“Legendary reputation from Madara +1559.”


The Village Hidden by Rain.

With his eyes closed, Ryo Shimazaki was walking to the izakaya when he heard a voice behind him that sounded awkward.

“Hey, Ryo didn’t you go to Sand Village to look for our new partner, how come you’re back so soon?”

After returning from the Land of Lieduo, Ryo Shimazaki joined the Akatsuki organization at Konan’s invitation, and casually spilled some information about the Demons, earning a lot of reputation points from them.

Not long ago, he went to the Land of Wind to complete his first mission to meet Sasori, who had newly joined the Akatsuki organization.

Without the need to think about who he was, Ryo Shimazaki stopped, then turned around and said with a tone of disinterest:

“I just got back, and want to take some rest. Did Pain has already another mission?”

“Well… it’s not because of this. Pain just asked me to inform you that there will be a meeting at the base later. I heard that all the members will go there this time.”

“All the members? It looks like there is something very important to announce…”

“I don’t know about that.”

“Okay, then go and inform the others. I need to back first, and then I’ll go to Pain.”

“Then you have to hurry.”

Zetsu didn’t say that he had to go now. He just ordered with one sentence, and then got into the ground and left.

The izakaya is booming as before, but now not only has the area of ​​the house expanded several times, but it has also undergone some renovations, and the chef inside is still the chef Shell.

  “You’re back?”

The one who greeted him was not this one busy chef, but Konan who was sitting at the guest seat.

Ryo Shimazaki raised an eyebrow and whispered, “Didn’t Pain said he’s going to have a meeting? What are you doing here?”

“There are some things we need to talk about, we will talk as we walk.”

“It looks like I won’t be able to take a break.”

With a sigh, Ryo Shimazaki Show some resentment. He wanted to take a hot shower and change his clothes.

Watching Konan walk out, Ryo Shimazaki followed her, the two slowly moving forward, seemingly they are not anxious about Pain’s meeting.

“Well, there is no one else now, tell me, what’s the matter with you looking for me?”

“The Black Watch …… have you heard about this organization?”