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L.L.H: Chapter 110: Uzumaki Kushina

The four people walked all the way to Uzushiogakure.

This was a ninja hidden village built by the Uzumaki Clan. Masahiko remembers that in the original story, this village is called the village hidden in whirlpools or Uzushiogakure, but he thought that the name was too mouthful, so he suggested to change it to just Uzumaki Village.

Compared to Konoha, this one was smaller and less prosperous, the size is only one-fifth of Konoha because the civilians didn’t live here, this village is entirely occupied by Shinobi, it’s more like ninjas station. Moreover, the Shinobi didn’t take any missions from outside of the Land of Whirlpools. All of the tasks are from within the country. Although not too prosperous, over the years, the village has become stable and self-sufficient.

In the past ten years, Masahiko came here a few time, most of his times were spent on his beach house. Because he needed to keep watch in case Kumogakure or Kirigakure attacked them.

However, Kumogakure is obviously doesn’t have the power to do that now, while the Kirigakure has sent two groups of Shinobi to infiltrate the village before. And Masahiko made sure to make them “disappear” silently. Since then, they didn’t have any more visitors; maybe they already abandoned this plan.

“Although this is not the first time I visit the village, the view is so spectacular that it makes me feel like I really want to live here, Great Grandpa!” On the side, Tsunade exclaimed.

“What’s so good about it? There’s nothing noteworthy here…” Jiraiya started his chant again, but his voice was so faint as if he was whispering.

Masahiko felt the same about the village, he finds it beautiful, and he dreams of buying a nice house someday and live inside this village.

But right before he could realize that dream, Masahiko wanted to travel in Naruto World.

He hadn’t thought about that before, because he was broke in his past life, and didn’t have much in this one, but the establishment of Land of Whirlpools made him remember one of his old wishes to design a beautiful “villa.”

Although he can’t have any modern decoration, it will look nice with antique style too.

“Great Grandpa?” Seeing how Masahiko didn’t answer her, Tsunade wondered.

“Ah, of course, it is spectacular, I personally designed it!” Masahiko was proud.

Masahiko then went silent to think about one more serious issue.

“Those theories actually turned out to be wrong. I really thought, like everyone, that the reason Orochimaru drown himself to study science and immortality is that he lost his parents. But it seems not to be the case. His character already threaded to that road anyway… I tried to hook him up into it and ended up getting myself into trouble.”

Masahiko doesn’t believe that Orochimaru’s research on his cells will reveal anything because all of his power comes from the system; still, it’s a bit awkward after all.

“With my current strength, there’s almost no one who can pose a threat to me for now. It shouldn’t be a problem…” Masahiko believed that, but he felt like he should be more careful.

“Aunt Yuriko! Aunt Nanako!” Tsunade’s exclaim suddenly woke up Masahiko.

“Nanako, why are you here?”

After the establishment of the Land of Whirlpools, Nanako lived in the palace with Gensuke and became the nation’s First Lady.

“Sensei, I was going to look for you with Yuriko.” Nanako smiled happily at Masahiko.

“Uh, what’s the matter? Why are you so happy?”

“My granddaughter was born!”

Masahiko froze for a moment, then looked closely at Nanako.

“Is that so?!” Masahiko sighed, “I don’t realize that Nanako is already fifty years old. Eternal life…”

Masahiko remembered that six years ago, he attended the funeral of his eldest nephew. He was the last generation of children from his era.

“Congratulations! You and Yuriko go ahead to see the little princess, I have to meet Hiruzen first. He seems to have an important message for me.” Said Masahiko hesitantly.

Nanako looked disappointed, “But Sensei… Kushina is very cute…”

Masahiko was shocked, “What?! Say her name again!”

“It’s Kushina, Uzumaki Kushina, is there anything wrong, Sensei?”

Masahiko took a deep breath and smiled, “It’s okay, what a beautiful name. Let’s go see her together.”

“Great Grandpa, Hiruzen-Sensei is waiting for us…” On the side, Tsunade whispered.

“Let him wait! Let’s go, Nanako, Yuriko.”

Masahiko then turned around and leaving the three children behind, while Nanako and Yuriko caught up to him with a wry smile.
“Tsunade, your grandpa seems to be a little bit… unreliable… Ouch!”

Jiraiya whispered to Tsunade when suddenly a rock hit his head.

“Hey brat, even at this age, my ear is as sharp as ever!”

A pebble then hit Jiraiya in the same spot again, this one made him squat and cover his head with tears in his eyes.

“Stupid…” Said Orochimaru with a hoarse voice, but Jiraiya didn’t have the strength to argue with him.

Tsunade looked helplessly at her two teammates, then looked at Masahiko from afar, sighed, and chased after him.

“Hey, idiot, let’s go.” Orochimaru glanced at Jiraiya, then followed.

After a while, Jiraiya finally recovered and stood up, then looked around. The cold wind blew through, and no one was there beside him.

“It seems that I was abandoned…”

Back to Masahiko, his pace was getting faster and faster, while Nanako and Yuriko had to run a little to keep up with him.

“Sensei, don’t worry so much.”

Masahiko didn’t pay attention to his disciples; all that he was thinking of is the born of Uzumaki Kushina.

“Another plot character was born, and it’s the most important one, the mother of… However, I didn’t expect that she would be Nanako’s granddaughter. This makes me more like a grandpa to her, and makes her more like an Aunt to Tsunade? Naruto and Tsunade will share the same generation this way. Later, he won’t be able to call her ‘Granny Tsunade’…”
(T/N: Okay, this has taken me a long time to understand, so I will try to explain… So Tsunade calls Masahiko Great Grandpa, but he’s more like a Great Great Grandpa to her, and since Masahiko is Nanako Master, which makes him more like a father to her. Nanako’s granddaughter, Kushina, will call him Great Grandpa, this will make Kushina one generation older than Tsunade, that’s why he said Kushina has become more like an Aunt to Tsunade. Of course, you should keep in mind, that the Nephew has adopted Nanako decades ago, as one of his daughters too. Kushina’s son, Naruto, this way will share the same generation as Tsunade, so he will no longer be able to call her ‘Granny Tsunade’…
Masahiko: Great Great Grandpa
Nephew: Great Grandpa
Hashirama: Grandpa
Kenji: Father
Nephew(Nanako’s stepfather)-Masahiko(Nanako’s Master): Great Grandpa
Nanako- Gensuke: Grandma and Grandpa
Unknown: Father

Thinking of this, Masahiko froze, “Then what about Minato? He will be Jiraiya’s disciple. In other words, from my point of view, Kushina will be more like a grandma to him…”

Masahiko was so cranky and almost laughed out loud.

“The Naruto generations are already messed up and chaotic. Minato’s disciples accepted his son as a pupil, and his masters also accepted his son as a disciple!”

“Eh, but in the original story, Kushina is not the princess of Land of Whirlpools, she is an orphan of war. And who was the actual Daimyo of the Land of Whirlpools? Under these conditions will Kushina still be the Red Hot-Blooded Habanero.” Masahiko sighed, feeling a little bit sad.

A group of people rushed to the palace of the Whirlpools’ Daimyo.

“Great Grandpa!” Behind Masahiko, Tsunade and Orochimaru have finally caught up.

“Let’s go in together!”

On the other hand, Jiraiya was still sitting in the same place as before, with a blank face. After a while, a figure came from the distance, it was Hiruzen, who walked closer to Jiraiya.

“Why are you alone? Where are Tsunade and Orochimaru? Didn’t you go to see Elder Masahiko?” Hiruzen asked three questions in a row.

Jiraiya nodded, shook his head, then lowered his head.

Hiruzen got even more confused.

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