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L.L.H: Chapter 114: The Awkward Hyuga Patriarch

Masahiko once again moved to Konoha.

Originally, his intention was to see Tobirama, then return to the Uzumaki Clan.

Unlike the first war, Masahiko knew that its fuse was Hashirama’s death, and he prepared for it. However, this Second War, Masahiko had very little information about and didn’t really know what started it. He only remembers the three Legendary Sannin battle, and how Jiraiya accepted his three disciples afterward. However, since the only thing he cared about is the selection of the Third Hokage, Masahiko decided to receive his witness points, then go.

“In the case of these three disciples… Since the Uzumaki Clan won’t get destroyed, will Nagato get born in the Uzumaki Village?”

In Masahiko’s point of view, Nagato has a very high talent. Not everyone can withstand the Rinnegan power and actually use it. He actually feels that these eyes have dragged him down and stopped his potential, the same thing as Kakashi; otherwise, he would have become very powerful.

“If he gets born in the Uzumaki Village, I will take him as my apprentice, and help him grow stronger, he will help me later protect the village, and I will finally have the chance to relax…” Masahiko suddenly came up with this idea.

“As for Madara, you can ask someone else to resurrect you!” Masahiko laughed.

Masahiko pushed the door open, then looked at the Senju household. The Uzumaki station in Konoha has been occupied by the Shimura and Sarutobi clan, which keeps growing. Masahiko had no choice but to stay here this time when he returned to Konoha.

Masahiko sensed a familiar chakra.

“Mito is really amazing. At such an old age, the amount of her Chakra is still increasing. I think her control over the Kyuubi’s Chakra has become even more proficient.”

Masahiko then walked for a while, then came in front of Mito’s door. It was just like the previous time before he could even knock Mito opened the door for him.

Masahiko was stunned, he didn’t see her for ten years, but her face remained unchanged.

“I see that you’re doing better than Tobirama looks so old now…”

“Second Grandpa, you are not aging too…” Mito smiled, then she said, “But I’m afraid this is just an appearance…”

Masahiko nodded, he then stopped talking about age.

“I won’t stay long this time. I will return after the selection of the Third Hokage. So do you have any suggestions for the candidate of the Third Hokage position?”

“I don’t really have any suggestions, but I prefer Hiruzen.”

Masahiko was shocked, “Is it because he’s Tobirama disciple?”

Mito shook his head, “After I have perfectly controlled over the Kyuubi’s Chakra, I gain the ability to feel the darkness inside the one’s heart. Although he tries to hide it, Danzo’s heart is filled with malice.”

Masahiko suddenly looked surprised, he forgot about this ability.

“Then why didn’t you tell Tobirama…?”

Mito smiled bitterly, “Basically, everyone will have a touch of malice in their heart from time to time. Tobirama is not that different from Danzo. But I prefer Hiruzen because the darkness in his heart is relatively smaller.”

Masahiko nodded his head, “Yes, it’s reasonable, no one can be one hundred percent kind.”

Mito smiled, “There is Nawaki, and maybe Hashirama too. In fact, I feel like that child resembles him more than my two sons.”

Masahiko sighed, “Yes, but Hashirama is an idiot. That’s why he could always be kinds… as for Nawaki, he’s still young, but what about me?”

Mito shook her head lightly with a smile, “I can’t sense your heart.”

Masahiko thought that the System is probably isolating his inner heart from her. Otherwise, he would be detected by other perceptual Ninjutsu, and this might expose the existence of the System.

“Well… You would be a fool if you thought that this Grandpa will let you read his mind and know the secret of immortality.”

Mitto giggled, shaking her head, but she didn’t believe a word he said.

Masahiko still needs to explain, when suddenly a voice came from the outside, “Elder Masahiko, someone outside is asking for you!”

Masahiko waved at Mito, then went out.

“Who is it?” Masahiko asked.

“It’s the patriarch of the Hyuga Clan.”

Masahiko froze, “Huh? Why is he looking for me?”

Without saying much, Masahiko went out.

Outside the Senju mansion, the Hyuuga patriarch, who looked already old, was standing outside, accompanied by two similar looking boys.

Masahiko’s expression changed for a moment, then he smiled and said, “I haven’t seen you for ten years, you look quite older.”

The Hyuga Patriarch smiled bitterly, “And you are getting younger and younger elder.”

Masahiko looked around, “What’s the matter? Let’s talk inside.”

The Patriarch and the two kids followed Masahiko inside the guest room, where he lived temporarily.

“Elder Masahiko, this is my two grandchildren, Hizashi and Hiashi, and I hope that you will take them as disciples!”

“Cough…Cough” Masahiko was just chilling there, ready to take a sip out of his drink, when he heard that he almost choked.

Masahiko is not surprised that these two boys were Hizashi and Hiashi, he already speculated this, but he didn’t expect that the Hyuga patriarch would ask this.

“How is that possible? How can I accept a Hyuga as disciple…” Masahiko whispered, feeling puzzled.

However, after thinking and contemplating for a while, he gradually began to understand the embarrassing situation of the Hyuga Clan in Konoha.

The third Hokage selection has been basically settled between Hiruzen and Danzo. After the selection, the elders of Konoha will also change.

Whoever wins will become the Hokage while the loser will become elder. The Uchiha still has Izumi, and the other seat is presumably will be seated by one of Tobirama’s other disciples. So the odds of the Hyuga to have a high position in Konoha’s government are very small.

“However, I can’t accept such a thing…” Masahiko smiled bitterly. By accepting Nanako as his disciple, he turned Kushina into Minato’s grandmother. If he takes Hiashi as his disciple, he will turn Hinata into Naruto’s Grandma!

“Eh?” Masahiko suddenly was stunned, “This seems quite harmonious. ‘Love between a Grandma and her Grandson,’ this is a little bit interesting…”

Masahiko looked up. Watching the nervous old man, and his tow ignorant grandsons, Masahiko smiled, “I agree, send me a scroll of your Gentle Fist daily routine tomorrow.”

The Hyuga patriarch rejoiced at first, then he looked stunned, “Gentle Fist? You don’t have Byakugan, what’s the use of learning it?”

Masahiko was also stunned, “You asked me to become their master, of course, I need to know Gentle Fist, right?”

The Hyuga patriarch smiled bitterly, “They are only six. You only need to teach them the basics. And let me worry about their Gentle Fist training.”

However, Masahiko doesn’t want to…

“The basics? Like extracting Chakra and using Transformation technique? Are you really asking a Great Elder like me to teach your grandson basics? Goodbye!”

Hyuga patriarch smiled bitterly and was about to explain, but he found himself and his grandsons already floating and flying out to the door.

Looking at the door closing behind him, the Patriarch was stunned.

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