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L.L.H: Chapter 141: The Truce Period

The Second Shinobi World War entered a sudden stagnated phase after Amegakure temporarily withdrew its forces and signed a truce agreement.

Compared to the original, Amegakure was sieged by one lesser village, Konoha; thus, the other two temporarily held their fire in a tacit agreement.

They needed to rearrange their cards and decide whether they still want to be hostile to Konoha, especially Kumogakure, whose weakness cannot be concealed. If they didn’t give most of their material to the Uzumaki for protection, Iwagakure would have long abandoned the idea of attaching Konoha and focused on them.

Masahiko helped the Legendary Sannin in Amegakure, and after getting his witness points, he flew straight back to Konoha and was ready to pay more attention to the “feelings” of Kushina and Minato.

However, nothing was different than the original. Kushina isn’t very cold to Minato. Masahiko wasn’t in a hurry when the hero saves the beauty, everything after that will happen naturally.

“Eh? Wait a second…” Masahiko seemed like he remembered something, “It was the Kumogakure who tried to kidnap Kushina in the Original. Will they still dare to do so?”

Masahiko sighed for a long time, “Step by step.”

A loud noise suddenly came from the outside.

“The heroes who saved us are back!” Cheers and cheers.

“So, they have come back?” Masahiko sighed emotionally. In the last few days, two troops came back from the battlefields, namely, the Legendary Sannin from Amegakure, and the Senju clansmen facing Iwagakure.

“It’s gonna get busy again.” Masahiko adjusted his clothes and walked out.
Not to greet those heroes, but to visit the Hospital.

“Tsunade, Grandpa, be there for you.”

With the return of these troops to Konoha, the Hospital will be full, and the medic ninjas are completely insufficient.

Masahiko was too lazy to join, but after watching Tsunade run out of Chakra after five straight days of work, collapse on the floor, then wake up again and continue treating injured people, he couldn’t help but offer a hand.

“Great Grandpa, you’re here.” Tsunade smiled wearily.

“There’s another wave, you go to rest. Grandpa will handle them!”

Tsunade shook her head, “I’ll wait and see if there are any serious injuries.”

Uh… now, this is embarrassing…

Masahiko’s face stiffened, when it comes to medical Ninjutsu, Masahiko was way behind compared to Tsunade. Mainly because this thing doesn’t appear in his status bar, it’s not an independent skill, and each attribute may have a little impact on it. If he wants to improve his medical Ninjutsu, Masahiko can only be patient and accumulate slowly. Of course, talent is a major aspect, but his can only be said to be… well, he will eventually improve.

Sure enough, shortly afterward, the injured Shinobi were sent to the Hospital.

On the streets, the villagers were still cheering for the return of the heroes. However, only a few people know what Konoha has paid for that victory.

Masahiko greeted them, and as soon as he opened his perception ability, he knew the general condition of the several wounded people. It can be said that this is the only aspect where Masahiko has an advantage over Tsunade in medical Ninjutsu.

“These simple treatments will do.”

“This is also… um? Kagami!” Masahiko was stunned for a moment; he didn’t expect Uchiha Kagami, the commander-in-chief, to come to the Hospital.

“Elder Masahiko,” Kagami greeted him.

Masahiko took his arm, then pulled his sleeve, revealing a large open wound.

“Sand and Iron?” Masahiko asked tentatively.

Kagami nodded, “It’s the Kekkei Genkai of the Third Kazekage.”

“If he managed to wound you, then he has got a lot stronger since he came to participate in the Jonin Exam!” Masahiko wondered.

“Elder Kagami, I’ll heal your wounds.” Tsunade walked over then took Kagami with her.

Masahiko continued to pick up the wounded, but the severe injuries were not that numerous compared to the first two waves.

“Is it because of the famous lethal poison of Sunagakure, that most of the injured has died, or is it because our forces had the upper hand?” Masahiko wondered, and finally selected a few seriously injured ninjas and entrustment them to Tsunade, as for the others, he treated them with the slugs, and just wrapped them up.

When they finally dealt with this wave, the sky was already dark, and the streets calmed down.

Tsunade came out of the operation room, all sweaty, and with a little Chakra inside her body.

Masahiko smiled, “Go and rest, Sannin-Sama…”

Tsunade smiled bitterly, “If it weren’t for you at that time, maybe none of us would have come back.”

During this time, Tsunade figured out that Masahiko has helped them secretly; after all, she knew that she didn’t have the required amount of Chakra to summon the Sage Slug.

After she said this, Tsunade left the Hospital and went home to rest. Masahiko didn’t go and walked toward a special ward.

“Grandpa, you’re here, did Tsunade go back to rest?” The person, who was tightly wrapped up in the bad, was the Senju Kenji, who returned from the battlefield of Iwagakure.

Masahiko nodded, “Yes, she went back.”

“I bet you’ve heard of the troops who came back from Sunagakure today. Uchiha Kagami only suffered a minor injury on his arm. But the Senju Patriarch suffered such a serious injury. Shameful, huh?”

Although his face was also wrapped up, Masahiko could clearly see that he was smiling bitterly.

“Well, Kagami doesn’t have a younger brother, who is 25 years old to look after!”

Masahiko shook his head with a smile.

As far as he knows, Senju Mishirama has done a lot of good performances, and he occasionally participated in major battlefields.

“So, he really forgot where he buried the exclusive tags?”

Wars are not always about power, and this is why every army has several kinds of divisions with different tasks. When Mishirama was still young, he joined the “Surprise Attack Division,” and a result, one of the kid’s talent was revealed.

He had a special way of using trap and hiding explosive tags that no one can find it. If you’re not perceptual Shinobi, you will differently stamp on one of these by mistake during the battle.

Therefore, he caused a lot of trouble to Iwagakura’s forces; after all, they’ve never dealt with people who could set traps like this.

However, whoever you are, if you’re not really careful, you will end up stamping on one of these, and when Konoha’s forces were retreating, Kenji…

“Grandpa, I’ve brought shame to my clan and my daughter,” Kenji said.

Masahiko shook his head, “It doesn’t mean that you’ve didn’t won that battle. And you shouldn’t feel ashamed, you should feel proud of your daughter, who has become so strong!”

Kenji nodded.

“Okay, I’ll leave now, you better rest,” Masahiko said, stood up, then walked out of the room.

At the door, Masahiko smiled and nodded at his wife, Mito, and Mishirama, who looked sad.

When Mishirama saw Masahiko, he cheered up a little.
“Grandpa, have you heard any news from Yuna?”

Masahiko shook his head, “You better take good care of your elder brother, trap boy.”

Hexa was holding a food box in her hand, it seems that they’ve come here to eat with him.

“Go in, I’ll join you too!”

Masahiko remembered that he didn’t have food at home.

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