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L.L.H: Chapter 131: Misunderstanding

The northern side of the Land of Whirlpool, sounds of collisions, frictions of weapons, screams, and exclaims were all mixed together. In the middle of that, Masahiko was really enjoying the feeling of practicing Martial Arts.

He was really eager to say, “Do you want to dance with me?” With pleasure as he was really dancing in the middle of the battlefield.

However, he wasn’t really hitting anyone by himself; they were actually fighting each other.

The Gentle Fist technique will also teach you how to stand longer in the battlefield while moving gently and using others’ power against them.

“Brother, we can’t do this anymore.” Not far away, the Hachibi’s Jinchuriki came to A’s side and spoke solemnly.

“This old guy’s Taijutsu is really troublesome. He didn’t use such a thing a decade ago.” A said bitterly. Just now, he thought he had the opportunity to strike him off guard, but he almost killed two of his allies.

“Raikage-Sama, we must let ordinary shinobis retreat. He’s not even using Chakra against them!” The Nibi’s Jinchuriki stepped forward.

A hesitated, then shouted, “All of you fall back!”

Many of Kumogakure’s Shinobis breathed a sigh of relief upon hearing this order. They were really worried that they would accidentally kill one of their own if this continued.

However, a sudden pulling force made some of them who had just stepped back, rush in involuntarily and “fight each other.”

“Aren’t you going to follow the orders?” The Raikage shouted angrily.
No one had time to answer him. Therefore, Masahiko smiled and explained, “It’s not like they don’t want to follow your order. I’m the one who’s preventing them!”

A’s face darkened, “B!”

“Understood!” The Hachibi’s Jinchuriki responded.

Huge tentacles suddenly extended out of his body, but they weren’t targeting Masahiko. Instead, it grabbed the Kumogakure Shinobis in front of Masahiko and moved them back.

Masahiko was stunned. He’s obviously not capable of controlling the Hachibi, why did he dare to use its power, isn’t he afraid that he will break the seal?

“You’re gonna die, Uzumaki Masahiko!” The ground cracked under A’s feet, then out of thin air, he appeared in front of Masahiko.

“Hell Stab! Four Fingers!” The lighting condensed on his fingertips and sharpened. It seems like A has brought his “Strongest Spear” with him this time.

“His power and speed…” Masahiko didn’t get used to it yet, so he just avoided A.

A stopped then turned over to face him again, laughing, “It seems that this weird Taijutsu you’re using has limits after all!” Later he retracted one finger.

“There isn’t any limit, but you can try and see for yourself…”

Masahiko frowned because he could feel that the other two were already closing in behind him.

“Shinra Tensei!” With Masahiko in the center, the strong field force caused the two to fall out.

“Sneak attacks won’t be enough! But I’ll deal with you two later.”

Masahiko wasn’t planning on ignoring A any longer and rushed toward him.

“Lightning Release: Escape!”

Water Release: Water Rushing!”

The two Jinchuriki were the ones who used these two techniques, which were more powerful combined. At the same time, a bright red tailcoat gradually covered their bodies, as if they didn’t fear that their Bijuu will try to break the seal.

Masahiko teleported to the other side using his special Shuriken, but he didn’t have time to deal with them because A was rushing toward them.

“Three fingers!” A’s strength and speed were much improved.

With a wave of Masahiko’s hand, A passed right beside him.

Although it didn’t connect, A smiled proudly, then he retracted one more finger, obviously thinking that Masahiko’s Taijutsu has reached its limit.

“Two fingers!”

Masahiko’s expression became “tense,” as he was trying his best to move A’s hand a little bit to the side, but the latter has almost hit Masahiko’s shoulder.

“Stop this!”

“One Finger!”

Facing A, who was about strike again, the expression on Masahiko’s face changed completely, then sighed.

“Goodbye, Third Raikage, A…”

Combined with gravity, a stronger field force burst out from Masahiko’s palm, and using his Gentle Fist style, he struck A’s right hand, drawing it violently toward the left side of his chest.

Blood suddenly splashed.

“What were you saying?” Masahiko smirked, looking at the Third Raikage, kneeling on the ground before him.

“However, this will only make you suffer. Let me put you out of your misery…”

“Tailed Beast Rasengan!” The Rasengan condensed instantly, and he was about to hit A’s left side chest with it and finish the job.

“Big Brother!” The Hachibi’s Jinchuriki was too late and couldn’t help but exclaimed, he seemed really unstable at that moment; obviously, his seal was about to break.


Anxious cries came from all around the battlefield. But A in front of Masahiko suddenly raised his head, and black thunder suddenly burst out of his body.

“I’m not so easy to die!”

His right fist waved from the bottom down, completely catching him off guard. Masahiko didn’t expect such a sudden move, so he couldn’t just block it using his Gentle Fist. Therefore, he blocked it with his arms and fall back a few tens of meters.

“He still has such power?” Masahiko frowned.

“Lightning Release: Sixteen Pillar Bind!”

A shouted, and suddenly some Jonin came out from the sides to complete the sealing process, while Masahiko couldn’t move because the 16 pillars trapped him inside.

The pillars were filled with lightning and ready to strike him to death. However, Masahiko wasn’t feeling ready to get electrified.

The Hachibi’ s Jinchuriki acted violently, like if he was a mad man, and all of a sudden, the Chakra burst out of his body. At the same time, the Nibi Jinchuriki opened his Bijuu Mode, and the two started condensing Bijuudama at the same time.

In Masahiko’s perception, the two Bijuudama were actually rotating and merging altogether, which increased the power several times.

“Can two Bijuudama be merged? How are they doing that?!” Masahiko didn’t have time to guess and immediately activated his Sage Mode!

Masahiko then took a deep breath and went all out, “Shinra Tensei!”

The sixteen pillars burst instantaneously. With Masahiko in the center, the range was several hundred meters. This attack caused the Bijuudama to dissipate. Masahiko also heard several screams. The Raikage got hit and flew out one hundred meters away, while the two Bijuu rolled back several times.

After everything calmed down again, Masahiko looked up and saw that the spot where he’s standing was already the lowest compared to his surroundings. The coverage of his Shinra Tensei just now was around one-fifth of the one Pain launched in Konoha.

“So I wouldn’t have achieved the same result even if I’ve done my best? The Rinnegan is really powerful.” Masahiko jumped out.

“Raikage-Sama, are you okay?!” Two shinobi, who were obviously medical ninjas, helped A out of the rumbles and started treating him.

Some ninjas out of his technique range were watching him with great vigilance. However, since they were trying to keep their distance, Masahiko estimated that most of them were Chunin.

The Nibi and the Hachibi’s Jinchuriki didn’t suffer much damage, and they were already standing.

Masahiko was about to continue his attack, but he suddenly sensed a lot of Chakra fluctuations rushing from the east side toward the Land of the Whirlpool.

“Kirigakure?” Masahiko frowned, “Are they already here?”

“A, no wonder you dared to attack our Uzumaki Village, you were waiting for Kirigakure to join the battle.”

A raised his head, and pushed the medical ninjas, who were helping him away, “What? Kirigakure?! I’m not trying to attack the Uzumaki Village! I’m here to take my revenge from you! Even if it costs me my life, I will kill you today!”

Masahiko was stunned. Feeling that A wasn’t trying to lie, his face turned pale.

“This is a misunderstanding… a big misunderstanding!!”

Masahiko muttered. However, this wasn’t a misunderstanding, he’s actually the one who “made it.”

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