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L.L.H: Chapter 129: Preparation Before The War

“Ninjutsu troops, step forward.”

“Fuinjutsu troops, medical troops, step forward.”

“Assault troops, on the side!”

The Land of Whirlpool’s coast shore, three consecutive cries emitted, and with that, the Uzumaki’s army was divided into three queues.

Masahiko’s three disciples were in charge of the troops, and Masahiko appointed himself as the “Chief Commander.”

Originally Masahiko didn’t plan to mobilize the Uzumaki Clan; he felt that he was enough to block the attacks. Unexpectedly, Yuriko took the initiative to let Uzumaki Village join the war. According to her, in the last two decades, the standards of the average shinobi’s strength of the Uzumaki clansmen have dropped by an entire level. If they continue to live comfortably, they may become weaker.

Masahiko hesitated for a long time but still didn’t refute. As a shinobi village, they will always face various dangers, and Masahiko won’t always be there to protect them.

Before his eyes, the scene was puzzling and unusual because what these people were holding in their hands weren’t just everyday Kunais and Shurikens, but also various weapons developed by Yuna previously.

Unfortunately, in Naruto World, the amount of Chakra conductive metal is not much, after all. Even if the Uzumaki Village has been continuously collecting it over the years, and even though they bought some from Konoha, the numbers of the Bijuu-level Chakra Diffusion Cannons were still only five. There are also about a dozen less lethal. Then there are the miscellaneous things such as improved handguns, and two weapons like air guns.

Masahiko tried all of them one by one; most of these weapons were very effective against Genin and Chunin, but basically have no effect on a Jonin.

However, those ninjas for those who weren’t experienced in battles these weapons would be very useful to them.

“Sensei, the Shinobi troops are assembled, don’t you want to say anything?”

Yuriko came to Masahiko’s side and asked. Masahiko froze for a moment, “Say something?”

Masahiko stepped forward, then slowly rose into the air, and looked at the slightly worried faces in the crowd, then sighed.

“Oy, is this alright? Yuriko should be the one talking to us. As a ninja, you must have courage. Otherwise, you will fall.”

Before him, only a dozen of shinobi, who were in their 40s and 50 seemed calm. These people experienced the Warring States period when they were young, and their psychological qualities are much stronger than the younger generation.

Masahiko looked at the few people who were whispering, then all of a sudden, everyone felt a sense of pressure.

It wasn’t just the cold stare on his face that alerted everyone; he actually applied a force field. In order to expand the range, he even secretly turned on the Sage Mode.

The silence controlled the field, and everyone’s attention was turned to Masahiko.

Masahiko withdrew the force field, and everyone in the place finally took a breath of relief, but the expression on Masahiko’s face became even more serious, which made them lookup.

“There’s no time to talk about the reasons for this gathering, all of you should be aware.” Masahiko shouted, “Kirigakure has sent a number of spies in the past month, and nearly ten of them have been caught, and others fleet. We estimate that there will be more. Fortunately, as long as I’m here, they will never escape my perception. However, we should expect the worse.”

“One week has passed since the last spy we caught. I personally went to the coast but couldn’t sense anyone. That is to say, Kirigakure has passed the investigation stage, and they have begun to prepare for an attack.”

“In other words, the war is about to break out!”

The moment Masahiko stopped talking; everyone started whispering again, only a few could maintain their calmness.

Masahiko sighed. He thought about many inspiring words in his heart, but he finally chose to use actual action to improve their morale.

Chakra suddenly surged violently out of Masahiko’s body. Even if there were a civilian present, he could still feel a burst of pressure at close range, but this time it was really imposing.

Masahiko turned around and faced the sea.

“Senjutsu-Dust Release: Detachment of the Primitive World Technique!”

The dazzling white beam came out of Masahiko’s hands and hit the sea dozens of miles away.

Unlike hitting the land, there was no earth-shattering sound, but the calm sea surface got instantly shocked, and a whirlpool with a diameter of 1,000 kilometers appeared at the dust’s impact point. The sea surface was rotating and descending, which caused a chaotic high tide for a while.

It took more than ten minutes for the sea to calm down again. But it wasn’t the same case for everyone on the coast; they all looked shocked for a long time.

Masahiko turned around again, and looked at the completely quiet shinobi troops, then nodded with satisfaction.

“Is that enough for you? As long as I’m here, we don’t need to fear Kirigakure!” Masahiko shouted again.

The silence still controlled the place as everyone was immersed in the power of this sea-shocking ninja.

After a long time, someone shouted excitedly: “Great Elder! Great Elder!”

Masahiko waved his hand, and everyone became quiet again.

“With me, we will emerge victorious. But the battlefield will always hide surprises. You still have to be careful.”

“Yes, Great Elder!”

“We will win!”

“Rest assured, Great Elder!”


The answers were endless. When they saw Masahiko’s power, everyone became confident.

Yuriko walked to Masahiko’s side and smiled bitterly: “Sensei, in the end, you’re still focused on protecting us. I’ve told you that our shinobi need to participate in the war, but everyone is relying on you now, how will this help?”

Masahiko shook his head, “I can’t just watch. Since I’m still here, I will always protect you. I originally planned to solve this on my own, but I’m still letting the clan participate. But… you know that a lot of people will lose their lives this time.”

Yuriko’s expression became sorrowful, “Sensei, as long as there’s war, people will lose their lives, you know that, don’t you? You can’t protect every single person in the Land of Whirlpool.”

Masahiko nodded, “Did you arrange that elite patrol, that we’ve talked about?”

Yuriko nodded, “I have gathered them up and assigned each one of them into squads. I hope that they will manage to save a few people at critical moments.”

Since Yuriko suggested letting ordinary tribes join the war, she had some ideas to protect them.

These people had a small amount of combat experience since they rarely had any task to take. Sending those people suddenly to the battlefield will be more like sending them to their deaths.

To avoid unnecessary losses, Yuriko broke up the Elite Patrol and tasked every one of them with protection objectives, both to train the tribes and avoid too many casualties.

“Teacher, as long as you can handle all the shinobi above the S level. Nanako and I will also join the ranks of the protection troop, and we won’t have any problems.”

Masahiko nodded, “It’s really not your style to train clansmen using war. But these arrangements are also very good. The three of you will take care of our clansmen, and I will eliminate the enemy.”

Watching Yuriko turned around to command the troops, Masahiko sighed, “After her husband’s death, Yuriko has really grown stronger.”

“Wait… in other words, I’m not the chief commander? I’m more like a commissar…”

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