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L.L.H: Chapter 111: Seeing an Acquaintance

Walking down the streets of The Uzumaki Village, Masahiko was feeling sad.

The two behind him, Tsunade and Orochimaru were looking at each other, feeling puzzled.

Unlike the when Masahiko first saw Tsunade when she was born, the birth of Kushina make Masahiko somehow anxious. He wasn’t worried about how she will turn out, but about the direction of the plot.

The baby girl Kushina that Masahiko has just seen was wrapped in a “Gold Laced Quilt,” which made him feel that Kushina’s situation is going to be completely different from the original.

In the Original, Kushina is an orphan of war, but now she’s the princess of the Land of Whirlpools. Masahiko didn’t really worry about her being spoiled, because he will make sure that won’t happen. But he was worried about her original character, it’s impossible now to send her to Konoha and become the second generation of the Kyuubi’s Jinchuriki.

“I can’t take her there voluntarily…” Masahiko sighed; he was in a dilemma.

A lot of things changed, but this part is the only one that Masahiko didn’t want it to change at all.

“If Kushina doesn’t go to Konoha, she won’t meet Minato, and they won’t give birth to Konoha. If there’s no Naruto…” Masahiko didn’t dare to think about it anymore.

“Great Grandpa, what’s wrong? Aren’t we gonna find Sensei?” Tsunade seemed slightly worried.

“It’s okay, I will think about it.” Masahiko sighed.

“What’s there to think about?”

Masahiko jolted, “It’s nothing.”

“I will look for Hiruzen… Kagura!”

The Uzumaki Village territory is not that large, and Masahiko can cover most of it.

Sensing the village for a moment, Masahiko frowned, feeling puzzled.

Masahiko took the two with him. One turn, two turns, three turns, Masahiko finally arrived at the Land of Whirlpools… Prison. He feels Jiraiya and Hiruzen’s Chakras from the inside.

“Great Grandpa, is this… a prison?” Tsunade said doubtfully.

Masahiko nodded.

“That idiot.” Orochimaru murmured as if he guessed something.

Ten minutes later…

The moment he saw Masahiko, Hiruzen started sweating and hurriedly tried to explain the situation.
“Elder Masahiko, it’s not what you think. It’s Jiraiya’s fault. He said that Tsunade and Orochimaru abandoned him, so I wanted to comfort him…”

“So…?” Masahiko tried to hide his smile, “You comfort him by taking him to peek on the woman’s bathhouse?”

The key to the art of voyeurism is to never get caught. But somehow this Master and his disciple got caught red-handed on the spot, which made Hiruzen feel really embarrassed.

“Oh…. Elder Masahiko… The shinobis of your country are very perceptive and strong…” Hiruzen quickly tried to shift the topic.

“Of course.” Masahiko nodded without explanation.

During his decade of seclusion, Masahiko didn’t do anything but training. However, every year he will choose a few talented graduates from The Uzumaki Ninja Academy and send them to Yuriko to undergo a specialized training that he prepared. After all, he can’t just stay at the beach. He needed to make sure that Uzushio is safe, those selected students made the core of Whirlpools Country Police Force, which is responsible for the country’s security.

According to Yuriko, although there was still no S-Class Shinobis, there have been several Special Jonin. Moreover, the Special Jonins of the Uzumaki are more like Jonin. Because of their bloodline, they have a more massive Chakra reserve, which makes them stronger than typical Special Jonin.

Of course, no matter how strong they are, Masahiko didn’t believe that any of them is stronger than Hiruzen. However, the latter couldn’t fight back the Patrol because of “voyeurism,” so… right away to the prison.

“For the sake of your reputation, I will let it slide this time.” Masahiko shook his head with a smile.

Hiruzen rejoiced and turned to look at Jiraiya to find that he got already beaten up by Tsunade.

Masahiko looked at him all swallowed up for a moment, then he glanced back at Hiruzen while scratching his head.

Hiruzen then quickly cut off the topic, “Elder Masahiko, master Tobirama seems to have something important that he needs to discuss with you, can you go with us to Konoha?”

Masahiko was stunned; he didn’t expect that he needed him in person.

“Did he say anything to you?”

Hiruzen shook his head, “It seems it’s classified, Tobirama-Sensei refused to tell me.”

“Classified…” Masahiko pondered, and felt a little bit curious, “What kind of things happened that he couldn’t even tell Hiruzen about?” Masahiko nodded since Kushina was born, he wanted to see if Minato has also appeared in Konoha anyway. He wasn’t worried about Sasuke’s parents since their situation is a little bit different. Thus, as long as Minato is not lost, Masahiko felt that there will always be a way for Team 7 to be formed.

“Great Grandpa! So you will come to Konoha with us?” Tsunade has finished teaching Jiraiya a lesson and looked at Masahiko.

Masahiko sighed, “I won’t teach you gambling, and you won’t learn, so give it up!”

“Let’s go, Hiruzen.”

“Wait, Elder Masahiko. Tsunade, what about Nawaki?” Up until this moment, Hiruzen couldn’t sense his presence anywhere, so he asked.

“He’s over there!” Masahiko pointed, Yuna was walking with the little Senju-boy.

“Yuna, I’m going to Konoha, how about you, are you going to see Sakumo?” Masahiko said with a smile.

Yuna hesitantly shook her head. “I won’t go. I need to work on my hand-cannon.”

“Hand-Cannon…” Masahiko suddenly felt stunned, he remembered that his force field can negate the gun’s recoil.

“If that’s the case… Can I use it as a weapon?” The more Masahiko thought about, the more his eyes were glimmering. “With this weapon, I will be able to shoot enemies at range. It will be so much fun…” Masahiko’s brain circuits were somehow going haywire, thinking it would be like Counter-Strike.

In the end, Masahiko took his way to Konoha with a sealing scroll.
Two kilometers away from the Uzumaki Village, Masahiko sighed and looked at Nawaki, who followed the group with his little steps.

“With this little guy, would we ever reach Konoha?”

“Everyone, brace yourself, I will fly us.” Masahiko smile and turned his head toward the group.

“Don’t!” Jiraiya was frightened; it seems he’s developing a phobia for flying.

However, it’s futile. Masahiko levitated them all and flew toward Konoha.

Half a minute later, two Anbu appeared at their foothold before taking off.

Flying surely is faster than running. About half an hour, they arrived at Konoha. This is because Nawaki was with him that he couldn’t fly too fast.

When they arrive at the village outskirt, Masahiko didn’t stop at the main gate but took them directly to the Hokage’s building. Many villagers saw them with shocked expressions while pointing at them.

Hiruzen looked below, then smile bitterly, “Elder Masahiko, I don’t think this is a good idea…”-

“What’s wrong? Viewing Konoha from the sky like this is not an everyday, enjoy it you might not have another chance to see it.”

“Okay…” Hiruzen sighed, then enjoyed the scene with the others.

When Masahiko reached the Hokage building, he saw Tobirama there standing in front of the huge glass window looking up at him.

Masahiko then landed the others and flew directly in from the open window.

“Second Grandpa, it’s been a while, I see you are… stronger…” Tobirama spoke slowly.

Masahiko nodded, noticing the white hair in the middle of Tobirama’s head and didn’t say anything for a while.

“Second Grandpa, I’ve called you here to introduce you to an acquaintance of mine.”

“An acquaintance?” Masahiko wondered, looking at Tobirama’s mysterious expression.

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