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L.H.H: Chapter 139: The Reward of the Cute Little Fox

Time passed by quickly, and it was February, the 31st year of Konoha.

Masahiko, who has been keeping healthy in the Land of the Whirlpool, glanced at his status bar.

Gentle Fist LV8 (2138649/5000000)

“According to the progress, if I continue to practice, I will reach LV9 in about four or five years!” Masahiko sighed, then sighed again, “However, I still can’t relax…”

It’s already February, Masahiko needed to send the five exchange students to Konoha.

“Kushina is going to Konoha!” Masahiko whispered and cheered up again; sending Kushina to Konoha, mean that Naruto’s birth is just in sight!

The five kids bid their farewell to their parents, then left the Uzumaki Village with Masahiko. He didn’t fly because he wasn’t in a hurry, and he also wanted to give a few words to the kid on the road.

Masahiko smiled, looking at the four kids who looked nervous beside Kushina and said, “Don’t worry, Konoha is no different than our village, and if you need something, you can come to me, I will stay in Konoha for a while.”

“Grandpa, will the little fox be in Konoha?” Kushina’s question made Masahiko stunned. She didn’t forget what he told her two years ago.

Masahiko shook his head, “It won’t see you until you’re strong enough.”

Actually, Masahiko didn’t know whether he should let Kushina become the next Jinchuriki of the Kyuubi. There are good things and bad sides to being a Jinchuriki. However, since Masahiko is there, no one will dare to force her to become one. This time it will be her choice to decide whether she wants to become a Jinchuriki or not.

Masahiko glanced at the other kids, “If I’m not in Konoha, you will go to Senju’s station to find the Uzumaki Grandma.”

“You’re talking about Grandma Mito? I haven’t met her yet!” Kushina spoke again, while the other kids looked curious.

The last time Mito came, the Uzumaki Village was in the 18th year of Konoha, when she attended the funeral of Masahiko’s eldest nephew. Of course, these young kids didn’t have a chance to see her.

Masahiko smiled, “When we reach Konoha, I will take you to see Grandma Mito first.”

Although Mito is from the Uzumaki, she belongs to Konoha more, never forgot her identity, and loves the Uzumaki, but Mito rarely returned to the Uzumaki, probably because she was married to Hashirama when she was only fifteen. In the past 50 years, all the people Mito once knew passed away, and with every day, the Uzumaki felt no longer like a home. This is a common problem of the elderly, even Masahiko felt the same sometimes, and he prefers to stay in Konoha; at least he can see his “acquaintances” there.

Although he was traveling with kids, these were the most talented kids in Land of the Whirlpool, so the pace wasn’t that slow.

Masahiko kept giving these kids instructions all the way, and after half a day, Konoha was already in sight.

The gatekeepers didn’t change; it was still those two from before. So the moment they saw him grinning while leading a group of five kids, they wanted to lead him directly to the Hokage Building.

“No way, I’m afraid you’re gonna ambush me again on the way.” Masahiko said with a smile, “And also know my way through the village, I’m gonna take these kids to the Senju’s station.”

“Yes, Elder!”

The five kids followed Masahiko to the Senju Clan. Compared to before, the station seemed deserted since most of the Clansmen went to the battlefield of Amegakure.

Mito was standing at the door waiting, Masahiko looked at Kushina and smiled, “This your Grandma Mito!”

“Is this Kushina?” Come closer, let this grandma see you!” Mito clearly treated her differently, but the kids didn’t mind that. Kushina was the “Whirlpool’s Princess” after all.

“Mito… grandma?” Kushina seemed puzzled, looking at Mito’s 20 years old young face. She’s also a grandma but looks much younger than Nanako.

Masahiko also wondered, “Nanako should also be able to use the Yin Seal wither high level of Fuinjutsu, then why not?”

But he didn’t give it much thought and watched the kids introduce themselves and greet Mito.

“Grandma Mito, do you know where is the little fox hiding in Konoha?” Kushina’s question calmed down the scene. Mito frowned slightly, then shook her head with a smile.

“Come in first, you kids must eat and rest, then we will talk more about this.” Masahiko smiled, then helped the kids to their rooms, and returned after to Mito.

“Second Grandpa, are you planning on making Kushina the next Kyuubi?”

Masahiko shook his head, “This is just a small story I’ve told her before, I didn’t expect her to remember it after so long.”

Mito paused for a moment, “The moment Kushina entered the village, I sensed something within her. She seems to have the power to suppress the Kyuubi.”

Masahiko nodded, “It’s innate. That’s why I told her the story of the little fox. Let’s what she will choose later!”

Mito nodded with a smile, ”Well, the little fox is very good to get along.”

Masahiko shook his head helplessly.

Half a month passed, the Ninja Academy was about to open, so he took them to check in one by one.

On the first day, Masahiko sends them to the class, then waited outside of Kushina’s classroom to listen to her Naruto Manifesto.

“My name is Uzumaki Kushina, I like salty ramen, hate bitter things, and my dream is to become very strong, so I can be able to see the cute little fox in Konoha!”

Masahiko, who was standing outside, almost feel to the ground, thinking, “When did Kushina’s dream become seeing the little fox…”

“Well, it makes sense, as the Princess of the Land of Whirlpool, she wouldn’t possibly want to be the first female Hokage, I’m so stupid…” Masahiko whispered, listening to the various voices in the classroom, asking what this cute little fox was.

However, Masahiko couldn’t help but take a glance inside the classroom, but he didn’t expect Minato to not noticing Kushina; his head was low, and he looked sad.

“No, shouldn’t this be love at first sight?” Masahiko whispered, but he couldn’t do anything about it, so he walked out of the Ninja Academy.

Of course, he wouldn’t simply predict that the sentence he used “Girlish Refused” made Minato doubt his life.

Just when Masahiko took a few steps out of the Ninja Academy, familiar Chinese characters appeared before him: “Witnessed and Slightly Changed the Plot of Naruto: Kushina’s School Entrance. Reward: 10 witness points.”

“500 points, the estimated points are 2800 to become invincible, and now only 2300 points!” Masahiko cheered up again. The Six Paths situation cause him a lot of pressure, so the Great Toad Sage’s prophecy.

Just when he was about to go back, Hiruzen suddenly appeared before him.

He looked anxious, and he seemed like he was looking for Masahiko.

“Elder Masahiko, Hanzo suddenly violated our hold of fire agreement. Tsunade and her team are in danger. It’s too late for me to go now. You are the fastest, please save them…”

Masahiko froze for a moment, then replied: “I got it, don’t worry, I’ll go!”

Without saying more, Masahiko quickly flew toward the Land of Rain.

While in his mind, another wave of witness points is in his reach.

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