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L.L.H: Chapter 115: Elderly and Gentle Fist

“I choose the big one!”

Tsunade’s shout emitted loudly in Masahiko’s ears, which made him rub them painfully.

“Lower your voice, Tsunade… and what about you two?”

On the other hand, Jiraiya and Orochimaru looked at each other in a mutual agreement, “We choose the small one!”

Masahiko sigh and then roll the dice “One, Two, Three… It’s six. Small ones it is!”

Tsunade clenched her fist, “You two…”

Jiraiya sweating, “I… I don’t need the money…”

“Me too…” Orochimaru followed.

Tsunade nodded, revealing a tiny satisfaction.

Masahiko shook his head with a wry smile, “Tsunade, do you find it fun playing like this?”

“It’s your fault, you’re the one who refused to teach me, now all my money will be theirs!”

This kind of scene has happened a few times before. Every day before noon, Tsunade always takes her two teammates and come to find Masahiko. He can’t help it; she always uses “Please Great Grandpa” against him, which makes him defenseless.

In desperation, Masahiko could only be the dealer of the game responsible for shaking the dice for the three kids. Masahiko thought of giving Tsunade some points. But after long observation, he discovered Tsunade is always choosing the wrong numbers. As if she’s banded by some kind of seal, compared to Masahiko’s gambling attribute, he estimated that her skill must be negative level ten, and helping her won’t change a thing.

“Great Grandpa, let’s do it again!”

Tsunade shouted again. Masahiko shook his head and let out a sigh, then rolled the dice again.

The cup fell on the table, Tsunade wanted to call a number, but she forced herself to stop.

“You two pick first!”

Jiraiya and Orochimaru look at each other eyes and then said, “We still choose small.”

Masahiko smiles, “You two are quite tacit, Tsunade, how about you?”

Tsunade rolled her eyes, “I also choose small!”

“Then, we choose big!” Again in unison.

“Bang!” Masahiko got startled by the sound, Tsunade was so angry that she hit the table with her hand.

Orochimaru and Jiraiya got vigilant. Tsunade took a few breaths, then hit Jiraiya hard with a punch…

Masahiko smiled, watching Jiraiya breaking through the window and flying out, “Tsunade, you really have a preference for Jiraiya.”

Jiraiya reappeared again, limping back while shouting and pointing with his finger, “Tsunade, why is it always me…?”

Tsunade didn’t answer but picked up the cup and stressfully looked at the dices, which turned out to be small.

“I won!” Tsunade rejoiced.

Masahiko twitched his mouth, and hesitated a bit, then still decided not to tell her that when she slammed the table, she changed the number, which was originally big.

Tsunade, who felt really happy that she won once, was no longer entangled on playing, and finally noticed the other two people in the room.

“Great Grandpa, who are these two Hyuga kids?”

Masahiko smiled, “Oh, those are my two newly received apprentices.”

“Are you teaching them how to control their Chakra?”

“No, I’m teaching them concentration. You see, I chose this place because we’re so noisy. Still, they’re sitting there so focused and refining their Chakra. This will help them a lot in the future.” Masahiko replied.

“Oh, is that so…?” Tsunade nodded, and actually believed him, while Orochimaru, on the side, had a strange expression on his face.

“Tsunade! Why is it always me?” Limping, step by step, Jiraiya finally made it to the room again, but Tsunade gave him another cold glance.

Tsunade then turned to Masahiko and said, “Great Grandpa, we will not bother you again, you can continue teaching them.”

As the three walked further and further away, Masahiko looked around then let out a long sigh while shaking his head helplessly.

There was a big hole with the shape of a human body on the wall of the Senju’s guest room. Such a big rumble didn’t cause any of the clansmen to check the situation out. Obviously, they were used to the temper of the Senju’s little princess.

Masahiko looked back at the twins who were meditating and refining their Chakra, then sighed again.

“These two kids are reminding me of myself when I was younger and very focused on training, but that when I was younger, it’s really a pity that I’m such an unreliable grandpa now…”

Early this morning, the Hyuga patriarch came again with his grandsons.

Yesterday, after seeing how Masahiko made them float, he didn’t have a choice but to acknowledge Masahiko’s strength. He threw him a book and then left his grandson.

Originally, Masahiko asked him because he never thought that the Hyuga Patriarch will never give up on their secret art, but when he took a glance at the book, he found that it was “The Introduction to Gentle Fist,” which made Masahiko speechless.

Masahiko didn’t even open it, he threw it aside, and made the two kids sit there gathering their Chakra.

However, hours have passed, and two kids were still there training patiently, which made Masahiko somewhat amazed.

“Okay, refining Chakra for a long time will damage your body, get up, it’s time we do some physical training, I’ll teach you this introduction for the Gentle Fist.”

The twins opened their eyes and looked at each other, “Thank you, Sensei!”

“Don’t call me Sensei, because I will start to feel like one… I’m more like kindergartner teacher.”

Masahiko opened the book, “Introduction of Gentle Fist” and took a glance, “So let’s teach you the two basic moves, first, the Initial Stance!”

Masahiko stood straight, then he lowered his stance while moving the left foot a little to the back, then he bent his knee, lowering his center of gravity, and slowly raised his hands. Seeing this, the twins immediately tried to imitate Masahiko, which made him nod with satisfaction.

“The Second Form, left-hand open, the right hand like a scissor, and Wild Horse Mane.”

“The Third Form, White Crane Spreads Its Wings.”

Practicing this made Masahiko feel that something was wrong.

“Why does it feel so familiar…?”

“You two practice the first three forms first!”

To understand this, Masahiko quickly crossed his legs and sit on the ground while looking at the book…

While reading the other pages, Masahiko twitched his mouth, as the familiarity became stronger and stronger.

“Is the 24-form of Tai Chi? I have learned it in the physical education class at my university.” Although it has been so long, Masahiko still didn’t forget how to do it, and reading these familiar moves made him certain of this.

“So, Kishimoto created the Gentle Fist style based on Tai Chi? Just like Kinkaku and Ginkaku, the two characters are based on…” Masahiko pondered for a moment but didn’t want to overthink it.
(T/N: Kinkaku and Ginkaku are based on two demon king brothers from Journey to the West.)

Masahiko followed the introduction and practiced twice every move. With the knowledge he had from his previous life, Masahiko quickly became proficient.

Looking at the gazes of admiration the two kids were giving him, Masahiko shook his head with a wry smile; somehow, he became a genius of Gentle Fist under this great pressure.

“You two will go back home now, it’s a little bit too early today. I will practice this first and teach you tomorrow.”

“Hai, Sensei!”

Watching the twins going home, Masahiko smiled; he really wanted to see the Patriarch’s expression when they tell him how good he was…

“What?!” Masahiko looked dumbfounded when he accidentally opened up his Status Bar.

Gentle Fist: LV1 (100/1000)

“It actually became a skill!”

Masahiko was speechless.

“I always wanted to have this kind of high-speed Taijutsu technique,” Masahiko took the stance, “Attack here and then whoosh attack there.”

“However, does this old man’s body really fit to practice Gentle Fist?”

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