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L.L.H: Chapter 104: Tobirama’s Return

“Lord Substitute-Hokage…”

Masahiko smiled contently and nodded in satisfaction as he walked into the newly built Konoha Weaponry Department.

Looking at the already decent developed Chakra Diffusion Cannon, Masahiko nodded with even more satisfaction.

During this time, Masahiko was able to understand why the Land of Fire is regarded as the wealthiest country. The materials obtained from Sunagakure were almost equal to the materials which the Gold and Silver Brothers gathered for their Chakra Blast Cannon, and the materials that Konoha have now is ten times the amount.

With so many raw materials, Masahiko didn’t have to provide any help. In just one and a half months, a finished product was almost ready.

“Grandpa, you are here!” Seeing Masahiko, Kenji greeted Masahiko happily and said, “Our final product is almost finished according to the drawing you gave us.”

Kenji is now in charge of the newly established Konoha Weaponry Department and also entrusted with the position of Deputy Minister of Weapons by Masahiko. A key position such this one must be held by a trusted aide, of course.

As for the Minister itself, a lot of people want to sit in that position. But Masahiko kept the seat vacant for now.

“Orochimaru, grow up quickly.” Masahiko feels that this position is most suitable to be filled by Orochimaru. Maybe it will help him study some amazing forbidden techniques.

“Maybe the peace that Hashirama wanted doesn’t need to be understood by the Shinobi World. Maybe in the future, Orochimaru will be able to develop a Chakra village missile, and it will help them finally love each other. “

Masahiko smiled, then looked at Kenji and asked, “If the finished product is almost ready? Then do you have any idea what we should do next?”

Kenji froze, “Uh, Grandpa, if the test result is good, then we will make batches later, probably around ten pieces per batch…”

Masahiko shook his head and sighed, apparently Kenji doesn’t have a scientific mind.

“You don’t want to make any improvement to the cannon?”

“Is there still a room for improvement for this weapon?”

“Of course! For example, we can adjust the body size so it’ll be easier to carry, or we can try to reduce the amount of the requirement Chakra…” Masahiko gave him two ideas.

Kenji seemed surprised, “Oh, so any idea on how we can do that?”

Masahiko felt helpless. If improvement was that easy, then he would have already improved it a long time ago. He doesn’t really understand this kind of chakra technology. In the past two months, he has study the drawings, hoping a scientific research skill will appear on his status bar, so he could add points there.

But until now, there were no signs that it will appear, maybe a unique condition is needed.

Masahiko shook his head and said, “No, use your own head.” He turned away, then he left the weapon department.

On the way back to the Hokage building, a lot of people greeted him. But Masahiko, like usual, didn’t pay attention because he was lost in his thought.

“Chakra technology, what if we switch it to electric technology?” Masahiko thought, “But how can I generate power here? Should we use Ninjutsu?”

Masahiko then shook his head, “I want to develop some forbidden technology for Konoha, but I actually don’t know anything… If only was a scientist in my previous life, well, I can only hope that the skill will pop up by luck.”

“Huh?” Masahiko then suddenly felt a slight strange fluctuation in his Chakra. He immediately bit his finger, “Kuchiyose no Jutsu!”

A small slug appeared in front of him. Masahiko seemed surprised, saying, “Katsuyu-Sama, how did you heal him so quickly?”

“He’s not completely healed, but the situation is not crucial anymore, and he insisted on coming back.”

Masahiko scratched his head. He has been a Hokage for only two and a half months, and now he’s about to get sacked.

“Ahh… I thought I could at least be a Hokage for a year, I didn’t expect it to end so soon…” Masahiko felt a little bit disappointed.

“Did he left already?” Masahiko asked.


“Judging by the distance from Shikkotsu Forest to Konoha, he will reach Konoha approximately in the evening. Then I should go back and lie down on my Hokage throne for the last time!” Masahiko whispered and reversed summoned Katsuyu, then he went back to the Hokage office to sleep.

As a result, in less than an hour,
Masahiko sensed a familiar chakra, which made him stand up, hurriedly, “What the hell, how did he come so fast?”

Just thinking about that, a figure flashed in the Hokage building.

At the same time, two Anbu suddenly appeared in front of the person and then bowed down, “Lord Second.”

Tobirama waved his hand, and then the two Anbu left.

Masahiko’s face turned black. He got ignored entirely; they didn’t even look at him.

“How did you come here so fast? Did you use the flying Raijin?”
Looking at Masahiko, Tobirama coughed twice, “Second Grandpa, I didn’t know that I would be in a coma for more than two months. I was worried about Konoha, so I came back.”

Masahiko frowned, “You’re still coughing, don’t force yourself, man, your face looks like Gekko Hayate. I told Katsuyu to explain the situation for you, did she forget? With me here, you don’t need to worry.”

Tobirama looked puzzled for a moment, he clearly doesn’t know who Gekko Hayate is. However, after so many years of getting along with Masahiko, Tobirama learned to ignore some of Masahiko’s messy words.

“Katsuyu told me, but still, I was anxious.”

“There’s nothing to worry about…” Masahiko said that in a lower voice, apparently thinking why would Tobirama feel that way.

He glared at Tobirama, “This grandpa of yours is filling your vacant position temporarily, and you have nothing to worry about. During this whole time, I received less than fifteen complaints!”

Suddenly, Tobirama twitched his mouth, “Grandpa, I’ve been a Hokage for five years, and I’m not even close to that number…”

Masahiko’s face turned dark, “Hey let me tell you something now, when you were off, these people became too naggy, they don’t know how hard it is to maintain a village, they ask for a lot. And as expected, Nara Patriarch is the snitch, oh, I’m so gonna fire his butt…”

Tobirama sighed for a moment; there is really nothing to say.

Masahiko got up, “Okay, then you can have your throne back. I’ve just had enough of it anyway…”

“I will pack up my things and go back to the Uzumaki Clan. This Second Grandpa will not play with you anymore.”

Tobirama hesitated for a moment, then asked, “Second Grandpa… the thing with the Uzumaki…”

Masahiko waved his hand, “It’s okay, maybe it’s because I tried to force them to be entirely tied to Konoha, I was too naive. The population of the clan is too high. And the numbers of the Uzumaki shinobi alone already half of Konoha’s. It will cause problems for both sides, sooner or later.”

Masahiko then sighed for a long time, “I will return and build my own country.”

Masahiko nodded, then walk to the door and said with a smile, “Tobirama, last time in Kumogakure, this grandpa was stupid and almost killed you… You haven’t recovered yet, don’t forget to take care of your body. For now, no one will dare to provoke our Konoha, rest assured.”

“And…” Masahiko hesitated, “Konoha now has a big advantage over the other villages. Thus, I’ve decided that I will not participate in the next war…”

After saying this, Masahiko shook his head, then walked out of the Hokage building. The feeling of guilt still lingered his heart, especially for Yuriko’s husband.

Walking on the familiar streets of Konoha, Masahiko gazed around.

“Go back to the build Uzushiogakure. Next time I come here again, Konoha might not be the same.”

“I wonder how much the story has changed…” Masahiko then roamed in the street of Konoha with endless sadness in his heart.

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