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L.L.H: Chapter 126: Escape Marriage

“Until this time, I thought that you were the kind of person who’s unable to just rest,” Masahiko said with a smile.

It has been two weeks since the selection of the Third Hokage. Masahiko thought that even if Tobirama retires, he won’t stay idle, and he will be busy all the time.

Tobirama smiled, “I think I’ve learned from you.”

Masahiko was stunned and nodded, “Yes, but if you have a long lifespan.”

“What about your experiments?” Masahiko hesitated for a moment then asked.

“I’ve destroyed my lab, and the captive has been dealt with.” Tobirama said, “I also recorded the Edo Tensei technique inside the Scroll of Seals.”

Masahiko was stunned, “But Hiruzen will find about it this way…”

Tobirama shook his head, “Hiruzen should have guessed already. And since he became the Hokage, he should know about these dark sides of the village too.”

“Dark sides, huh…” Masahiko sighed, “Forget it, developing the Edo Tensei was such a useful thing. With it, you and your elder brother will be much easier to resurrect.”

Tobirama asked, “Did you manage to perceive the underworld?”

Masahiko nodded, “You just need to wait so I can get strong, or maybe this technique will find its next master, who knows.”

Tobirama’s expression changed, “Its next master? Second Grandpa, this technique…”

“I know,” Masahiko interrupted. “One day, you might get summoned to fight me…”

Tobirama smiled bitterly, not knowing what to say.

Then the two fell into silence until a familiar face broke in.

“Masahiko G-… Elder! Lord Hokage!” Sakumo subconsciously was about to call Masahiko, Grandpa, but when he saw Tobirama sitting there, he couldn’t help but call him elder after all.

Masahiko didn’t care, because he noticed that panicked expression on his face, so he frowned.

“What’s wrong, Sakumo, what’s the matter?”

“Elder Masahiko, news came from the Uzumaki Village, Yuna is gone.”

Masahiko subconsciously stood up, thinking that Kumogakure or Kirigakure took her.

“When did she disappear?”

Sakumo smiled bitterly, “The report said that she was gone in the morning and she left a letter behind. Aunt Yuriko found it and hurried over.”

“She left a letter?” Masahiko sighed with relief, “What did she say in the letter? Is Yuna pregnant?”

“The letter said: The world is so big, and I want to see it all.” Sakumo hurriedly replied.

Masahiko’s face stiffened, and he didn’t know if he should cry or laugh hearing this. More than ten years ago, he said the same exact sentence before taking that adventure to Kumogakure. I don’t know where this little girl heard about it.

After knowing the specific details of the situation, Masahiko was relieved slightly; a moment ago, he was ready to pay a visit to Kumogakure or Kirigakure.

“Aunt Yuriko went to Mito-Sama, and it seems that Yuna has also taken Mito-Sama’s son with her.”

“Mishirama?” Masahiko has always kept an eye on the development of that kid. In his view, Mishirama will be the next Senju Patriarch.

Masahiko was also startled, and he twitched his mouth, looking at Sakumo.

“Is this an elopement? No, Mishirama is only 13 years old, and Yuna is 6 years older than him. But Sakumo is such a good looking guy too…” Masahiko was clueless and speechless.

Tobirama sighed, “Second Grandpa, let’s go and chase them. It has been only a few hours. They shouldn’t be gone far away, they’re still kids.”

Masahiko nodded, “I will go to Kumogakure, you go to Iwagakure, and Sakumo to Sunagakure. We should be able to catch up to them.”

Sakumo hesitated, “Elder Masahiko, what about Kirigakure?”

Masahiko shook his head, “They wouldn’t be able to pass through the Uzumaki Clan’s navy guards. And they can’t go that far away if they chose to run on the water.” Fearing a surprise invasion by Kirigakure from the sea, the Uzumaki Clan has always put an elite squad stationed on the seaside there to guard.

“Then, I will go first, Second Grandpa.” The moment he said that Tobirama disappeared.

“Did he already put a flying thunder god seal in that direction?” Masahiko murmured, “Sakumo, you should also go, don’t worry too much, Yuna is strong.”

Yuna has been obsessed with scientific research in recent years, and although she’s only a Chunin, her messy equipment, which she put on her body, makes her stronger than the majority of Jonin. And the 13 years old Mishirama was also a Chunin.

Sakumo nodded, then left in an instant.

Masahiko sighed, then left the room, and flew toward Kumogakure’s direction again.

“In theory, knowing Yuna’s character, she should be curious about Kumogakure’s research on the Chakra Diffusion Cannon, so she probably took that direction.”

Masahiko flew all the way, but he didn’t head directly to Kumogakure.

“They only left this morning, even if they run all the way, two children wouldn’t be able to reach the village this quickly.

“So, in the distance between Konoha and Kumogakure, is Yugakure…”

Masahiko got slightly startled and pondered.

“Is this Mishirama’s Chakra?” Masahiko couldn’t help but laugh, “This is just a small village less than thirty kilometers away from Konoha… isn’t this so easy to find?”

Masahiko landed to find Mishirama leaning against a big tree, while his face was full of frustration.

Masahiko had a bad hunch when he saw this. Sure enough, when he saw Masahiko, he gave him another letter.

“Grandpa Masahiko, I knew you’re so fast, take this little fart boy back. I didn’t have the intention to take him with me! Also, you don’t need to look for me anymore. I secretly worked hard for two years to develop something that can block any perceptual technique, you won’t find anything! Rest assured, though, one to five years, I’ll go back… As for Sakumo, although he’s a good person, I still hate his white hair, so don’t you try to match us up.”

Masahiko took the letter and read it twice, not knowing what to say.

“Sakumo was issued as a good card, but this is not a forced marriage escaping…”

Looking at the frustrated Mishirama in front of him, Masahiko sighed, “Come on, you’re going back with me, little fart boy.”

Masahiko used Shadow Clone, then sent it back with Mishirama, and he continued to chase her down with his original body.

Going around for dozens of kilometers, Masahiko couldn’t sense Yuna’s Chakra anywhere.

“Did she really develop a device to block perceptual abilities?” Masahiko whispered, then turned, looking left and right.

“No way! Maybe she left Mishirama there and took another direction! I should have asked Mishirama just now.” Masahiko sighed. Seeing that the sky was getting dimmer, he decided to go back to see if Tobirama has found anything, he has also developed a unique perceptual technique a long ago.

After returning to the village, Masahiko first went to Mito’s house to found her scolding Mishirama.

Yuriko was also on the side, looking a little anxious.

“Sensei, you’re back.” Yuriko didn’t ask for the result as if she knew that Masahiko wouldn’t find her.

Yuriko explained before he could even react: “Yuna has developed a bracelet looking thing that can block all the fluctuations of the Chakra inside the human body. After injecting Chakra, she will not be perceptible even to perceptual abilities. Mito-Sama has already confirmed it.

“Mito cannot perceive it too?” Masahiko frowned.

“This is troublesome…”

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