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L.L.H Chapter 11: The Uchiha Plan

A month has passed.

Occasionally Masahiko will take a stroll on the road, and from time to time, Senju or Uzumaki clansmen will show respect to him by bowing or greeting.

“This feeling of respect… For the first time in my whole life…” He muttered to himself while a stream of tears was running out of his eyes.

During the past month, there have been seven or eight confrontations against the Kaguya clan.

Because of the Kaguya patriarch, Hirakimasu is an expert in ninjutsu, both sides had a hard time dealing with him. After all, to stop someone like Hirakimasu, the coalition army will need at least a bunch of Elite Jonin and the Uzumaki second elder to hold him off. This drastically reduces the other sides’ strength, which is kind of reckless.

But, in these battles, Masahiko proved that he’s more than capable of fighting toe to toe with any other Kaguya elders like Taketori. Thus giving the others an advantage on his front.

Both the Senju and Kaguya clan can’t add more reinforcement on this battlefield, it’s because the Uchiha haven’t yet shown their selves.

Although the coalition forces didn’t worry about that. First, Tobu have recovered in just half a month. Second, Hashirama has improved drastically in this war. Now his power is on par with a clan patriarch.
“We’ll win this war!” Many members of the coalition army become more confident because of the recent development.

However, the coalition army also understands that since the Kaguya didn’t make any move for sometimes now, they must be planning on doing something soon.

At the Kaguya clan camp. Hirakimasu, Taketori, other Kaguya elders, and several Elite Jonin held a war council.

“Damn! We have sent three letters to the Uchiha already. Haven’t they replied yet?” The second elder of the Kaguya spoke. Recently their advance has been halted by Masahiko. He ended up killing one of them in one of the battles. Taketori was very angry because of this.

“Second Elder, I think the Uchiha wants to drag this battle longer, to weaken both sides.” One of the Elite Jonin replied.

“Those damned eye freaks! Uchiha… one day I will teach them a lesson…” Hirakimasu said this in anger as he hit the table.

“We don’t have any other choice; we need to send them a letter again.” The second elder interrupted Hirakimasu and tried to contain the situation.

Grr.. Fine,” Hirakimasu growled, but he accepted the suggestion.

On the following day, the Kaguya resend a letter to the Uchiha.

Tajima, the clan patriarch, received the letter, then he gathered his aide; several Elite Jonin, Madara, and also Izuna.

As he sat in the main hall, Tajima raised his hand while holding the letter and said, “This is the fourth letter from the Kaguya clan, Madara, what do you think?”

“Father, the Kaguya has already sent four letters. This means they got driven into a corner by the other sides. They might fall sooner or later. It’s time for us to help them and attack the Senju. I suggest an immediate attack!”

“Okay… is there anyone who has a different opinion?” Tajima said to the crowd.

At that moment, the Uchiha great elder, Shinji, spoke, “When we asked their help to defeat the Hyuga, we ended up paying them an entire mine. The risks here are even greater, and they expect us to help them for free?”

Tajima nodded, he thought for a while. Then he said, “Good point. Then how can we benefit from this situation? Kaguya clan now only have three elders and a few high ranking shinobis. This is a great opportunity to get back our mine.”

“Father, do you mean…” The hall suddenly became noisy.

“Yes! We won’t attack the Senju, now it’s the time to pay the Kaguya a visit!” Tajima made his mind.

“Father, are you sure? the Kaguya Clan are our allies.” Madara interrupted. At that time, he was still a man who upholds justice and loves his family.

“Silence! Madara, remember. In war, loyalty is vain! We have to reap the benefit as much as possible!” Tajima shouted at Madara. “After the last ambush, our forces have been reduced, you lost your brother, remember? If we don’t act now, in the future, the Senju will surely have the upper hand! We can seize Kaguya resources and use it for the goods of our clan!”

Madara closed his eyes; he still remembers his sorrow when his brother was slain by the Senju. He doesn’t want to lose anyone dear to him anymore. Thus he agreed.

“Since there’s no more objection. Assemble a team! Tomorrow night we’ll pay the Kaguya clan a visit!” Tajima said this with a big grin on his face.

The Kaguya messenger returned to the camp with good new.

He immediately went to the patriarch and excitedly said, “Patriarch! Good news, after I sent them the letter. They held a quick meeting. Then I saw them gathering their forces and packing up.”

“Those damn freaks, at last, they’ll join the war.” Hirakimasu smiled in relief, “Tell the other elders. Let the people enjoy the night today. Tomorrow we’ll march with the Uchiha! And we will crush the Uzumaki and Senju!”

The Uchiha arrived at the Kaguya clan camp. Hirakimasu didn’t know a thing about the Uchiha’s Plan. He never expected the Uchiha would stab them in the back.

“Weird. It’s been three days since the Kaguya attack. They didn’t come today too. Have they finally gave up?” Masahiko felt confused.

The people in the war council felt suspicious, they were watching each other’s looking for an answer; however, they didn’t know the reason behind this ceasefire.

However, after a while, they got the answer.

“Report! The Uchiha have already made their move!” A ninja spy from the Senju came.

The council went silent.

Ten minutes later, Tobu broke the silence and said, “Although this already comes to our expectation, the Uchiha joining the war is really shocking news… Now an all-out battle is inevitable. We will suffer higher casualties.”

“Am I not strong enough?” Masahiko thought to himself, “I promised to protect the clan, but I could only hold my stand against the other elders. If I could kill their leader, this war probably would have been already over.”

Hashirama looked conflicted, he’s anxious, “Madara… Will we meet again in the battle? Have you forgotten our dreams?” He thought to himself.

“Brother, don’t be so tense.” Tobirama could sense his brother’s anxiousness and tried to comfort him.

“Afraid not. We already put a plan in case this happens. The Senju already informed me that the reinforcements are on the way. Everyone dismisses, tomorrow we will have a fierce battle!” Tobu tried to break the tension and reassured everyone.

“Yes!” Masahiko responded, then left with the others.

Up until this moment, no one had any idea about how surprising tomorrow will be…

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