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L.L.H: Chapter 122: Mount Myoboku

“For the time being, I’m gone.”

In the Hokage Office, Masahiko carrying his bag said these few words to Tobirama.

“Notify me when the next Hokage is selected, I will come over.”

It has been a week since the Jonin Joint Exam is over, and all the teams from the other villages have basically left the Konoha. Masahiko felt like he should be prepared for Zetsu. Counting the day, Kushina should be almost one and a half years old now, and Masahiko also wanted to see how she looked like when she was a child.

“Second Grandpa, are you really not going to stay for some time?”

Masahiko frowned, since the time he came to Konoha, he doesn’t know the reason, but Tobirama always seemed like he wanted him to stay longer.

He hadn’t had time to ask what was happening, so he hurriedly ran outside.

“Sensei… Elder Mashaiko!”

Hiruzen, Tsunade, and Orochimaru broke in breathless.

Tobirama glanced at them for a while, “What’s happened?”

Hiruzen sighed, and embarrassedly said, “Sensei, he’s gone…”

Half-day ago.

Hiruzen and Orochimaru finished the specialized training and returned to Konoha.

Jiraiya and Tsunade greeted him at the entrance of Konoha. Jiraiya couldn’t wait to show off and gab about how he became a Jonin in front of Orochimaru. He also claimed that he had made great strides, and he no longer consider Orochimaru as a worthy rival.

As a result, Orochimaru calmly showed him his new harvest… a gigantic summoned snake that stagnated Jiraiya.

He longed for Tsunade’s comfort, but she also calmly said that after becoming a Jonin, she finally signed her contract with the slugs and summoned a huge one.

At that moment, he could only look at Hiruzen with a look of expectation, and the result…

Hiruzen said that he could sign a snake contract like Orochimaru, or ask Elder Masahiko to let him sign the slug scroll.

But Jiraiya threw one sentence, “I Don’t Need It!” and stormed off.
“Then what?” Tobirama said lightly.

Hiruzen couldn’t help but swallow, “He somehow found a summoning scroll and used reversed summoning, but we don’t know where it has sent him. Sensei, some summoning beasts are very cruel, even if he’s okay for now, he won’t be if he stays for so long. Sensei, since you have a Space-Ninjutsu, can you use it to perceive his Chakra fluctuation in the space?”

Tobirama shook his head, “I can’t do this kind of thing.” Then he looked at Masahiko, “Do you have any idea?”

Masahiko secretly said, “Of course I have a way to find him, but I don’t have to think about it, he must have gone to Mount Myoboku.”

Hesitated for a moment, Masahiko threw his luggage on Tobirama’s desk, “Don’t worry, I probably know where he went, I will go to find him.”

Hiruzen looked relieved, “Please!”

Masahiko flew straight out, thinking in his mind, “If I help Jiraiya signs the toad scrolls, I will be able to get some witness points. As for the location of Mount Myoboku…” He bit his finger, “Summoning Technique!”

“Master Slug, do you know the location of Mount Myoboku?” Masahiko thought, as one of the three great immortals, the sage slug should know the location of Mount Myoboku.

“The three locations are actually in the same land.”

Masahiko was stunned.


“From The Shikkotsu Forest head deep into the south, and you will find Mount Myoboku. Take north, and you will find Ryuchi Cave. Of course, there’s an entrance that doesn’t have anything to do with The Shikkotsu Forest, but I don’t know about its specific location.”

Masahiko nodded, released the summoning technique, and turned to fly toward The Shikkotsu Forest again.

When he came to Shikkotsu Forest, Masahiko simply greeted Katsuyu, then he quickly flew south, worrying that he would miss the moment when Jiraiya signs the contract.

As he flew toward the south, Mashaiko’s brows became tighter and tighter, and the environment became humid and cold.

“This distance…” Masahiko whispered, he has been flying for more than half an hour, according to the distance, he should have left the Land of Fire.

“Are the three sage regions really is an independent space?”

One hour later, Masahiko gradually began to feel that the weather around him is fresher. Suddenly he felt something strange, then looked up to find himself in an entirely another world.

“Is this Mount Myoboku?”

Masahiko sighed emotionally. Unlike the dark and damp Shikkotsu Forest, Mount Myoboku seemed to have birds and flowers.

“Bird?” Masahiko froze, “But it eats worms…”

Toads also feed on the bugs around here, even if it originally existed, they would be driven out by the toads.

Masahiko looked into the distance, the layers of mountains completely obscured his vision. However, the large plants on the mountain made elegant scenery like a paradise.

“So… Kagura’s Eyes!” With one seal, Masahiko opened his perception to the maximum.

“Jiraiya… is over there. There are no Chakra fluctuations beside him. No toad means no contract.”

Masahiko sighed in relief; the witness points are not gone. However, he suddenly looked surprised while twitching the corner of his mouth.

“This Chakra is a bit insane.”

Masahiko just felt an unusually massive Chakra. The most powerful Chakra he has ever felt.

“Not only the most powerful but also too huge, is this really okay? Dozens of times bigger than the Kyuubi? Does the Juubi even have such a big Chakra?” Masahiko smiled bitterly, “Is this the Great Toad Sage?!”

Masahiko felt the Chakra of the Slug Sage up close, and he doesn’t think now that it can be compared to him, the Great Toad Sage…

“Even though the slugs are not good at fighting, but the three Immortal Sages shouldn’t have such a big gap, the Snake Sage shouldn’t be this strong too, is it really an only expectation for the Great Toad Sage?”
Masahiko shook his head. “As a Sage who can predict the future, he should know about my arrival, so it’s better to go ahead and gain insight.”

At the same time, in the highest peak of Mount Myoboku on a huge shallow pool of water with the kanji for “Sage” inscribed on it, a big old toad wearing the necklace has the Kanji “Oil” written on it, was sleeping inside it.

“Um…” He moaned while the big bubble that was coming out of his nose was getting bigger and bigger, suddenly it popped, and he opened his eyes.

Tow little toads appeared in front of him, “Master, are you awake?” It was Fukasaku and Shima.

“The boy I have foreseen hundreds of years ago, who will come to Mount Myoboku, has arrived. You go and bring him in. There’s also a guest, Uzumaki Masahiko… you also go and bring him in.”

As Masahiko was approaching Jiraiya’s location, he suddenly frowned; he felt that the latter started moving away at top speed, and went deep into Mount Myoboku.

“Huh?” A little toad appeared beside him, it was Fukasaku.
“Yo, Grandpa Toad…” Masahiko said with a smile. After so many years, he finally found someone older than him.

“Uzumaki Masahiko, the Great Toad Sage, is waiting for you!”

Masahiko was stunned, “He even knows my name? It seems that the Great Toad Sage had some prophecy about me. But what kind of prophecy?”

“An old-timer, who wants to change the world?”

“Or it could be…”

Masahiko tried to guess following the footsteps of Fukasaku, who was heading deep into Mount Myoboku.

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