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L.L.H: Chapter 128: The Beginning of The Second World War

“I’m being tortured again…” Masahiko sat and sighed.

Although he knew Tobirama will die due to the injury, he hoped that he will stay a little longer, and maybe the two of them will resurrect Hashirama together, but when he received the news of his death, Masahiko still felt sad.

Masahiko wanted to attend Tobirama’s funeral, but the thing is, he couldn’t get out of the bed that day…

Hiruzen arranged Tobirama’s funeral, and as their allies, the Land of Whirlpool was required to attend. Thus, Masahiko asked Nanako, the First Lady, to go on his behalf.

“Grandpa, I’ve managed to control my Chakra!” A very clear voice of a girl emitted, making Masahiko come back to his senses.

“So fast, that’s awesome, Kushina!” Masahiko tried his best to hide his sorrow.

At this time, Kushina was almost five years old, and it’s also the most suitable age for the enlightenment education of the Shinobis. For the princess of the Land of Whirlpool, and the mother of the protagonist Naruto, Masahiko chose to enlighten personally.

Turning his perception slightly on, Masahiko was startled.

“This Chakra…” The extracted Chakra that was coming out of Kushina’s body had a different feeling under Masahiko’s perception.

As Masahiko was puzzled, he suddenly felt that something was weird with the jar that he sealed half of the Kyuubi inside it, which made him shocked.

The Kyuubi, who has been very calm for decades, his Chakra suddenly became unstable inside the sealing jar. However, after using a few seals, it calmed down again.

“Grandpa, what is that?” Kushina asked.

Masahiko smiled, “A disobedient little fox.”


“Well, a cute little pet that you may have a chance to see in the future.” Masahiko was just talking nonsense, but Kushina seemed always to listen very carefully.

“Does her Chakra naturally restrain the Kyuubi?” Masahiko murmured, “But what is the reason? Is it completely related to her talents?”

Masahiko couldn’t find the reason, so he just kept watching her.

“Grandpa, where is the little fox? Tell me more.”

Masahiko recovered with a smile, “Now that you’re still young, you will need to practice first. When you grow up, I will take you to Konoha to see the little fox.”

Masahiko hasn’t found Minato in Konoha in recent years. In fact, he couldn’t find anyone with the last name Namikaze. Finding him seemed to be kind of difficult, even the original didn’t provide a lot of information about his family.

“Maybe I’m overthinking, maybe they were just civilians? Or maybe they’re orphans?”

Masahiko kept watching Kushina, who was controlling her Chakra before him, while still thinking about how to “deliver” her to Minato.

“Are you trying to be a matchmaker again? Don’t you learn? Look to what happened to Yuna, you don’t even know where she is now…” Masahiko was worried, he knew that he wasn’t the right man for the task, but he couldn’t help it.
“I don’t need to deliberately match them up,” Masahiko learned his lesson this time, “As long as I find a way to send Kushina to Konoha Ninja Academy after two years, everything will be fine.”

Masahiko didn’t think of bringing Minato to Konoha, because even if it worked, he would need to find a way again to send Naruto later to Konoha. Otherwise, the plot will also collapse.

“Speaking of this, my witness point system is really stupid.” Masahiko sighed. “On the surface, it seems to encourage me to change the plot, but if I overdo it, the plot will collapse, and it won’t reward me with any witness points in the future…”

The hard days passed by, and harder ones were coming in the 29th years since the establishment of Konoha.

More than one month has passed since that sad day, in recent days, the Shinobi World fell even more into turbulence, and Tobirama’s death was the fuse that made the already insecure Shinobi World sank into chaos.

“Both of their deaths led to breaking wars. Maybe I should die next to break out the Third World War…” Masahiko was still feeling guilty.

“Great Elder, I caught another spy from Kirigakure!” The name of this young man was Uzumaki Goya. His name was a bit weird, yet he’s the only one out of the three kids that attended the Joint Jonin Exam who showed potential.
(T/N: Goya: Five Pieces or Buildings.)

He was very talented in Fuinjutsu, and just in two years, he grew much stronger, and became a team leader…

“You’ve caught another one?” Recently, Kirigakure has become fiercer when it comes to targeting the Uzumaki Village. Masahiko started to believe that they were the ones who destroyed the Uzumaki Clan in the original.

“You don’t have to ask me every time, if you catch one of them again, show them no mercy!” Masahiko has also grown impatient and cold when it comes to Kirigakure’s spies.

However, after he finished his sentence, he noticed that Goya’s expression seemed weird. In fact, he looked slightly stunned.

“I mean, just kill them.”

“I understand, Elder Masahiko!”

Watching Goya leave, Masahiko scratched his head. When Masahiko came back, he found that Yuriko training the kids following the same methods Masahiko had used on Kenichiro, thinking that since it worked on that idiot, it will work on everyone. However, that caused all of them to grow as simple-minded as him; thus, Masahiko hurriedly corrected it. He didn’t want the Uzumaki clansmen to be a bunch of Kenchiros in the future, I’m afraid that will certainly make the Uzumaki Clan “extinct.”

But the first generation has basically been finalized. Even if Masahiko tried hard, there was nothing he could change, the damage was dealt, but still, they were fine young ninjas with potential.

“Sensei! Yuriko came in, looking quite anxious.

Masahiko startled, “Is it Yuna?”

Masahiko shook her head, then handed a letter to Masahiko.

This was basically a request for help, which explains that the Sunagakure, Kumogakure, Amegakure are all about to move, it seems they have plans to siege Konoha.

“Sensei, what shall we do?”

Masahiko frowned, “Write back to Sarutobi and tell him to go find Kakuzu in Takugakure. He will certainly help, and since Mito is there, they should have any problems. As for the part where he asked our help, explain to him that we may have some conflicts with Kirigakure, and we won’t be able to help.”

Sending off Yuriko, Masahiko felt helpless, “Hiruzen is still not as good as Tobirama. If it were Tobirama, he wouldn’t have come to ask us for help at this time. He would know that we’re having troubles too.”

“Wait… Hiruzen should be aware of our situation, is he really asking for help?”

Masahiko didn’t overthink and started practicing his Gentle Fist again. He wasn’t fascinated by his age. However, he didn’t suffer from grades decrease, because of the grade increases he gained…

On the other side in Konoha, Hiruzen read Yuriko’s reply, then handed the letter over to Danzo.

“I’ve told you that we shouldn’t send for help. Since the Uzumaki Clan has established a village on their own, they will also have troubles…”

Danzo smiled slightly, “Still, I had to try.” Then he secretly thought, “Hiruzen, you’re still too naïve. If we didn’t ask for their help and got refused, the Uzumaki would have ended up asking for our help later.”

Hiruzen nodded, “Then we have to rely on ourselves! Mito-Sama has also become old, so we will try to solve the problem without involving her.” Hiruzen cared about Mito’s health too. After all, he was Tobirama’s disciple, and he was very close to Mito.

“Relax,” Danzo responded, “We can defeat Sunagakure without Mito-Sama. I will personally lead the team! As for the other villages, I will leave them to you, Hokage.”

Hiruzen was stunned for a moment, then nodded, “Be careful…”

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