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I.S.C Chapter 17: Influence

The demonic energy in Itachi was transferred by Naoto. In the previous conversation between them, he transferred the demonic energy by touching Itachi’s head.

He originally wanted to use the demonic energy of fire to harvest some reputation points at that time, but after the transfer, he realized that the eruption time of the demonic energy of fire was completely controllable.

Should it be said that it is the power produced by the system, Naoto as the owner of the system has the highest authority over these powers. And even whether the demonic energy will affect the appearance and make the biological characteristics close to a demon, it can be controllable by Naoto.

 So he set the demonic energy in Itachi’s body to release it when his mental fluctuations were at the peak, and it really brought him a lot of reputation points under the witness of so many people on the battlefield.

And in the same time, he helped Itachi open his Sharingan


Looking at Itachi who suddenly passed out, Fugaku caught the body of Itachi who was about to fall to the ground.

“Sir Fugaku, Itachi?”

“You guys hurry up and invite Minato Namikaze over!” Fugaku didn’t care about Naoto’s words, but hurriedly ordered

“Don’t call, I’m already here.”

Minato was cleaning up the battlefield, but when he was about to go back, he suddenly felt the high temperature emanating from Itachi’s body, so he rushed over with the teleportation technique.

“Is this the demonic energy  of fire?”

Minato carefully observed Itachi’s body, and then frowned, “It can’t be detected at all. If we can’t detect specific things about its essence, then even the sealing technique of the Uzumaki family can’t do anything.”

They never had the idea how to rid him of Suzuki’s demonic energy. After all, they suddenly came over to ask for unknown something from their own side, and they were also accomplices for robbing their own ninjas. And because of all this and more, Konoha didn’t need to listen to Suzuki.

 For the danger of demonic energy? It looks not worth the panic at first, even if it’s powerful as the Nine-Tails, it’s not scary as the Nine-Tails, because the power of the Nine-Tails can be sealed inside the human body and consciousness, but mere demonic energy it looks like extraneous energy and it can be contained.

 So for Minato, who is good at using sealing techniques, demonic energy shouldn’t be so difficult to handle.

 But the reality is completely different from what they thought.

 They couldn’t find out what this energy was at all.

 Although he heard Suzuki say that demonic energy is an intangible existence, then how can there be an existence that cannot be affected?

 After all, the Uzumaki Clan has a sealing technique that can even seal the soul.

 No matter how mysterious is this energy, can it be more mysterious than the soul?

 But the facts tell them that there is something in this world that is even more mysterious than the soul!

 “I don’t think so. …… As long as there is Chakra, it can definitely be sensed.”

 Maybe it’s magic energy not including Chakra. Minato thought

 This idea was rejected by everyone. Chakra is the most basic energy. If there is no Chakra energy, how does it affect reality?

 Did he really have to wait for the help of Suzuki from Shichibukai to get rid of this demonic energy?

 Minato’s mind was tired from overthinking, but it wasn’t good to show that. “If Suzuki didn’t lie, it would take a while for Itachi to be controllable by the Demonic energy.”

 Minato could only forcefully say, “We must bring Itachi back to Konoha, and I’ll call the third Hokage too, there must be a solution.”

 Fugaku’s heart was broken. The third Hokage is indeed knowledgeable and talented, but when it comes to sealing, his not compared with Minato who has Uzumaki Kushina too as a guide and assistant. If Minato can’t deal with the demonic energy, then the third probably don’t have even the ability to help them.

 Under all these heavy worries, he wasn’t even in the mood to be happy for Itachi to open his Sharingan.

 “That’s all that can be done…” Fugaku said embarrassedly

 Now his heart is full of regret, if he didn’t bring him here, then it would be no such thing.

 “I told you, there is nothing you can do with the demonic energy.” At this moment, Suzuki’s voice appeared again, and his figure moved faster than the sound.

 Almost instantly, he reached Itachi from afar.

   “What’s that?!”

The ninja next to him immediately alerted, but Suzuki ignored them and wanted to touch Itachi with his right hand.

“Stop!” the Sharingan in Fugaku’s eyes turned extremely fast. In this emergency, he even felt the feeling when the kaleidoscope was about to open, and he remembered the fear that had grown in his heart under the momentum of Suzuki’s palm at that time. The Mangekyō Sharingan quickly connected together.

 Not to mention Suzuki’s sudden change, even Minato, was taken aback. Seeing the atmosphere gradually diminishing, he quickly catches Fugaku’s arm with one hand, “I understand how you feel, but the most important thing right now is to calm down! “

Hearing Minato’s words, Fugaku retreats a little, but his Mangekyō Sharingan did not retreat, he still looked at Suzuki vigilantly.

 At this time, Suzuki seemed to return to his normal state, “Is it the Mangekyō Sharingan, the eye that can see the truth of all of creation without obstruction as they said, what an honor to meet you again.”

 “Damn you, I can’t believe you know that!” Fugaku was Shocked to hear Suzuki talk about his Mangekyō Sharingan.

At that time, Fugaku suspected that the Shichibukai had a certain level of understanding of Sharingan, but he didn’t expect them to recognize the Mangekyō Sharingan so quickly. This is an advanced form of the Sharingan that most Uchiha people don’t know about.

 “I’m not Hiei, and I’m not interested in your eyes.” Suzuki ignored Fugaku and looked at Minato, “Are you still want to deceive yourself? You can’t seal the magic of demonic energy, the third Hokage can’t, and neither Uzumaki Kushina can. “

 “No one will know until you try.” Minato tensed his body, he was ready for the Flying Thunder God Technique.

 “Ugh …… not again ……” Suzuki sighed, his right hand was just about to move but he found that Minato had already reached behind him and was now holding a Kunai to his neck.

 “I hope you don’t move, Itachi is from Konoha, we will protect him with our lives.”

 Suzuki replied without moving his head, “As expected of the yellow flash of Konoha, not only the Flying Thunder God Technique, but you can even do Instantaneous Translocation Technique to this extent. Too fast, But are you sure you want to stop me? Minato Namikaze?”

 “If there’s really nothing we can do about the demonic energy, we’ll consider the situation of the Shichibukai, but not now.”

 “How arrogant…” Suzuki sneered, “I heard that your teacher said that you are the son of prophecy who will bring great changes to the ninja world. It seems that it is indeed the case.”

 Hearing the disdain in the words, Minato was not angry, but just asked, “What do you mean?”

 Suzuki explained, “The ninja world will be destroyed because of you. Isn’t this a great change for the ninja world?”

 Before Minato could answer, a Konoha ninja next to him was sarcastic: “Just because of the demonic energy in your mouth? You think this thing can destroy the ninja world?”

 It makes sense for this ninja to taunt. Although it’s a bit wicked, it doesn’t look that serious from the appearance of Itachi just now. He thinks any Jonin can easily defeat it.

 “Maybe this is the fearlessness of the ignorant.” Suzuki’s body suddenly burst out with huge energy, and Minato didn’t have time to counter it and had to use his instantaneous Jutsu to release Suzuki.

 Suzuki, who just released, craned his head for a moment before holding Itachi’s head in one hand

“Let me tell you a story …… Konoha’s ninja.”

 “Have you …… ever heard of the Holy Lord?”

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