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L.L.H: Chapter 130: Old B New A

An embarrassing thing happened. It has been a month since the Shinobi forces assembled in the Land of Whirlpool, but Kirigakure didn’t make its move, as if they have canceled their plans.

The purpose of this gathering as time passed became more like a training course. Under the leadership of Masahiko’s three disciples, the Uzumaki tribes started to look more and more like true Shinobis.

“Heh, we’re just waiting for others to bring us trouble.” Masahiko sighed.

The Land of the Whirlpool doesn’t have enough power to actually invade others. Although the numbers of the Uzumaki Clan ninjas exceeds any other clan in the Shinobi World, it’s still too small compared with the five major villages. And if Masahiko goes personally, it will not be judged as aggression, but more like a massacre. What will he gain from that? Wars in this world are about profit, not destruction. That is called an act of evil. In fact, that’s what united the five major villages for the first time in the original. Otherwise, Masahiko would have wanted to take the initiative to attack Kirigakure.

“Sensei! Let’s work out together!”

Masahiko shook his head, watching Kenichiro rushing toward him.

“This old man’s body is only suitable for Gentle Fist. Your hard-working methods don’t fit me anymore.” After practicing Gentle Fist, Masahiko’s “Body” stat increased by nearly 700 points, and has passed the 1500 mark, it got almost doubled. Compared with his previous training methods, the result is obviously better.

“What the hell are you training for anyway?” Masahiko murmured, feeling very puzzled. The wars in other places started one after another as early as a month ago. The Second War has already broken out in the Shinobi Word. Only the Uzumaki and Kirigakure were left.

“No, there’s also Kumogakure.” Masahiko squinted, “Although they haven’t completely stabilized, their position as one of the major villages is no longer shaky.”

“Is it possible that they’re waiting for Kumogakure?”

In fact, Masahiko completely misjudged Kirigakure’s intentions. A month ago, Kirigakue assembled its troops and was ready to attack the Uzumaki.

Because of the continuous failure to seal the Sanbi, Kirigakure waited long to hit the Uzumaki. However, they really didn’t take them seriously.

Masahiko never encountered a Kirigakure Shinobi in recent years, and he killed every spy he caught. Therefore, although they heard the stories about how strong is the Uzumaki elder, they didn’t really know his specific strength.

However, just after they left the Land of Water and crossed the sea, they saw a suddenly dazzling white light that hit the surface of the sea a few kilometers away, forming a huge whirlpool with a strong force field.

Although the ninjas managed to walk on water and escape, all of their ships were destroyed.

So it’s not that Kirigakure does no longer want to attack the Uzumaki, they just don’t have any more ships. You can’t just rely on the Ninjas to run on the water for tens of kilometers. Because they will have to station then on the borders to rest and risk getting ambushed.

During this time, Kirigakure was trying to build other ships, and find the source of that white light.

This unexpectedly extended the Uzumaki peacetime for more than a month, and if there are no accidents, it will continue for even more.

However, accidents always happen inadvertently, for example, Kumogakure suddenly started moving, and they were stationed less than fifty miles away from the Land of Whirlpool.

When Masahiko got the news, he thought he misheard it.

Unlike Kirigakure, Kumogakure’s Third Raikage has a very clear picture in his mind about how strong Masahiko really is. In fact, the scar on his right chest was always there to remind him. He has experienced Masahiko’s Seventh Gate beforehand, and the Raikage’s invincible shield that he was so proud of got broken at that time. In these years, he didn’t completely disappear from the Shinobi World, and the Raikage has no reason to think that Masahiko is dead. Therefore, it was surprising that Kumogakure dared to take the initiative.

“What gave them courage?” Masahiko whispered.

On his side, Yuriko said: “Sensei, it will be the same against Kumogakure, we will…”

Masahiko waved his hand, interrupting, “It won’t work against Kumogakure.”

“Kirigakure hasn’t found a way to seal their Bijuu. It can only be used as a decoration for the time being. However, Kumogakure has the Nibi’s Jinchuriki who can control his Bijuu’s Chakra, and Hachibi’s Jinchuriki, even though he’s unstable, but they can still use him on the battlefield. If we allow the tribes to join the battle, one missed block by me, and it will be a disaster.”

“Don’t rely too much on our Chakra Diffusion Cannon, it is said to have the power of a Bijuudama, but a real Bijuudama is different after all.”

Yuriko remained silent for a while, then nodded bitterly, “Then it’s up to you to solve it again…”

Masahiko shook his head, “Kumogakure knows how strong I am, and they wouldn’t have come if they weren’t hiding something. The strongest possibility is that they have formed a temporary alliance with Kirigakure.”

“So you need to be here, they will need you more.”

Yuriko hesitated, “Sensei, what if they have other preparations, are you gonna be okay?”

Masahiko smiled, “Even if they have prepared something, they prepared it for the Grandpa they knew from sixteen years ago. I’m a different Grandpa now.”

“However, I’m worried about your side, in case the Kirigakure’s forces came… well, in short, I will try to go back quickly.”

Yuriko nodded, “Sensei, be careful.”

Without saying more, Masahiko stood up and flew towards the location. He didn’t want the battlefield to end up being located inside the Land of Whirlpool, because it would cause unnecessary damage. It would be best to intercept them outside.

However, the enemies’ speed was beyond Masahiko’s expectations. As soon as Masahiko flew to the border of the Land of Whirlpool, he sensed a large number of Chakra fluctuations rushing toward him.

Masahiko landed slowly, then a large number of ninjas appeared before him in a matter of seconds.

They were headed by the Third Raikage. Upon seeing Masahiko, he waved his hand to stop the troops behind him.

Masahiko frowned, feeling that something was wrong.

“A, I haven’t seen you in years, dude, did you… lose weight?”

Masahiko wasn’t just ridiculing, in fact, A looked thinner than ten years ago.

“Uzumaki Masahiko!” A gritted his teeth and shouted Masahiko’s name, “Thank You!”

Masahiko froze for a moment with a blank face, “Wut?”

A didn’t say much before he suddenly flickered and disappeared.

“Heavy-Style Outburst!” (T/N: Heavy-Style Outburst/Elbow.)

Although it has been more than ten years, A chose to greet Masahiko the same way.

However, it was a really long time ago, and Masahiko’s style has changed.

He gently lifted his right hand, and with great force, he struck A’s elbow. At that moment, the Chakra burst out of Masahiko’s palm, then A’s elbow turned inward, hitting his chest, emitting a weird bone-twisting sound, and knocked A back ten of meters away by his own strength.

“Raikage-Sama!” Several shinobis exclaimed.

Masahiko straightened up, then gently move his hand up in front of his face and closed his eyes, “Fly Yourself To Death Style! Don’t try this at home, kids.”

Masahiko wouldn’t have been able to do such a thing with just normal Taijutsu. Gentle Fist style combines both Taijutsu and Chakra, and it can enhance the user’s physical strength if he can fully control his Chakra.

Masahiko then observed Raikage’s body carefully, then sighed. “Did you try to increase your speed in order to be able to avoid my Dust Release?”

“IMHO, you are more suitable for a Tank Class, not for an Assassin Class.”
(T/N: IMHO: In My Humble Opinion.)

A obviously didn’t understand a word and didn’t care much also, so with a wave of his hand, two ninjas stepped forward.

Masahiko looked at them. Unexpectedly, one was the Nibi’s Jinchuriki, and the other was the Hachibi’s Jinchuriki.

“Ahah, if you just didn’t pull out this move, this battle would have been interesting. But you’ve bored me a little now…”

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