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L.L.H: Chapter 140: The Legendary Sannin

Masahiko flew all the way to the Land of Rain.

As the name implies, the Land of Rain is a country where it rains all year round; its public security is also rigorous, making it very difficult to mix in.

But for Masahiko, it’s very easy. After all, most of the Ninja Villages don’t have an air defense system, including Amegakure.

The raindrops were big. The moment it falls on Masahiko’s head, it flows down directly on both sides of his body.

Masahiko glanced down, and there were broken buildings everywhere. Obviously, the battle with Konoha made this already barren land even more deserted.

“Kagura’s eyes!” Masahiko used one hand sign and closed his eyes, sensing his surroundings.

“There!” Masahiko narrowed his eyes, turned around, then flew toward the east.

Along the way, a lot of Konoha Shinobi were fleeing embarrassedly.

“The situation is not good…” Although he said so, Masahiko actually didn’t feel much urgency, since he knew the final result of this battle.

He came here just to gain witness points and act only against the possibility of Hanzo getting the upper hand.

“Although it’s unexpected how dared to offend Konoha and break the holding fire agreement, I still feel that things will be okay…” Masahiko sighed, then fastened up his pace slightly.

When he reached the battlefield, there was only Hanzo, then Legendary Sannin left.

Masahiko didn’t step forward, watching the Legendary Sannin fighting Hanzo, he felt that this was their battle.

“They grew a lot in the past two years.” After watching them for a while, Masahiko whispered.

Although all the three of them have made a magnificent improvement, Hanzo, who could face Hiruzen, wasn’t the kind of opponent they could beat currently.

“Fire Release: Exploding Flame Formation!”
(T/N: Fire Release: Exploding Flame Formation is a technique that was a specialty of Hanzo.)

Hanzo’s technique left Masahiko slightly surprised.

“This technique is a bit interesting. Adding the Fire Chakra Nature to the Explosive Tags enhances its explosive power.” Masahiko pondered, he really lacks this kind of “artful” Ninjutsu.

The explosive tags appeared on the ground under Tsunade’s feet, but Masahiko wasn’t nervous. He was sure that Jiraiya will come to rescue.

“Ninja Art: Needle Jizo!”

Jiraiya’s hair quickly changed into needles, then he wrapped it around his and Tsunade’s body, blocking the bombardment of the explosive tags.

“Jiraiya!’ Tsunade was worried.

Jiraiya quickly lifted the technique, shaking his head, then smiled, raising his thumb, “No problem!” Surely the hero successfully rescued the beauty’s booty.

Hiruzen didn’t stop there and rushed toward them with the Kusarigama in his hand.
(T/N: Kusarigama: Sickle with a chain. It’s Hanzo’s personal weapon.)

“Hidden Shadow Snake Hands!”

Orochimaru has also learned a series of snake-control Ninjutsu. Of course, the snake that appeared from his sleeves weren’t actually hidden as the name of the technique claims; they were summoned snakes.

The snakes directly bit Hanzo, but Masahiko in the distance was shaking his head.

The moment he was bit, Hanzo turned into water, then appeared behind Orochimaru.

“Heavenly Foot of Pain!”

Tsunade appeared in time and forced Hanzo to retreat with one terrifying kick.

The teamwork of these three was exceptional, and it has even made Masahiko nod with satisfaction.

“Teamwork and cooperation are very tacit. Otherwise, three S- wouldn’t hold their ground more than ten minutes against an S+.”

Masahiko didn’t shoot, but he wouldn’t just sit back and watch the three being beaten by Hanzo. He was waiting for an opportunity.

This time, Hanzo was planning on taking them seriously. He fell back, then took off his mask and bit his finger, and summoned Ibuse.

The three also bit their finger and summoned their bests. At that moment, Masahiko mobilized a large amount of his Chakra and channeled it into Tsunade’s summoning seal on the ground.

Instantly, the Legendary Sannin’s beasts appeared on the battlefield.

The young version of Gamabunta, the young version of Manda, and Tsunade’s…

“Orochimaru, you bastard, how dare you summons me into this nasty place…” Manda screamed.

Orochimaru didn’t pay attention to him, and looked at Tsunade aside, while his eyes flashing, “Tsunade, your Chakra volume has improved again!”

Tsunade was surprised for a moment, then looked at the slug under her feet while slightly stunned.

“Katsuyu-Sama, is this you?”

The slug under Tsunade’s feet was ten times the size of Manda and Gamabunta.

In the distance, Masahiko shook his head, “It wasn’t enough? I used 60% of my Chakra only to summon one-fifth of the Sage Slug?”

The Katusyu didn’t answer Tsunade. She was swearing deep inside at Masahiko. She didn’t want to help, but Masahiko begged her. Although she likes the wet environment, she actually hates this kind of rainy weather.

Tsunade didn’t ask again and excitedly said, “Alright! We can win this way!”

Obviously, when facing Hanzo, who could ace Hiruzen, Tsunade didn’t believe they win before.

“Hey, Katsuyu.” When Gamabunta was too young, he wasn’t embracing the gangster’s character yet, and politely greeted Katsuyu.

As for the idea of having to jump on the Slug Sage during and fight, Jiraiya felt slightly “disgusted.”

During this time, Hanzo didn’t do anything. He could perceive that when Tsunade used the summoning technique, a huge amount of Chakra was transmitted from the outside, and he was vigilantly looking around for the source.

“Body Flicker Technique!”

The Sage Slug obviously wanted to end this quickly, without waiting for Tsunade’s instructions; she took the initiative to spit out acid and stopped Hanzo’s movements.

Tsunade was surprised for a moment, and next to Orochimaru, she said, “Let’s go!”

Noticing how serious the situation was, Manda obeyed Orochimaru’s orders and besieged Hanzo together. At that time, Jiraiya’s halt came to an end and also continued to fight.

Masahiko, who was restoring his Chakra in the distance, kept watching the battle.

“Although it’s only one-fifth of the Sage Slug, I imagine it should be enough.”

But the battle was determined beyond his expectations, and Hanzo the Salamander proved that he was worthy of his Demi-God title.

“Water Release: Great Waterfall Technique!”

“Water Release: Water Dragon Bullet Technique!”

Under the enhancement of the Land of Rain’s environment, all the Water Release Ninjutsu became extremely overwhelming, and while Hanzo kept sneaks attacking them from the underground, the battle between the two sides was evenly matched.

“With Katsuyu, their level combined is barely SS-, it seems that the outcome is not yet determined.”

Masahiko wasn’t planning on assisting anymore, but next time, if needed, he’s gonna shout personally.

After half an hour, Tsunade couldn’t sustain keeping Katsuyu any longer, and had to be lifted. However, Hanzo also consumed a lot of his Chakra.

He’s an opponent that can match Sensei!” Tsunade said while gasping.

Hanzo was also out of breath as he was frowning at the three.

Tsunade’s Chakra was consumed a lot because of the Slug Sage, but Orochimaru and Jiraiya were in good condition. It estimated that if they carry on with the battle any longer, both sides will lose. And that huge Chakra Hanzo sensed before made him more cautious.

“No need to fight anymore.” Hanzo slowly put on the mask and lifted his summoning beast.

“Young Shinobis, it’s really impressive that you’ve managed to keep standing against me to this point!”

“From today onwards, I, Hanzo, hereby name you the Legendary Sannin of Konoha. There’s no need to continue this war!”

The Legendary Sannin looked at each other hesitantly, then nodded at each other. Mainly because even with Tsuande’s “extraordinarily move,” they didn’t have the upper hand, and it was very beneficial for Konoha to shake hands with such a worthy opponent.

In the distance, Masahiko took a deep breath as the familiar Chinese characters flashed before him: “Witness and Change the storyline of the Naruto World: The Naming of the Legendary Sannin. Reward 20(*5) Witness points.”

“Six hundred!”