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L.L.H: Chapter 133: The Pride of The Bones

Masahiko flew all the way hurriedly back to the battlefield.

In his perception, he could sense that his three disciples’ Chakra was still strong, and they didn’t seem injured, which made him slightly relieved.

“Yes, with the current level of the Uzumaki Clan, facing Kirigakure, they would handle themselves fine even without me…” Masahiko scoffed.

However, as soon as he reached the battlefield and saw the result, Masahiko severely face-palmed himself.

The Uzumaki Forces ended up retreating under the Kirigakure’s siege. If they weren’t equipped with Yuna’s special weapons, they would have suffered serious casualties.

Masahiko looked up then back, then he sighed.

“That idiot!”

In the distance, a few bloodline limit users from Kirigakure created a huge ice crystal maze and trapped Kenichiro inside it. The latter kept running in circles, but he couldn’t get out.

“No wonder we were inferior…” Besides missing Kenichiro, Yuriko was besieged by the Seven Legendary Swordsmen, and Nanako could barely hold back the Third Mizukage.

Masahiko landed quickly, and several Kiri shinobis, who were secretly approaching to destroy the Uzumaki Charka Diffusion Cannon, were instantly blown away by a repulsive force.


“Great, the elder is back!”

Hearing the cheers, Masahiko sighed slightly.

“The Uzumaki needs a lot of improvements…”

Masahiko nodded slightly to the clansmen, rescued a few who were in a crisis, and immediately flashed beside Yuriko.

He glanced at these seven swordsmen who were very familiar to everyone. However, Masahiko could only remember what the fat one was called, puffer-fish, he was the one who ironically got eaten by a shark. The others looked very young, kind of different, but all of them should be the familiar ones from the Original.
(T/N: Fuguki Suikazan: His first name literally means Puffer Fish. Kisame: Literally means Shark.)

Yuriko breathed a sigh of relief, “Sensei, did you handle them?”

Masahiko nodded, “Kumogakure is completely destroyed.”

He didn’t say anymore and looked at the seven swordsmen in front of him.

“Here comes another one to die.” The one who said this was wearing a black blindfold in his right eye and was the master of the legendary sword Shibuki.

Masahiko shook his head, “Yuriko, you help Nanako! I will handle them.”

Yuriko nodded, then immediately rushed toward Nanako, the black blindfolded guy scoffed, “Did you hear that? He said he’s gonna fight us alone!”

“Be careful, Jinpachi, that old guy should be the great elder of the Uzumaki Clan, he actually witnessed the Warring States period and fight alongside some legendary Shinobi.”

Masahiko didn’t have time to speak to them and shouted trough the battlefield.

“Seventh Gate: Gate of Wonder, KAI!”

“Daytime Tiger!”

The tiger-shaped Chakra release was formed by the impact of his body technique, then instantly broke the huge ice crystal maze behind them, and killing a bunch of Shinobi. Then Kenichiro instantly jumped out in a blue stream and came to Masahiko’s side.

Masahiko’s face went completely black, “What took you so long there, you could obviously destroy it using your strength, I’ve told you so many times don’t use your brain, you don’t have that kind of thing, remember?”

Kenichiro smiled stupidity, “Sensei, I didn’t expect it to be such a complicated maze.”

“Of course, it’s complicated because those Shinobi outside were changing it constantly, so no one can get in or out! Hurry up and help the clansmen… Uh, no, since you’ve already opened the Seventh Gate, you can solve these seven.” It was more suitable for Masahiko to go and save the clansmen instead because Kenichiro could maintain this state longer.

“Yes, Sensei!” Kenichiro responded.

“Old man, I think you misjudge the situation. We’re the seven legendary…” Before he could finish his sentence, Kenichiro struck him a punch, hitting his chest, and sent him flying out.

Masahiko nodded, then he flickered away. At this time, the Seven Legendary Swordsmen were still young and experienced. Moreover, Yuriko fought against them for a long time, and they’ve used a lot of Chakra in the process. Kenichiro, who opened the Seventh Gate, should be able to handle them quickly.

“Storm Release: Laser Circus!” Back to the battlefield, the laser sent from Masahiko’s hands, waved and flowed left and right between the crowd, and killed dozens of Kiri Shinobi.

“Great-Elder!” Several patrol Shinobi form the Uzumaki came to Masahiko’s side.

“Follow the arrangement of the Patriarch to protect the clansmen.”


Masahiko’s remaining Chakra was less than 40%, but with Yuriko’s help, they managed to get rid of most of Kiri’s strong Shinobi, and it was more than enough for the remaining.

“Shadow Clone Technique!” Although Masahiko’s Chakra is not much, his 40% Chakra is three or four times bigger than the average S-Class Shinobi, so he split more than twenty Shadow Clones and rushed to the battlefield.

The result after this was an overwhelming victory for the Uzumaki side. Whenever the clansmen were in danger, Masahiko’s shadow clone will appear in time to rescue them.

It was not until they lost half of their troops that Kirigakure reacted. As for the Uzumaki, since Masahiko arrived, there were no more casualties.

Suddenly several ninjas from Kirigakure secretly surrounded Masahiko.

“It’s him! He’s the old guy who wiped out our clan. Avenge our ancestors!!”

Masahiko was surprised that he almost got hit.

Looking at the familiar dresses on the opposite side, Masahiko seemed like he realized something, then sighed.

“Kaguya Clan? And not a single one of them has managed to awake his Bloodline Limit. They really wasted the glory of their ancestors”.

“Wind Release: Pressure Damage!” Masahiko used some hand signs, then casually chose one of the B-Class techniques to finish the few people on the opposite side.

Masahiko still vividly remembers the sacrifices of the Kaguya Patriarch and his great elder for the sake of the next generations, and how the Kaguya Clan invincibly stood on the peak of the world next to the Senju and the Uchiha in the Warring States Period. However, all of that was for nothing, after more than 40 years, the clan has completely fallen into the lowest of ranks.

As he pondered, Kenichiro limped over, carrying three long swords of different shapes on his body.

Masahiko frowned, looking at him, “What happened to the other four?”

Kenichiro nodded, “That shark skinned sword was a little weird, it absorbed a lot of my Chakra, I feel a little bit weak, Sensei.”

“Shark skinned? Oh, I understand…”

Masahiko forgot to explain the ability of everyone’s sword to Kenichiro, but in fact, he wouldn’t have remembered anyway.

“Kenichiro, take these swords and rest. The war should be over.”

“It’s over, Sensei.” Both Yuriko and Nanako came over.

“The Third Mizukage…”

“He ran away, Sensei,” Yuriko replied.

Masahiko nodded, “I understand, then, let’s end this war.”

On the battlefield, Kirigakure’s ordinary Shinobi were still fighting; apparently, they didn’t know that the Mizukage has left them there and fled.

Yuriko and Nanako joined the battle again, and with this, the Uzumaki Clansmen training ended. Showing no mercy, they immediately stopped the war.

Unexpectedly, the last remaining Kirigakure’s Shinobi, who were about 100, actually surrendered, which might be because they realized that the Mizukage abandoned them.

Masahiko didn’t find any clansmen from the Kaguya Clan among these people who surrendered, so he felt a little bit relieved.

“Fortunately, although you have lost their glory, you have never forgotten the integrity of your ancestors…”

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