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L.L.H: Chapter 143: The Centennial Banquet and the Fear

The New Year is near, and the Land of the Whirlpool was as lively as ever.

People always had a rough guess about Uzumaki Masahiko’s age, and the Uzumaki Village announced that they’re holding his centenary birthday feast, which caused an uproar in the World of Shinobi.

The Warring States period ended thirty years ago, and at the time, it was claimed that average life expectancy is thirty years old. It would be great if you lived to the age of 60, and a miracle that will shock others to live for 70 years.

Although the era has ended, no one has ever heard of someone who lived for more than 80 years.

Masahiko wasn’t worried about people figuring out the secret of his long lifespan. With his strength, no one will dare to come after that, except of course for Madara, and Mito, who causes him troubles from time to time, but obviously, she wouldn’t cause him any harm.

In recent days, envoys from every country have arrived one after another; even the Land of Thunder’s Daimyo came over in person. Of this year, he came to understand how weak Kumogakure has become, and it’s a good thing to pay the Uzumaki for protection, at least this will keep the other villages away since the Hachibi’s Jinchuriki was barely stable.

Masahiko walked around with the visitors, wondering how many people were expecting him to die soon.

“Too bad that won’t happen.” Thinking of this, Masahiko laughed.

On January the 1st, Konoha’s 32nd, Masahiko’s centennial banquet was held as scheduled.

There were many visitors. In addition to the Thunder’s Daimyo, the more “heavyweight” characters were Hiruzen, Mito, Chiyo, and several other village leaders, including Kakuzu.

On the battlefield against Sunagakure, Konoha hired Takigakure’s forces to help them, and it did a lot.

The war hatred was temporarily subsided in front of Masahiko, no one dared to hinder the harmony, and celebrated with him.

Of course, people who don’t know what to say in these kinds of events will always exist. Unexpectedly, Kusagakure’s leader looked at Masahiko in the eye and wished him a hundred years of life. With a wave from Masahiko, Kenichiro kicked him out.

During the celebration, Masahiko stood up with a smile, “During my life, I have held many birthday feasts. The next one will be my 150th birthday. At the time, I will invite you all, and I hope you can come and celebrate again with me.”

This sentence shocked everyone, only Mito shook her head with a smile, which made Masahiko speechless.

“I will be there,” Kakuzu said. It seems he was confident in his methods of alternative eternal life.

Masahiko was only joking; he didn’t expect anyone to respond.

He nodded, “I hope you can live to that time.”

Afterward, the banquet began, and Masahiko was no longer interested in speaking.

The age on the status bar has become 47 years old, exactly the same age he discovered the secret of his system. More than fifty years passed, it seems as if he was reincarnated again. In addition to his enhanced strength, he seemed to have done a lot, but also to have done nothing.

In his mind, Masahiko’s memory for the first 48 years he lived here has become blurry. He can’t even remember the faces of his father and brothers anymore. However, the following fifty-two years were colorful, the extinguishing of the Kaguya Clan, destroying the Shiki Fuijin, establishing Konoha, witnessing the Battle of the Valley of the End, saving Tobirama, saving Kagami…

“So, I still did a lot of things after all…” Masahiko sighed emotionally.

The celebration went smoothly, and the visitors finally returned back to their countries, while some of the Uzumaki Clansmen stayed the clean up the place.

Masahiko remembered something and called Yuriko for clarification.

“Yuriko, is there a child named Nagato that was born in the past two years?”

Yuriko froze for a moment, “I don’t know, are you looking for him?”

Masahiko lied, “When I was in Mount Myoboku, the Great Sage Toad had a prophecy. He said that a genius will be born in our Village, called Uzumaki Nagato, and I’m going to personally guide him.

“Is that so? I’ll check.” Yuriko responded with excitement.

Two days later, the news shocked Masahiko.

“How could this be? Wait, is it because of me Nagato wasn’t born?”

“No… maybe he was born by other clansmen outside of the village?”

“Wait… we don’t have clansmen outside of the village…” Masahiko’s expression suddenly changed, “No way!”

“Sensei, what’s wrong? Maybe I just didn’t find him, or maybe he isn’t born yet.” Yuriko looked strangely at him.
Masahiko hesitated for a moment, then he looked at Yuriko in the eyes, “I can’t help but think that if he’s so talented, he should be a descendant of you, Yuriko.”

“I should find Yuna and bring her back.”

Yuriko froze for a moment, then immediately reacted, “Sensei, Nagato, will not be…”

Masahiko nodded, then flew to the sky, landed again at the Uzumaki’s armory room, and took the Chakra Shield bracelet left by Yuna, thinking it might be useful.

After wearing it, Masahiko went straight to the Land of Rain.

It’s rare for the Land of Rain not to rain, and many Shinobis were undergoing post-war reconstruction.

Masahiko looked for those houses, which were still intact, and checked them door to door.

Hiding his Chakra, Masahiko avoided all patrol ninja and roamed in the civilian area several times.

“No? Am I wrong?”

Masahiko looked dumbfounded, “That girl didn’t end up living as wench in a slum, right?”

Masahiko continued to sear, and after half an hour, he finally took a breath of relief.

“So they were here, huh? Her husband is just a civilian? She didn’t agree to marry Sakumo and choose a civilian instead. Why do geniuses always have to act weird?”

“I originally wanted you to give birth to Kakashi, but you gave me Nagato…”
However, the moment he saw little Nagato, Masahiko started feeling anxious.

“No wonder he didn’t show up in the Second World War, he was watching Nagato the entire time.” Masahiko frowned, “This Zetsu, I won’t feel relaxed until he’s dealt with.”

Masahiko gritted his teeth, then finally made up his mind.

“I don’t care if the plot collapses, this thing must be solved!”

“If I don’t take my chance now, I’ll regret it in a few years. And who knows, maybe Black Zetsu secretly has plans for me too.”

“It has nothing to do with Yuna. It just happened that the opportunity has come now…”

Masahiko made up his mind, he still hesitated a bit, but didn’t go to meet Yuna directly.

Masahiko took three special Shurikens that he didn’t use in a long time out of his sleeves. When he got stronger, he rarely used any of these skillful things, but now seemed to be the right time. He placed then the three around Yuna’s house, forming a triangle on the ground.

Masahiko flew to the sky, then opened his perception to its maximum range.

“Since I’m wearing this bracelet, Black Zetsu can’t perceive me. I can’t perceive him probably, but these Shurikens will help me react on time. As long as he dares to appear, I will kill him!” Masahiko murmured while closing his eyes in concentration.

“As for the Six Paths… Well, what happens will happen!”

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