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L.L.H: Chapter 134: The Spoils of War

When the war came to an end, Masahiko sat down to restore his Chakra.

He used a lot of Shadow Clones and also summoned out slugs to heal the clansmen, so he pretty much consumed all of his Chakra.

The uninjured clansmen were cleaning the battlefield, and Masahiko could feel that some of the clansmen have already improved during this war both physically and spiritually. But there were also things that made him sad. In this war, the Uzumaki lost more than 70 clansmen; most of them were before Masahiko joined the battlefield.

This clan seems to always suffer the moment Masahiko leaves it.

There were also a lot of injuries, but none were severe such as losing a limp.

About an hour later, Yuriko came to Masahiko, “Sensei, we’ve cleaned up the battlefield. Nanako personally sealed the Chakra of the one hundred shinobis who resisted. What should we do about the others?”

Masahiko nodded and stood up, he has recovered most of his Chakra by that time.

“First put them in prison, then let’s bury the others who died in the war.”

Yuriko nodded, the last time the Uzumaki needed to hold a large-scale funeral was when they fought against the Kaguya Clan.

The funeral was held on the second day of the war. Gensuke was the one who made the arrangement.

After the funeral, post-war trivia was put on the agenda.

The spoils of war, in addition to some ninja’s bomb papers, the most significant crop was the three Legendary Sword of the Mist seized by Kenichiro.

Masahiko couldn’t remember them one by one, but still, he could figure which ones they were after testing their abilities.

They were the sewing needle, Nuibari, the helmet splitter, Kabutowari, and the splash, Shibuki. Masahiko couldn’t use any of them, so he handed them to Kenichiro, it was his loot anyway.e

Besides, they obtained other gains from the Kiri ninjas, who surrendered.

After interrogation, the Ninjutsu inventory of the Uzumaki Clan became more abundant. Initially, because of Masahiko’s own reasons, in addition to the Water Release that he isn’t good at, other Ninjutsu collections were sufficient. The Water Release is kind of supplemented.

Masahiko backed up some of the common Ninjutsu but didn’t touch any of the water release secrets. He didn’t lack a special ability to use for now. Besides, there were so many Ninjutsu to choose from.

At the end of the interrogation, the disposal of these enemy prisoners of war was put on the agenda.

There’s no such thing as slavery in the Shinobi World, and it wasn’t reassuring to let these ninjas join the Uzumaki Clan. Also, it felt a bit bad to kill all of them. Thus, after careful consideration, Masahiko made a decision.

“Will ask Kirigakure to redeem them, and ask for more supplies as a price.”

Yuriko hesitated, “Sensei, what if Kirigakure doesn’t want to redeem them?”

Masahiko smiled, shaking his head, “Then we tell these more than 100 frustrated people that Kirigakure didn’t want to redeem them, and we sent them free.”

Yuriko froze for a moment, “Release them?” After a moment, she nodded in agreement.

“There’s one more important thing about Kumogakure.” Masahiko spoke slowly, “Kumogakure has suffered heavy losses this time. In our last confrontation, I killed the Third Raikage, the Jinchuriki of the Nibi and the Hachibi’s, there’s no way for them to rise after that, I’m afraid they will gonna lose their sit as one of the Major Villagers.”

“Yuriko, have you ever thought about taking the next step for the Uzumaki Clan and become one of the five?”

Yuriko froze for a moment and sunk into contemplation.

On the side, Gensuke shook his head, “Great Elder, we…”

Nanako shook him gently, “Gensuke, Sensei asked Yuriko.”

Yuriko raised her head, “Sensei, forget it, the Uzumaki Clan is not suitable for the establishment of such a village, and were not qualified when it comes to strength.”

“Why not, don’t we have the Great Elder?” Gensuke intervened again.

Masahiko shook his head, “I’m not afraid of external threats. I’m worried about the problems from the inside.”

The embarrassing thing about the Uzumaki Clan is that they are not strong or weak. They’re not strong enough to turn their clan into a big village, but also not weak to be an ordinary clan in a village. This is what caused problems before when they were in Konoha.

“Besides, I’m not invincible…” Masahiko sighed and remembered Madara, who’s probably preparing his big plan, and the Six Paths observing the world. With his current level, without opening the Eighth Gate, he should be weaker than Madara, and if he opens it, he should be slightly stronger; thus, victory won’t necessarily belong to him. Although Madara is now older, he should have become stronger with the Rinnegan.

“Sensei, is there someone stronger than you?” On the side, Kenichiro wondered.

Masahiko smiled, “The Shinobi World is vast, and no one knows what is hidden.”

“However, although we can’t become one of the Five Major Villages, we can control one of the five.” Masahiko smiled, causing some dull expressions.

“Control?” Gensuke’s eyes slowly brightened; he obviously liked what he just heard.

“The Daimyo Land of Thunder should be very anxious right now.” Masahiko kept his smile and said, “We can charge him a protection fee… Let’s say, 70% of their annual income!”

Everyone looked at each other and nodded in agreement, this was indeed a good idea.

In the next few days, Masahiko personally flew to the Land of Thunder, while Yuriko and the other were still busy dealing with Kirigakure.

However, something unexpected happened. At the Daimyo’s palace, he saw someone there, who should be dead, the Hachibi’s Jinchuriki!

“So you actually survived? Did you use a tentacle clone?” Masahiko reacted the moment he saw him. B in the original used the same trick.

His appearance alerted the entire palace, and someone shouted, “Protect the Daimyo!”

“Uzumaki Masahiko, are you really that eager to kill me?”

Masahiko smiled, “Relax, I’m not crazy. Although you didn’t die, I won’t chase you to the Daimyo’s palace to kill you.”

“I’m actually here to talk to the Daimyo.”

“Strong Ninja from the Uzumaki Clan, what do you want from me?” the Daimyo was very sturdy, he didn’t show any disrespect to Masahiko, the man who has almost destroyed Kumogakure.

“I’m here to collect the protection fees.” Masahiko said, “Your Lands must be in need of protection, right?”

“Protection?” The Daimyo was stunned, “What kind of protection can you provide?” Saying this proved his lack of confidence.

“Well, mostly to protect you from the aggression of the Uzumaki Clan. You just need to pay 70% of your annual income.”

“Are you kidding me?” The Daimyo yelled.

Masahiko nodded, “Yes, it’s a joke. Because next month, this palace will belong to the Land of the Whirlpool…”

The Daimyo got startled, then looked at the B, who closed his eyes helplessly. After this battle, the Hachibi within his body became willing to communicate with him. And he clearly verified that Masahiko’s strength was no worse than the God of the Shinobi, Senju Hashirama, which is the kind of power that Kumogakure cannot overcome.

Eventually, Masahiko and the Daimyo signed a verbal agreement, then he returned with full loads.