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L.L.H: Chapter 142: The Three Single Dogs

“Sensei, Grandpa, see you later!”

With a happy face, Maito Dai, who was dressed up neatly, closed the door behind Masahiko and Kenichiro.

At the door, Masahiko and Kenichiro looked at each other, then suddenly sighed in unison.

After entering the truce, Konoha entered the wedding-prone segment. Although Konoha was in advantage on every battlefield, casualties cannot be avoided, so as soon as they signed the truce, “making more people” become Konoha’s first priority.

Masahiko received several wedding invitations. Basically, every clan, family, big or small, held a wedding or two, but all were ignored by him. Genuinely, Masahiko wasn’t interested in weddings.

But due to the curiosity in his heart of knowing the identity of Gai’s mother, he accompanied Kenichiro to attend Dai’s wedding.

The wedding wasn’t big, only Masahiko and Kenichiro were invited. But what disappointed Masahiko that Dai’s wife was just an ordinary civilian girl. Not only that, but the two looked the same.

“Kenichiro, even Dai find a wife for himself, why are you so ignorant.” Masahiko started.

Kenichiro’s bitter eyes made Masahiko feel a little impatient and thought that it was time to teach him a lesson about life.

“Sensei, do I have a teacher’s wife?” But Kenichiro punched back.

Masahiko’s face stiffened and immediately waved his hand, “You’re too young, so you don’t know. When I was young, females were all around me, but Sensei’s eyes were always aiming high, and didn’t look down at them…”

Kenichiro didn’t reply, but the scorn was evident in his eyes.

Masahiko’s face turned black, and just when he wanted to explain more, Nawaki came all swollen.

Masahiko looked at him and laughed, “What? You’ve got beaten again?”

Nawaki clenched his fist, and while gritting his teeth, he said, “If he wasn’t four years older than me, I wouldn’t have lost!”

“Great Grandpa, isn’t there any way for me to surpass him quickly?”

Masahiko smiled, shaking his head, “No, practice harder.”

The name of the person who beat Nawaki was Uchiha Fugaku, the legendary father of Sasuke.

The reason for beating him was easy to guess, it was, Uchiha Mikoto, Sasuke’s mother.

As one of the Senju Clan’s heirs, Nawaki had inherited Hashirama’s feelings for the Uchiha and fell in love with Uchiha Mikoto. Masahiko was speechless when he heard of this, and he didn’t know which side to sand on.

In terms of feelings, he, of course, stands on Nawaki’s side, but he was afraid that Fugaku then will not give birth to Itachi and Sasuke.

So for now, he decided to let it go naturally regardless of what’s gonna happen to Sasuke and Itachi. Kenji also didn’t seem like he minds this. After all, if this happens, and a girl from the Uchiha marry a Senju, their relationship will get stronger.

But the Uchiha didn’t like this, especially Fugaku, who beat Nawaki several times during this period, just to win Mikoto’s heart. Well, Masahiko didn’t like that, but he was happy to see Nawaki more serious.

“Nawaki, do you want to train with me?” Kenichiro clenched his fist as his spirit was set on fire.

“No, I’ll do it myself!” Nawaki quickly ran away.

Recently, because Dai was preparing for his wedding, Kenichiro was practicing solo, and he felt somewhat “lonely.” When Nawaki was beaten before, he was “tempted” by Kenichiro. And after a day of training, he almost collapsed and decided to never go again.

Watching Nawaki walking away, Masahiko sighed, “This kid always seems to suffer.”

Masahiko knew that he had saved his life, but he regretted not sending him to the battlefield under his supervision before. It would have helped to get him stronger.

Time passed by quickly, the truce was in April, and it has already been six months since Konoha’s “making people project” started, and it has finally come to an end.

What reassured Masahiko is that Sakumo has also married a wife, which isn’t surprising. The Hatake Clansmen were already a few people. And if Sakumo refused to get married, the elderly wouldn’t agree.

“Yuna…” Masahiko muttered softly, “That time, Yuna said that the short period is one year, and the long one is five years, but it has been more than four years, did something happen?”

Masahiko was very worried, as was Yuriko. During this time, he couldn’t help but send several members of the Uzumaki Patrol to look for her in secret.

Of course, their famous red hair was eye-catching, and their transformation skill wasn’t as good as Masahiko’s level. Thus, when they’re out, all the villages are alerted.

However, the news of the Uzumaki defeating Kumogakure and killing its Raikage was still roaming in the world, and no one dares to provoke them.

“Thinking about it, if the whole world heard about this battle, then why is no one calling me the God of Shinobi?” Masahiko was confused, “It’s better if they felt that the Uzumaki is unbeatable.”

He didn’t want to think about it. But the news of his unreliable character has also spread throughout the entire world. Why would anyone call him the God of Shinobi?

“Come on! There are 300 more!” Kenichiro shouted while supervising Nawaki’s training.

Maybe because Mikoto’s charm was infinite in Nawaki’s heart. But after he tried for several months on his own, he came to Kenichiro and asked him for special training, then… he ended up regretting it.

“Gre… G… Great… Gra… Grandpa, “Nawaki squeezed out these words, “Why… I can’t… learn your… Taijutsu.”

Masahiko smiled, “I’m a Gentle Fist user, and you’re not from the Hyuga Clan, how are you planning to learn it? You don’t have the talent like me.”

Nawaki was speechless.

After more than an hour, the sky darkened, and the training was finally over, while poor Nawaki was paralyzed on the ground.

“We will continue tomorrow!” Kenichiro’s words made Nawaki wish death.

Masahiko shook his head, “No, Nawaki will train alone tomorrow. We’re going back, Kenichiro.

Kenichiro was stunned, “Did something happen to the clan, Sensei?”

Masahiko smiled, “It’s almost the New Year, let’s go back to prepare for the celebration.”

“New Year?” Kenichiro looked dull, “Isn’t after two months?”

“I’m planning for a big event this year, we’re gonna prepare in advance.”

“Is it another mask festival?” Kenichiro seemed uninterested.

“No, it’s a formal celebration, held for me.”

Kenichiro got startled, so Masahiko explained, “Next year, Sensei will be 100 years old!”

He said, then sighed a little bit, he has been in this world for almost a hundred years.

“Really? Great Grandpa?” Out of curiosity, Nawaki stood up on his feet. It seems that Hashirama’s heart for the Uchiha is not the only thing he inherited.

“Why are you so surprised?” Masahiko shook his head, helplessly, “Your Grandpa, Mito, is sixty-six years old, and she calls me Second Grandpa!”

“Sensei…” Kenichiro gasped, “You’ve been single for a hundred years?!”

Masahiko’s face stiffened.

“Shut up!”

“No Way!” Nawaki’s eyes widened.

Masahiko sighed in his heart, “It’s actually one hundred and twenty-four years…”

Masahiko was so low, and glanced at the two of them again, “We’re all single dogs here, don’t laugh at each other!”

The sad atmosphere filled Konoha’s entire training ground.

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