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L.L.H: Chapter 132: Limitless

In Masahiko’s perception, the Uzumaki forces have already confronted Kirigakure’s shinobis, and they were moments before engaging.

“I can’t play with you anymore!” Masahiko rose to the sky.

“Dust Release: Detachment of the Primitive World Technique!”

In seconds the white light came out of Masahiko’s hands and went straight to the Shinobi troops behind the Raikage.

However, a huge tentacle came out, and with that, Masahiko’s original idea of clearing the stage failed, and he could only get rid of one tentacle.

“My tail! Damn it!”

The voice of the Jinchuriki has been completely changed, replaced by the sound of Gyuke that Masahiko was familiar with.

“So the Hachibi got full control of his body? I have an idea…”

“Tailed Beast Eight Twists!”

The Hachibi suddenly tightly coiled this tails around himself, then spun at high speed, creating a strong gust of wind and causing massive damage to his surroundings. At this time, it had no regard for any accidental injuries.

“If you’re one tail short, don’t try to use this technique again! Sage Art: Storm Release: Light Fang!”

Masahiko spat out seven light fangs and nailed the remaining seven tails to the ground one by one.

Seeing how the Hachibi was struggling, Masahiko planned to seal him first, but as he was doing the hand signs, he suddenly frowned.

The Raikage rushed toward him at high speed, then he suddenly coughed blood.

“Raikage-Sama!” The voice of the Nibi’s Jinchuriki was still the same as before; he could control the Nibi’s Chakra after all.

“Raikage-Sama, your injury…”

A waved his hand, “It’s okay, we need to take advantage of the fact that the Hachibi is temporarily on our side and kill Uzumaki Masahiko!”

“Kill me? How dare… did you ever heard of Shadow Clone?!” Masahiko used one clone to seal the still struggling Hachibi and rushed toward A with his original body.

“Dust Release: Detachment of the Primitive World Technique!”

The Nibi tried to counter with his “Firework,” but the Dust Release was unstoppable. And in a flash, the Blue Demon Cat disappeared from the scene.

“Lightning Oppression Horizontal Chop!”

He didn’t know when, but the Raikage suddenly appeared above him then chopped him down with his leg. Masahiko was about to flash around, but he suddenly heard shouts coming again around him.

“Earth Release: Earth-Style Wall of Ten Thousand Ri!”

“Earth Release: Earth-Style of Ascension!”

Several Ninjutsus jointly used by the Kumo-nin covered the entire sky in an instant, creating a dome-like pot cover, and blocking all the escaping routes.

Masahiko frowned, “Did they only trap me and the Raikage inside?”

“Well… Shinra Tensei!!”

The repulsive force burst out violently, but Masahiko was surprised upon seeing that the Third Raikage was only moved by a little, and actually resisted it. The ground under Masahiko was actually getting shattered, and he was losing his foothold. Masahiko frowned. It would be really embarrassing to get pressed down; thus, Masahiko used both hands and increased the Chakra output.

“Shinra Tensei!” This time, Masahiko shouted, and A could no longer hold on, crushing newly formed dome.

“A’s face is already dead gray, he’s really trying so hard.”

Masahiko felt that the two sides must have already started the battle. Frowning, he whispered, “Can’t stay here anymore!”

Seventh Gate: Gate of Wonder: KAI!”

“You’ve finally used this technique?” The Third Raikage said disappointedly, then he shouted, “All, hold him down, he can only maintain this state for five minutes!”

Masahiko squinted, “Is that so?”

“Even if it’s only five minutes, what can you do to stop me?”

“Sage Mode: Storm Release: Laser Circus!”

Masahiko didn’t rely on the Dust Release anymore, it was indeed powerful, but it’s not suitable from fast opponents. A flexible Nature of Chakra, such as the Storm Release, is much more convenient against the Raikage.

“Bijuudama!” The Nibi has finally recovered his Chakra. It seems that the last confrontation didn’t actually connect, and he got only slightly injured. And once again, he engaged the battlefield with his powerful ability that he fired at the Laser circus. Upon the impact, the two techniques immediately canceled each other.

“I will finish you first.”

“Bansho Ten’in!”

Masahiko extended his right hand a pulled the Nibi with a manipulating attractive force.

“You can’t hide this time, Sage Art: Storm Release Light Fang!” Masahiko spat out two sharp white streams of light this time.

At that moment, the Nibi’s face turned pale, not because he was trapped, but because the Third Raikage suddenly flashed in front of him, and blocked Masahiko’s technique with his body.

Masahiko frowned, “It seems that you really don’t plan to go back alive after this fight. I’ll see you later then.”

Masahiko moved his hands quickly and performed the signs, “Sage Art: Dust Release: Detachment of the Primitive World Technique!”

The proficient in Lightning Release Third Raikage wanted to use his speed of light to dodge Masahiko’s attack, but he suddenly coughed blood and knelt half-way.

Suddenly a huge tentacle appeared and saved him again, then got cut at the same time.

“Come here, you bastard…” Masahiko’s shadow clone had only less than 10% of Chakra. It was trapping the Hachibi for so long, and it has reached the limit.

“Raikage-Sama!” Several exclamations echoed around the field as some of the remaining Jonin rushed again to the scene.

Masahiko glanced around, and there were only less than thirty Shinobi left who were able to stand, and A, who was slowly dying.

“Uzumaki Masahiko!” A gritted his teeth and stood up again, which startled Masahiko slightly.

“Why do you hate me so much? I just wanted to kill the Golden and Silver Horn brothers…”

Masahiko closed the gates, then looked at the remnants’ enemies on the opposite side.

“If you die here, I’m afraid that the five major villages will become four.”

“Speak for yourself, old man, you can’t maintain that state anymore, it’s your loss!” A said then coughed blood again.

“Raikage-Sama!” Everyone besides him spoke with concern and looked at Masahiko with evident hatred.

“It’s just not necessary to continue to use it.” Masahiko shook his head, “Also, the only person who’s allowed to call me old man is Madara. It’s time for you to die.”


Masahiko rose to the sky, then he extended his hands.

“Sage Art: Dust Release: Ultra Detachment of the Primitive World Technique!”

The Nibi and the Hachibi condensed one huge Bijuudama again, then they fired it at Masahiko’s Dust Release. After the huge explosion, Masahiko smiled.

“Sage Art: Dust Release: Ultra Detachment of the Primitive World Technique!”

Just like the other 8LV attributes gave Masahiko a special effect, Masahiko’s 8LV Dust Release grant him an enhanced version of the Detachment of the Primitive World Technique. Moreover, this improved version is about five times stronger, but it only costs twice the amount of Chakra.

The Nibi and the Hachibi once again fire a huge Bijuudama in a try to stop Masahiko’s Dust Release, but it got instantly shattered, and the remaining defensive Earth Releases instantaneously collapsed, leaving nothing but the aches of its casters; nothing could stop it.

Suddenly familiar Chinese characters appeared before Masahiko: “Witness and completely change a side story of Naruto World: The Death of Third Raikage. Reward: 10 witness points.”

“Dead, huh?” Masahiko had mixed feelings about this. The Third Raikage gave him a good impression in the Original when he helped the younger generation seals him.

“Inexplicable hatred…”

Masahiko sighed, turned around, then headed toward the battlefield where Kirigakure and the Uzumaki were fighting.

He could sense that he had only 40% left of his Chakra.

“60% of my Chakra got completely wiped out on Kumogakure forces. With this, people should start calling me Uzumaki D.Masahiko… Huh, it’s so lonely to be invincible.”

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