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L.L.H: Chapter 125: The Third Hokage

“In the end, I still had to stay in Konoha…”

Masahiko sighed, watching the two Hyuga twins practicing the Gentle Fist.

After he knew that Tobirama doesn’t have much time left, Masahiko chose to stay. Deep inside, only a few people he considers family are alive, namely Tobirama, Mito, and his three disciples. As for Kenji, Mashirama, Tsunade, and Yuna they were still young, although they also have a special place in his heart, it was the kind of relationship where he always trying to take good care of them.

As for the Uzumaki clan, because of the unreliability, he saw in the three kids who took the Jonin Joint Exam previously, Masahiko had to send a Shadow Clone back to the clan for personal guidance.

“I can’t protect them forever, I eliminated every threat that came near us in the Second Shinobi World War, but I hope they will get stronger and have the power to protect the clan in the Third Shinobi World War.”

Masahiko believed that this was necessary.

After returning from Mount Myoboku, nearly half a year passed. 26 years have passed since the establishment of Konoha, but Masahiko did not have time to chill, his attributes have reached the limit and can no longer improve, so he focused all of his energy on the Gentle Fist.

After half a year of concentration, Masahiko raised the Gentle Fist level to LV6, close to reaching LV7.

Gentle Fist LV6(588990/600000)

LV6 Gentle Fist, after he confirmed it, Masahiko discovered that the Hyuga Patriarch level was also close to him, but when he asked for the Gentle Fist’s secret techniques, he found that there’s no way for him to practice it. He can’t change his eyes, it’s not worth it. To be honest, he never wanted a Byakugan, and certainly, he doesn’t like to be a bird in a cage; he really likes to fly…

“However, the experience value is so high, just like the other attributes, so I’m assuming the Gentle Fist technique might also grant me a good surprise.”

This thought is what actually encouraged him to continue practicing the Gentle Fist.

In front of him, the two little boys had already finished their routines and stood there looking at him eagerly, seeking some guidance.

However, they didn’t know how far Masahiko’s thoughts drifted, and how he wasn’t paying any attention to what the two were doing.

“Practice is good, but I’ll say it again for you, you must discover your weaknesses…”

Masahiko suddenly stopped there, and a familiar Anbu appeared in front of them.

Masahiko smiled, “Sakumo, what’s the matter?”

“Grandpa Masahiko, Hokage-Sama is looking for you.”

In the past half-year, Sakumo learned to address Masahiko by Grandpa to make the delivery of the information smoother.

“Tobirama is looking for me?” Masahiko pondered, then nodded, “I understand.”

Sakumo turned, then Masahiko murmured emotionally, “It should be about the selection of the Third Hokage.”

He came to the Hokage Building, to unexpectedly find the three elders gathered there.

The three elders shared the same appearance, old, grampy, and they all had white hair. The youngest Uchiha Izumi was 57 years old.

Expect of the Hyuga Patriarch, who saw Masahiko from time to time, the other two seemed complex.

“Grandpa Masahiko, you look healthy.” Uchiha Izumi spoke slowly.

Masahiko nodded with a smile, “It seems so.” Masahiko knew that although they don’t know his exact age, they probably guessed that he was at least ninety years old.

But it’s just that. As for why Masahiko has such a long lifespan, how strong he’s, or even what special seal technique the Uzumaki has might have caused this, they didn’t know, and obviously, they couldn’t just ask. Tobirama is not that easy to speak to, and no one can actually understand Masahiko’s gibberish.

Seeing how everyone became quiet, Tobirama took the initiative to speak.

“I assume that everyone in this room has already speculated the reason behind this gathering. Soon we will have the anniversary of establishing this great village. After that, a new Hokage will take my place, and this elder council will be dissolved.”

The three elders didn’t object, and Masahiko didn’t intervene.

Tobirama looked right and left, then said, “For the Third Hokage position, I nominate two candidates, Hiruzen and Danzo. What are your thoughts?”

The three elders looked at each other, Izumi seemed irresolute, but he shook his head and didn’t say anything.

He had some hope in his heart that Kagami would become the Hokage, but he knew that it was just a wish.

It’s a pity that Nara Patriarch’s successor is not the kind of genius. Among Tobirama’s six apprentices, he wasn’t even compared to a civilian ninja such as Mitokado, he was only slightly stronger than Utatane, who was actually a medic shinobi.

As for the Hyuuga Patriarch… he was too embarrassed to even mention his so-called successor, which made him feel desperate.

“Since this is the case, I will ask all of you to work on the arrangement. Also, inform all the other clans and see if they have any candidates they want to nominate.” Tobirama added.

Masahiko froze for a while, “Tobirama, it seems that you have nothing to say to me, then why did you call me over?”

“Second Grandpa, there’s another thing I want to say. I’m hoping during what is left in my tenure that we can officially work on arranging an alliance with the Uzumaki Clan.”

Masahiko was stunned.

Tobirama was worried about the village in the next war because Konoha lacked relationships, and Masahiko no longer contributes, and the Uzumaki eventually parted ways with Konoha over the years.

Masahiko shook his head, “No, Mito is still here…” In his heart, he knows that the Uzumaki and Konoha will have a strong relationship in the next years because of Minato and Kushina, so a piece of paper won’t do them any good.

Tobirama hesitated for a moment, then he seemed to understand Masahiko’s words, “Okay then.”

With this, the elder meeting ended, which happened to be the last meeting of these elders.

One month later, Masahiko was watching Sarutobi wearing the Hokage robe and hat while feeling slightly stunned.

Masahiko watched him stand on the stage and preach to all the residents of Konoha, civilians, and shinobis alike: “When the tree leaves dance, one shall find flames. The fire’s shadow will illuminate the village, and once again, tree leaves shall bud anew. To those who possess the Will of Fire, everyone is family. The desire to protect one’s family builds a thicker and stronger bond between each and everyone in the village.”
(T/N: The first sentence was actually his last words in the original. The second one was ripped off from his monologue to Konohamaro.)

This familiar figure and familiar words made Masahiko’s thoughts drift away.

The ceremony was over, and the civilians gradually left, then Sarutobi accepted the blessings of Mito, and his other teammates and students.

Danzo was also around, a little unwilling, but Masahiko also noticed a slight heartfelt joy and blessing.

“Danzo… what exactly changed that cold conspirator guy? “

The long-awaited Chinese characters finally popped up and interrupted Masahiko’s anticipations.

“Witness and slightly change the main story of Naruto World: The election of the Third Hokage, get 30(*2) witness points.”

“So, it’s only a small change this time?” Masahiko thought for a moment, then nodded.

“If I let Danzo become the Hokage, I assume I would have rewarded with 300 witness points, but it is still good that it has ended like this.”

Time flows, and Masahiko got some unexpected gains. Because of that little incident between him and Uchiha Kagame, Sarutobi’s council was changed from the original, expect for Danzo, the other two changed, and they were Uchiha Kagame and Hyuga twins’ father.

This change actually granted Masahiko 20 witness points.

“Sure enough, the close to the original plot, the more events I can get witness points… if the plot doesn’t collapse, I will probably…”

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