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L.L.H: Chapter 117: Goodbye Generation Zero

Time has passed, and in a blink of an eye, it’s already twenty-five years since the establishment of Konoha.

Half a year ago, Masahiko went back to Uzumaki Village and took three patrol team members. They were elite Chunin at the age of around 16 to 17 years old. Masahiko was embarrassed to let the 30 and 40 years old Chunin partake the Joint Jonin test.

At this time, on the Konoha training ground, Masahiko is conducting a combat training for five boys and a girl.

As for Orochimaru, because he didn’t need to take the Jonin Exam, Hiruzen decided to give him” Special Training.”

“Old Devil, why am I the only one that needs to do physical training?” On the side, Jiraiya said while sweating all over his body. It’s not clear how and when, but Old Devil has become Masahiko’s nickname.

Masahiko shook his head, “Look at these four, and tell me which one you can win against in Taijutsu?”

The three Uzumaki teens were strictly trained from a young age, although their overall strength is not comparable with Jiraiya, in terms of physical skills alone, Jiraiya couldn’t put a finger on them for the last past six months.

Jiraiya looked at the other four and sighed, “I will definitely surpass them soon!”

Masahiko nodded, “Yes, be ambitious! Therefore we will have to double to amount of training. Only two months are left for the exam!”

As soon as Masahiko raised his hand, Jiraiya almost fell on the ground while doing squat.

“You, Old Devil!”

“I have only doubled the gravity. Do you know that your predecessors used to practice in x100 gravity room?!”

“What?! That ancestor is powerful…” Jiraiya muttered, then continued his training.

Masahiko didn’t say anything, then whispered, “Yeah, your predecessors from Dragon Ball…”

Masahiko then turned around to look at the other four people who were sparring.

Even though it should be a sparring session for four people, it’s more like a three-on-one battle between the three Uzumaki teens and Tsunade. Even though Tsunade is at a disadvantage, she could still hold herself against them. The main reason this happens is that Tsunade’s fierce fists. The three could only dodge… As a last resort, Masahiko decided to put the three of them against her, also summoned three small slugs, and attached it to their bodies. Tsunade’s punches were unbearable to anyone, only Jiraiya could stand it, which was really weird even to Masahiko.

“Huh?” Masahiko sensed something, and an Anbu suddenly appeared before him.

“Elder Masahiko, Lord Second has summoned you!”

Masahiko smiled and said, “Sakumo, you are Yuna’s friend, so just call me grandpa.”

Sakumo Hatake, at the age of fifteen he became an Anbu, and just after two years of joining, he became the Anbu Captain.

Sakumo scratched his head and didn’t answer.

“Tell Tobirama, I know, and I will pass by later.”

“Understood, Elder… Grandpa!” Under Masahiko’s stare, Sakumo finally dropped the formalities.

Sakumo flickered away, and Masahiko nodded with satisfaction, “It seems after a few years, I might finally get to see Kaka… shi?”

He then turned his attention to the five trainees, who were still practicing, and waved his hand, “You also heard it, Tobirama is looking for me, so you’re gonna train by yourselves!”

“Yes, grand elder!” The young boys of the Uzumaki responded at the same time.

“Great Grandpa, be safe,” Tsunade said, while she was patting from exhaustion, then she sat on the ground.

When Masahiko walked away, Jiraiya also stopped his training and sat on the ground, “Huh, finally, I’m exhausted, you Old Devil…”

As soon as he breathed a sigh of relief, he looked up to see a small stone flying toward him and barely dodged it. The stone then hit the ground, making a small hole inside it.

“Old Devil! Are you trying to kill me?!”

In the distance, Masahiko nodded slowly and smiled, “Good… a little progress…”

When Masahiko arrived at the Hokage building, Tobirama was already downstairs waiting for him.

“You’re actually waiting for me? Is there anything urgent?”

Tobirama smiled, then shook his head, “I’m not waiting for you, I was waiting for the guests from Sunagakure.”

“Who’s coming that you have to greet them personally, the Kazekage?” Masahiko asked and looked at the distance.

“It’s the elder of Sunagakure, a woman named Chiyo,” Tobirama explained.

Masahiko’s expression changed, then smiled bitterly, thinking, “You’re trying to introduce her, but I’ve already teased her…”

Chiyo was personally leading the team, followed by three Sunagakure Shinobi. Masahiko squint his eyes, feeling that two young boys and the girl are unusually familiar, they were also carrying some kind of bag behind them, but he already speculated that these were their puppets.

In front of the Hokage building, Masahiko stood on the side of the pathway, ready to greet the Suna team.

As she was getting closer, Chiyo noticed Masahiko, and her expression suddenly changed.

Masahiko smiled and then walk to her.

“Little Chiyo, it’s been twenty-five years. You have become an elder of Suna I see. But I bet you regret not coming with me to Konoha…”

Chiyo was so confused, “I didn’t expect you to be still alive…”

Masahiko frowned, “What did you just say?”

Tobirama was shocked, “Second grandpa, do you… know her?”

“Ah… Do you remember the time I went to the Land of Sand to catch Shukaku? I met her there, at that time she was only 11 or 12 years old. I was hoping to bring a genius Shinobi like her back to Konoha.”

Tobirama smiled and shook his head bitterly, this second grandpa really do as he pleases.

One of the boys in Chiyo’s team suddenly looked acted weird and whispered, “Mother… is this old man, my father?”

Although the boy is whispering, his LV8 Wind Release made even whispering sounds very clear for Masahiko.

Before Chiyo could respond, Masahiko quickly replied, “Young man! Stop this nonsense, you can’t just pick me as your father because we have the same hair color!”

Chiyo smiled and shook her head, “Don’t talk nonsense, I told you that your father passed away a long time ago. And Elder Masahiko here is about 90 years old this year.”

“Well, if you say so… although it is true…” Masahiko felt a little bit awkward.

Tobirama, on the side, whispered, “Second Grandpa, are you really…”

“Dude, No!” Masahiko quickly answered.

Masahiko then carefully observed the three teenagers who come with Chiyo. The red-haired boy and the girl were familiar to him. They were Sasori’s parents. Masahiko could easily recognize them although they appeared as puppets in the Original.

“Three acquaintances of Sasori…” Masahiko sighed, feeling emotional. But he didn’t have any impressions on the other boy, his hair was dark blue. Masahiko thought that he would remember him if he had been mentioned in the anime.

Seeing how Tobirama was arranging to send them into their rooms, Masahiko didn’t stay any longer and was ready to go back and train the 5 kids. Sasori’s parents, for sure, won’t be weak.

Unexpectedly, an Anbu appeared, “Lord Second, the Kirigakure shinobi has arrived!”

Tobirama asked, “Who is the leader?”

“There’s only one boy, sir!”

“He came alone?” Tobirama took a deep breath, “Go and bring him over.”

Masahiko froze. “Only one? So confident! Or maybe so stupid?”

Either way, Masahiko became a little bit curious.

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