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L.L.H: Chapter 121: You Might Lose The Bet

“Great Elder, we are ashamed!” The three Uzumaki boys sternly said in union, making Masahiko’s mouth twitch.

He shook his head; it seems that Yuriko has only trained their bodies.

“It’s okay. It was a great experience to join the Jonin Exam. You will get stronger in the future. If I only estimated this, I wouldn’t have wasted time teaching you seals technique. Got back and think about this. Practice what I’ve taught you every day. The three of you one day will become members of the Uzumaki Police Force.”

“Yes, Great Elder!”

Masahiko waved helplessly, then sent them away, and went back to Konoha Collosiom.

It was day time, but there weren’t a lot of people around here, only a few seal proficient ninjas setting up enchantments. Masahiko looked around, then whispered: “Hachimon Tonkou Dai, that Magnet Release boy, Sage Jiraiya, and Yin Seal Tsunade… I feel that this enchantment will not be effective against such people.”

“Ah, busy life…” Masahiko sighed, then began to help.

Less than an hour later, civilians, audiences entered the hall one after another. Masahiko had already finished the enchantment and laid on the Daimyo seat.

“Elder Masahiko?” Just when Masahiko felt like he was about to sleep, Chiyo’s voice woke him up.

Masahiko looked up, the place was already filled with the audience, and many civilians were pointing at him.

“Ah, they’re finally here, I almost fell asleep.” Masahiko looked at the three children behind Chiyo and nodded.

Chiyo took a seat next to Masahiko, then hesitated to say,” Elder Masahiko, are you sitting here…”

“It’s okay, let me tell you an advice young girl, you can act old when you’re old, and that’s the only benefit of being old! Anyway, 30 to 40 years from now, you will get the same treatment…” Masahiko stopped, then looked behind Chiyo, “Yow, puppet trio, how are you?”

Chiyo frowned, “Elder Masahiko, I’ve told you yesterday that Masaki is not a puppet master…”

“I know you did, but he will be in the future.” Masahiko snickered twice without explanation.

“Brother Misako, are you going to be a puppet master?”

“No!” The estimated to be the Third Kazekage looked puzzled.

In the meanwhile, Tobirama came accompanied with the Daimyo to the colosseum’s venue, but the latter found himself embarrassed when he didn’t find a chair to sit on.

Tobirama said nothing; he called an Anbu with a wave of his hand and asked him to get another chair.

“Second Grandpa, you came so early.”

Masahiko smiled, “I’ve barely managed to finish the work.”

Tobirama nodded, “Sorry, I’ve troubled you.”

After a while, the Anbu flashed in carrying a chair and placed it next to Masahiko, and the Daimyo finally could sit.

Masahiko controlled his voice to only emit in Tobirama’s ears, “How about now? Second Grandpa was right, the Daimyo has nothing in his mind.”

Tobirama startled for a moment.

Yesterday, after the exam, Tobirama found Masahiko to take his opinion on the Daimyo’s intentions. Tobirama was worried whether the Daimyo is still willing to support Konoha financially.

Masahiko told him that the Daimyo is not stupid to just stop doing that. Sure enough, Masahiko pulled this prank on him so he could see the Daimyo’s reaction, but he said nothing.

Of course, it may be because when dealing with someone at the age of Masahiko, it’s easier not to say anything.

The first pair has already entered the field, it’s Maito Dai and Hozuki Hangetsu.

Masahiko turned his head with a smile, “Chiyo, who do you think will win?”

Chiyo froze for a while, “The kid from the Huzoki Clan can use the Hydrification Technique. As far as I know, that guy from Konoha can only use Taijutsu. Thus, there’s no doubt about who’s gonna win this one.”

Masahiko smiled without saying a word as it turned out that odds were very unfavorable to Maito Dai.

However, ten minutes later, Dai figured out Hangetsu’s Ninjutsu, then opened the Hachimon Tonkou, and even though Hangetsu used the Hydrification Technique, he ended up seriously injured and was carried out by the medic ninjas.

Masahiko shrugged, “Chiyo, you’ve guessed wrong.”

Chiyo didn’t seem frustrated; she even smiled, saying, “I didn’t expect that he could practice the Hachimon Tonkou to such a point.”

Masahiko was shocked, “Do you know about this technique?”

“I was on the battlefield before, and I’ve played once with your disciple.”

“Is that so?” Masahiko whispered, “Then since you’re alive, I don’t think he was serious.”

Chiyo smiled and didn’t show any angry expressions, “Ah, fortunately, he’s a merciful man.”

As they were talking, the second pair entered the field, which is Tsunade and an Aburame ninja.

“Chiyo, what about these two? Who will win and who will lose?”

Chiyo hesitated, “It should be the Aburame ninja…”

Masahiko looked into the field, and the battle began. Watching Tsunade using hand signs and releasing Fire Releases one after another seemed really strange to Masahiko as he has never seen her use any of those in the Original.

The field was silent as everyone was watching the ground covered with burnt insect bodies.

Masahiko had no idea how that Aburama kid could hide so many insects in his body, but they kept coming until Masahiko start feeling numbs from all of his body.

However, Tsunade was fearless, even more ferocious. Masahiko remembers that in her first birthday banquet, she was frightened and even cried when the Aburame Patriarch, at that time, gifted her and insect, and now she’s probably getting her revenge.

Even the Ying Seal that Mito and Masahiko prepared to her was useless in this fight. She easily defeated the Aburame kid.

“Alright!” The loud shout from the Daimyo trembled Masahiko and made him cover his ears helplessly.

“It’s revenge after all, huh?”

He turned to look at Chiyo, “Chiyo, you’ve guessed wrong again.”

Chiyo didn’t say anything, she glanced behind her, “Masaki will definitely win the next one.” Her tone was full of confidence.

Masahiko smiled, “Calm down, you might end up losing another bet today.”

Although Chiyo didn’t understand what he meant, she became worried.

“I will introduce to you, the kid who’s gonna fight against your son, his name is Jiraiya, he’s a civilian ninja, the tail of the crane in school.”

Chiyo was relieved, “Then Masaki will win.”

Masahiko smiled and said nothing.

After half an hour…

With scalded bruises, Jiraiya took a victory posture and raised his fist up to the sky, while next to him, Chiyo’s son unconscious laying on the ground.

“Chiyo, you’ve guessed wrong again.”

Chiyo’s expression finally changed, “Elder Masahiko, the power that kid has just used shouldn’t belong to him. If I’ve sensed correctly, it should be your Chakra, this…”

Masahiko waved his hand, “Well you’ve let an actual Jonin take the exam, but I just gave a Chunin something good to help him, why are you acting so dissatisfied? You’re the ones who’ve started it!”

“Mother…” The red-haired boy came over.

Chiyo looked back at him, and after a while, she let out a sigh relief, “it’s okay, you two got and check on Masaki, he didn’t suffer any serious injuries.”

Masahiko nodded, “However, Masaki did a great job, you should be proud, knowing that I’ve landed our boy some external force.”

“Moreover, Masaki is still young, although he’s older than Jiraiya, who knows what the future is hiding for me.”

“Regardless, I should thank you for our victory today. Those who you bet against me to lose today all won!”

Chiyo was both shocked and puzzled.

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