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L.L.H: Chapter 123: Prophecy

Following the speed of Fukasaku toward the center of Mount Myobuku, Masahiko used his perception ability.

“There are thirty or forty… creatures with Chakra reactions?” The Chakra was flowing strangely, and Masahiko wasn’t sure.

“Mount Myoboku is also a small ninja village, with ninja toads, and civilian toads.”

Climbing to the peak, a palace appeared in front of Masahiko and sensed that there’s Chakra inside.

Masahiko observed the place with a strange look on his face, “Fukakasu, why the palace is built like this, what’s the wisdom behind it, eat yourself?”

In Mount Myoboku, everything is on the shape of a toad, even this palace, and the entrance is the mouth of a toad too.

“How did you know that my name is Fukasaku?”

The question of the old toad made Masahiko’s face stiff.

“Uh, haven’t you told me that?”

“From the very beginning until now, I only said one thing to you, and I never told you my name.”

Masahiko smiled awkwardly, “Who knows? Maybe you’ve said it? Or maybe its something I have dreamed of…”

This time, Fukasaku looked strangely at him, “You even know the ability of the master?”

Masahiko was stunned, and just when he wanted to pull something else, another old lady toad came.

“Old Devil, why are you here?” Jiraiya then noticed the toad-palace, “What the hell is this?”

Masahiko sighed, “This is hell. I’ve just died. But I’ve never expected that these toad ghosts will bring you here too when you’re still so young…”

Jiraiya got frightened, “No one told me that when someone uses the reverse summon technique, he goes to hell! I’m so young I don’t want to die…”

Jiraiya said this, then suddenly reacted, “Old Devil, you’re lying to me, right? How can a ghost be a toad?”

Jiraiya looked around, “They even have genders, this one is an old man, and this one is an old woman.”

Shima and Fukasaku glanced at each other, then the latter said, “Boys, the Great Toad Sage is waiting for you, please come in!”

“Boys…” Masahiko’s expression stiffened. He was almost a hundred years old. But he actually called him a kid, but knowing that these two are nearly eight hundred years old, Masahiko still endured.

Masahiko entered into the Toad Palace feeling disgusted.

In the palace, Masahiko finally saw the Great Toad Sage lying on his huge shallow pool of water, while his eyes closed as if he was sleeping.

Jiraiya seemed like curious babies looking left and right. Masahiko wasn’t curious about any of the things surrounding him, he was fully focused.

He wasn’t worried about what the Great Toad Sage will do to him, and even if the amount of Chakra is incomparable, battles are always unpredictable. Masahiko was worried that his influence and own existence has changed the Great Toad Sage’s prophecy.

In his past life, although the Great Toad Sage didn’t have a lot of scenes, every prophecy was successfully fulfilled, especially the Child of the Prophecy.


“Young man, you’re finally here.” He didn’t know when, but the Great Toad Sage opened his eyes and stared at Jiraiya.

Jiraiya wiped the sweat off his forehead and then turned his head and whispered, “He turned out to be alive…” Masahiko also was worried.

Obviously, he didn’t pay attention to the two’s rudeness, and said, “Hundreds of years ago, I foreseen that one day, you will come to Mount Myoboku, and sign a contract with my clan.”

“Contract?” Jiraiya startled, “Old Devil! You’ve been lying to me, this is not hell!”

Masahiko was stunned for a long time, he didn’t know if he should laugh or cry, Jiraiya said he didn’t believe him, but he still did believe half of it deep inside.

“Fukasaku, bring the contract scroll.”


“Hey, I haven’t agreed yet…” Jiraiya’s words got cut short because Masahiko closed his mouth using gravity.

Masahiko smiled, “Great Toad Sage, he agrees.” Jiraiya couldn’t say anything.

Hearing Masahiko’s words, he turned his eyes to him and pondered for a moment.

“Who are you?”

Masahiko’s face turned dark, what the hell? He called me, then forgot when I am, he’s really old…

Jiraiya on the side was twitching weirdly, Masahiko turned faintly at him to see that he was suffocating. He startled then quickly lifted the gravity.

“Hoo… Hugh, Old Devil, are you trying to kill me?”

Masahiko smiled embarrassingly, he kept thinking about the great old toad, and almost suffocated Jiraiya.

The Great Toad Sage kept pondering, so Shima tried to remind him: “Master, he’s Uzumaki Masahiko, you called him over.”

“Uzumaki Masahiko…” The Great Toad Sage froze, “I remembered.”

Masahiko smiled, “Is there any prophecy about me? What is it about? The terminator of tragedy, or the reliable old predecessor?”

“In my vision, you will fight a young man with the same eyes as Haguromo Otsutsuki, bringing disaster and destruction.”

Masahiko’s smile slowly faded away, “Fighting a young man with Rinnegan? Disaster and destruction?”

“How can this be…?”

Masahiko’s heart gradually sank in despair. It should be Madara, the one who has Rinnegan, that is to say, he will be successfully resurrected, and his opponent will be me?

“Why would it be me? What about Naruto and Sasuke? Is it because I changed the plot too much?”

Just when Masahiko was about to ask, the Great Toad Sage said, “I did foresee the outcome of the battle, but I can see that while you’re fighting, a fierce battle is taking place elsewhere.”

“Is there more than one opponent?” Masahiko frowned, “Who is the other? Obito…”

“Impossible, this thing will not happen if there’s no accident.”

“Great Toad Sage, do you see who my opponent is?” Masahiko hesitated then asked.

“I hope it won’t be Nagato or even Sasuke…” Masahiko whispered in his heart.

“I didn’t clearly see who he was,” He shook his head, “I only saw that he has a black hair.”

Masahiko’s heart tightened, “Not Nagato then.”

“He has also had a bun hairstyle.”

“Bun? Who is that?” A lot of faces passed in Masahiko’s mind, but none of them met the description.

“He has the Rinnegan, but he’s neither Madara nor Sasuke…” Masahiko was confused, “Sure enough, I changed the plot too much, I’m afraid something I don’t know will happen.”

Next to him, Jiraiya signed the contract scroll and didn’t resist anymore. He could see from Masahiko’s behavior that this should be a powerful Summoning Beast.

The signing of Jiraiya’s contract also brought Masahiko 10 witness points, but he didn’t care.

“Who the hell is he? We’re gonna fight in the future, and what I feel from the Great Toad Sage’s words, we are going to be evenly matched?” Masahiko fell into deep thinking.

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