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L.L.H: Chapter 127: The Fuse

“She’s a genius. Maybe the fate of all geniuses in this world to be rebellious…”

Masahiko murmured while looking to the bracelet on his wrist. This is was a spare on that Yuna left behind, which can block all of the Chakra fluctuations in the human body. Masahiko couldn’t even feel that he has Chakra the moment he put on…

Yuna developed such a thing from her own studies.

“This thing is not in the original, yet it’s so convenient.” Masahiko sighed and looked at Sakumo, who seemed really frustrated.

Sakumo and Tobirama returned a while ago, but it was clear that they had nothing useful to share.

Masahiko also handed Yuna’s last letter to Sakumo. After reading it, he seemed puzzled.

“In the meantime, you need to inform the Hokage, let him send some Anbu to find her, but it needs to be done secretly, we don’t want to make fanfare. Also, inform everyone that dealing with Yuna is gonna be dangerous.”

The Uzumaki clansmen’s physical strength and seal techniques are very powerful, especially Yuna, who happened to be the daughter of the Uzumaki Patriarch. It’s not known how many big villages will also try to “find” her if they ever heard about her being missing.

Sakumo nodded, “I know.”

Masahiko looked at Yuriko again, who was anxious.

“Yuriko, don’t worry so much, you have to believe in her. You know, when you were only 12 years old, I took you to your first battlefield. Yuna is 19 years old, and she’s has a very high IQ…” Masahiko said, but it didn’t help calm her down. When Yuriko was on the battlefield at that time, she had Masahiko to protect her, but Yuna left alone.

Masahiko then looked at Mishirama, who has been continuously scolded for more than an hour now and scratched his head. After taking a deep breath, Masahiko said, “I kind of hoped that she would keep Mishirama with her.”

Yuriko remained silent for a moment, then she looked up to Masahiko, “Sensei…”

Masahiko waved his hand, interrupting her, “Yuna has spent all of his years in the Uzumaki Village. Although she comes here often, not a lot of people know her. As the Uzumaki Patriarch, if you show up in other villages, it will cause a lot of political problems. Let me handle it, I will use some Shadow Clones and head to find her.”

Yuriko seemed unsure about it, but Masahiko spoke again, “You should go back now, and try to cover the story of Yuna’s escape, don’t let the word get out, the situation will be worse if the news reached the wrong people.”

Yuriko nodded, “Sensei, please find her.” Yuriko then returned to the Uzumaki Village.

“Please…” Masahiko smiled bitterly, “How would I found her in this vast Shinobi world. It’s not like I can call her, or use GPS…”

Masahiko actually didn’t believe that he can find her at least in a short time, but he could only hope that there will be some surprising change of events soon, or maybe she will have enough troubles on the way and come back on her own.

“And talking about troubles…” Masahiko glanced at Sakumo, “If this continues, there won’t be a Red-header Kakashi, nor a Gray-headed Kakashi.”

“Heeh, what was I thinking I’m a forever loner, I can’t be a matchmaker… Wait, isn’t every matchmaker is also a forever loner?” Masahiko shook his head and sighed.

Unexpectedly, only one month later, Sakumo seemed like he got over it completely; well, if he didn’t seem to be too silent, Masahiko would have believed that he finally moved on.

And as Masahiko expected, facing Yuna’s black technology and high IQ, even the Anbu couldn’t find her.

However, Masahiko’s shadow clones had some gain; he learned a lot of new things about every village in the Shinobi World…

During this time, a supernatural event occurred in the Shinobi world, and every perceptual shinobi could sense that. It was Masahiko’s shadow clones. After he lost hope of finding Yuna, he launched Kagura Mind’s Eye from every clone and then released them.

Masahiko was disappointed every time he received a memory from his clones, but at the same time, it seemed kind of interesting. Actually, every clone’s approach was exactly the same, indicating that he would have acted the same if he went out, but Masahiko didn’t believe he was the kind of person who likes to do things on his own…

In order not to be suspected by other villages, Masahiko used a wide range of Kagura Mind’s Eye in Konoha oo, causing an alarm.

Therefore, all the villages seemed to have experienced the same event, yet none of them managed to catch the person behind it. The major villages have been in a comfortable state for a few years, but that last incident caused turbulence, and they started to suspect and guard against each other again. It’s estimated that as long as there’s the fuse, an explosion is gonna be inevitable.

“However, the Sunagakure and Kumogakure have really made it through with their researches on the Jinchuriki.” Masahiko frowned.

Masahiko’s shadow clones still delivered some useful news.

Sunagakure had successfully sealed the Ichibi into the body of a monk two years ago, but he was imprisoned due to his instability.

The Hachibi’s Jinchuriki shared the same fate, but beyond Masahiko’s expectation, the Nibi was relatively mature, and the Jinchuriki has even been able to mobilize its Chakra for a short time.

“I’ve always felt that Kumogakure is the most research resourced village out of all the other villages in the Shinobi World.”

Masahiko didn’t hide this information and shared all he knew with Tobirama, who will naturally tell Hiruzen.

“Yuna wasn’t found, which is good news. At least this has proved that she wasn’t taken by other villages. It seems that since I didn’t find her, no one will be able to do it either.”

“Then, next, I need to deal with that other problem related to my strength!”

This month, Masahiko managed to level up his Gentle Fist attribute to LV7 and was pleasantly surprised when he looked at his status bar, that his “Body” stat got enhanced by more than a hundred points, confirming his previous guess.

“The Second Shinobi World War will break out soon, I don’t know which villages will try to attack the Uzumaki, but this time I’m gonna make sure that no one will even dare to have the idea of attacking the Uzumaki Village ever again!”

In the days that followed, Masahiko devoted all of his energy to practicing the Gentle Fist Style. In a flash, more than two years flashed, and it was almost 29th year since the establishment of Konoha.

Yuna still hasn’t been founded. Although Masahiko was worried, he had something to comfort himself. The Gentle Fist has made surprising progress.

“Probably the Gentle Fis… Tai Chi is really more suitable for the elderly?!”

Gentle Fist LV8 (1101030/5000000)

“Unexpectedly, Gentle Fist is the first attribute to reach LV8 with no kinds of limit, which is really good news.”

Masahiko stopped his training and went to visit Tobirama in his house again.

Tobirama’s bod has already weakened to a sad point; it’s estimated that it will take him a lot of effort to even kill a Jonin now. Except for Masahiko, no matter how strong a ninja is, no one can beat time.

Masahiko could sense it, which made him sigh deep inside, “Tobirama, I’m here to say goodbye, I’m going back to the Uzumaki Village.

Tobirama was surprised for a moment, “Why…”

Masahiko shook his head, “Well, just try not to die… I will certainly come to see you again!”

“Is that so? Well, I’ll do my best…”

Masahiko simply said farewells to a few people then returned to the Uzumaki Clan.

Less than half a month later, the news came from Konoha. Konoha’s Second Hokage, Senju Tobirama, passed away!

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