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L.L.H: Chapter 120: The Written Test And The Lucky Draw

Inside a classroom on the third floor of Konoha Ninja Academy, Masahiko looked at the candidates who were about to be evaluated.

It has been two months since Masahiko activated his “Cheat,” and the written test of the Jonin exam as about to begin. Masahiko asked for the position of the writer and the test supervisor; he wanted to observe the “wonderful” expressions of the candidates up close.

The Jonin written exam is different than the Chunnin written exam. It’s not to test their common sense and basic knowledge of the Shinobi, but instead, examine the Shinobi’s handling of unexpected situations in various tasks.

The test papers had six questions. The first five are from Tobirama and the elders, while the last one is from Masahiko, and basically, each paper has different problems.

There are a total of 22 participants in this test. Obviously, all of them seemed truly competent. Among them, Masahiko counted 8 from Konoha. In addition to Tsunade and Jiraiya, there were other teenagers from other major clans, and among them, there was Tsunade’s “friend,” Dan Kato.

The remaining ninjas are three from the Uzumaki Village, three from Sunagakure, and one Shinobi from Kirigakure… the other seven were “uncles” from other small villages.

The uncles are somewhat polite. Masahiko looked at one of them from Kusagakure, and in terms of appearance, somehow, he looks older than him.

“Is this some sort of inspirational story? Even at the age of sixty years old, he didn’t let go of his dreams, and now he’s participating in the Jonin Exam along with his children and grandchildren.” Masahiko felt emotional, “However, he seems even weaker than Iruka.”

“Examiner, can we begin the test…” One of the participants said, and gradually the room became noisy, which snapped Masahiko back from his deep thoughts, and with a look, the 22 test papers in his hand four went flying to each respective participant.

Seeing the participant is amazed by his little trick, and calmed down, Masahiko secretly complacent.

“This skill is so beautiful… it totally conforms to my image.”

“Okay, each of you has got his own test paper! Now, the first five questions are the main ones; each score is 20 points, answer all question, and get full marks. The last question is a bonus one, but it will reduce your points if you answer it wrong, but it’s also a mandatory question, so you can’t just skip it. Of course, you will not be eliminated unless you don’t even get 20 points in the end. But if you only get 20 points by the end of the test, your chances to participate in the last three combat will be higher. It must be challenging. Otherwise, you will not become a Jonin!”

“Score deduction?” Everyone inside the room was stunned, especially these uncles from the small villages. This is not the first time they hear of such a thing.

However, as every one of them read their last question carefully, the room became silent.

“Are you kidding me? Is the Konoha joking? What kind of questions is this?!” Hangetsu yelled, then hit his desk and stood up.

Masahiko snickered. Hangetsu’s question was: If you’re escorting a client in the dessert, and your water reserve is gone or lost, and the client is about to die from dehydration, what will you do?”

“It seems that you already know the answer deep inside, don’t worry, just sit down and answer slowly,” Masahiko said with a smile.

Masahiko assumed that Hangetsu has never done a mission in a dessert, so he doesn’t really know what to do. So there was only one way left…

Other candidates also had the “wonderful” expression that Masahiko was dying to see, while others already began to write their answers.

Masahiko suddenly heard a voice that startled him. It was Jiraiya moaning, looking puzzled.

“I can’t just give him the answer…”

Other also started answering the questions, but Masahiko didn’t have to check for cheating, because these question basically had no standard answers.

Ten minutes later, Jiraiya came to Masahiko with great enthusiasm, “Old Devil! I have finished!”

Masahiko’s mouth twitched, then took the test paper.

He looked at his answer for a moment, then sighed.

“Okay, sign this paper, and then go back to your seat.” Masahiko sighed secretly, “I really didn’t expect this…”

Jiraiya answered all five questions. For the first five, he got 80 points, but for the last, his score got deducted by 40 points…

His last question was: If the client, on purpose, put the wrong rank for the mission and halfway doing the task, you found out and confronted the client, but the client kneels and begs for your help. What will you do?

This was actually the case for Naruto’s first mission in the Land of Waves. Masahiko thought that Jiraiya will choose the same answer as Naruto, and continue to do the task out of sympathy. Even though a shinobi shouldn’t involve his feeling in his professionalism, it’s estimated his score will only be reduced by 30 points. There’s no right answer to this question, and even if he chose to abandon the mission, his score would be deducted by 10 points.

However, Jiraiya wrote one sentence: A task accepted by Jiraiya will always be completed!!

“What kind of confusing self-confidence is this?! Did he think that writing this will be good in the exam?!”

Half an hour later, Masahiko received the last test paper. The answer to the final question was bizarre that Masahiko didn’t know if he should laugh or cry.

“The highest score was Hangetsu’s, he got full marks…” Masahiko snickered, “That kid finally give up and put the answer, but I estimate that he will never do a mission in the desert for the rest of his life.”

Masahiko looked again at Hangetsu’s answer, then chuckled.

Masahiko shook the empty lottery box in his hand, as an unbeatable gambler, and a person who can manipulate gravity, it was so easy for him to make the participants draw the card he wants to see.

“The sign of the second test will be the disappearance of the uncles.”

After what he called it the “Black Box Operation,” he estimated that the first battles will witness the exclusion of the small villages out of the competition.

“In Jiraiya’s case, it’s a bit of a hassle… He only scored 40 points… It would have been better if he got a higher one. But there should be no problem.”

“I don’t know if he would use my Senjutsu, though,” Masahiko whispered.

“Dai has only scored 20 points?” Masahiko couldn’t help but cry, “I made sure to choose for him the paper with the simplest questions…”

“No wonder that with his strength, he was a forever Genin. But what would you expect from a disciple that his Sensei is stupid as him? Even Kenichiro wouldn’t nail this test, he should be thankful that he was born earlier, or he would have also been a Genin forever…”

At the same time, at the Sunagakure room.

“Mother…” The red-haired boy stopped talking.

Chiyo was shocked, “Is the written test that difficult?”

The boy shook his head, “Mother, do you like water?”

Chiyo looked puzzled.

The boy explained, and Chiyo laughed, “I believe this was Elder Masahiko’s question, right?”

The last question for the red-haired boy was this: Suppose your mother is a civilian, and due to unknown circumstances when you were doing your mission, your mother and the client were trapped inside a water cell, who will you save first?”

This is a classic question that Masahiko thought about in his previous life: Who will you save first your mother or your girlfriend if the two were about drawn at the same time? In this world, the Ninja Academy will teach you that the client is more important, just like your girlfriend, she will use her way to teach you the same thing…

Chiyo frowned, then thought for a while. “This question…”

“Mother, I will save you first.” The boy saw how his mother was pondering and quickly answered.

Chiyo smiled and then pat the head of his son, “It’s not a question of who you want to save. This question doesn’t have a correct answer. Anything you will choose can’t get you a full score. It’s worthy of Elder Masahiko, who wanted you to express and deal with the weakness in your heart.”

Masahiko would be speechless if he knew that Chiyo gave him such an evaluation. He just wanted to “drive a wedge” on this mother-child annoying relationship.

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