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L.L.H: Chapter 138: Student Exchange Program

“Exchange student?” Sarutobi looked puzzled, and he looked like he didn’t understand what it means.

Masahiko nodded with a smile, “Yes. It’s a student exchange system between two schools. The goal is for everyone to communicate and make progress in helping each other!”

This was the method that Masahiko came up with to reasonably be able to send Kushina to Konoha. After he finally found Minato, he began to think about it. In the end, he thought that this was the best way.

Hiruzen kept quiet for a moment, “That is to say, this student exchange system will be applied between Konoha Ninja Academy and the Uzumaki Ninja Academy?”

“Yes, this will not only strengthen the relationship between Konoha and the Uzumaki but also will allow us to exchange advanced teaching methods with each other…” Masahiko explained endlessly.

Hiruzen seemed to be stunned for a long time, then he shook his head bitterly.

“Advanced teaching method…” Obviously, the teaching methods of the Uzumaki clan are not that viable.

Masahiko’s face stiffened, then he hurriedly nodded,” Yes, yes, I know. So which grades should we choose from?”

Masahiko hesitated, “I think we should only choose one from each grade for trial. And we don’t need to choose students who already graduating this year.”

Hiruzen sighed helplessly, then nodded in agreement, “Elder Masahiko, I will need some time to pick a few.”

Masahiko nodded, “Then I will go back too and choose a few… Also, don’t let Nawaki join the war. Although I’ve trained him a bit, he still not ready yet.”

Hiruzen nodded,” Relax, Elder Masahiko, Master Mito will not agree too.”

“Well, that’s fine, I’ll go back and pick the students then!”

“Elder Masahiko, wait a minute!” Hiruzen quickly stopped, looking flustered.

Masahiko knew at a glance that he wanted to ask about Danzo’s recent condition.

“He seems unstable… but more emotionally than physically, but I think you already know about that.”

Hiruzen looked confused at that moment, “Then why didn’t you try to stop him?”

Masahiko shook his head, “He’s the hero of Konoha now. I’m not in a hurry, as long as he doesn’t try to harm the village, I’m fine with it.”

“But I already warned him, if he dares to cause harm to the Senju, I will kill him personally!” Masahiko hesitated for a moment, then added, “The Uchiha too!”

Masahiko didn’t wait for Hiruzen’s reply and flew out directly to the Uzumaki Village.

The exchange student system was unexpectedly hindered by Nanako.

“Sensei, why are you sending Kushina to Konoha?”

Masahiko looked at Nanako dumbfoundedly. He was in a hurry to came up with the best plan to send Kushina to Konoha, but he didn’t stop for a moment to think about Nanako’s feelings or even consider Kushina’s wishes.

“I.. Was… Erm…” Masahiko’s voice was so hesitant it sounded like he was stuttering; he really didn’t know what to say.

Nanako noticed that, and he suddenly calmed down. She knew that Masahiko will cause Kushina no harm.

“Sensei, do you think Kushina would be better off in Konoha than stay in the Uzumaki?”

Masahiko sighed, then explained, “Who knows what good for her or bad? But I think since we’re doing this student exchange system, we should show our best side to Konoha.”

Ultimately, Masahiko chose such an explanation than telling the truth.

“In four or five years, Kushina will graduate and will come back to us. Konoha wouldn’t send an exchange student from the Uzumaki to fight their battles!”

Nanako seemed hesitant but still didn’t respond.

Masahiko was also feeling helpless. If her grandma won’t let her go, he wouldn’t simply force Kushina to go! However, her silence was enough for him to carry on with his plan. Masahiko personally selected a talented student from each grade and prepared to send them to Konoha in the second semester.

After the selection, Masahiko received a notice that Konoha has also sent the exchanged students’ list.

The first student’s name and information made Masahiko slightly happy.

“Sarutobi Shinnosuke, second grade. The Third Hokage’s elder son. Chakra Nature: Earth, Fire…”
(T/N: This is Hiruzen’s elder son, not Asuma, but Konohamaru’s father, who has not been mentioned in the Anime. The author chose the name Shinnosuke for him, which also the name of the protagonist of Crayon Shin-chan.)

Now things are really working his way.

“This is a gift from heaven!”

Masahiko ran quickly to find Nanako, and he directly gave her the file.

“Look, Hiruzen sent his son over, so we have to show our sincerity too! Kushina needs to go.”

Nanako shook her head, smiling, “Alas, Sensei…”

As she was peaking, Kushina rushed in.

“Grandpa, you’re here!”

Masahiko nodded with a smile, “Kushina, did you finish school already?” Kushina is now a first-year student in the Uzumaki Academy.

Kushina subconsciously shook her head, then she quickly nodded.

Masahiko couldn’t help but feel confused, “It’s only noon, why no one told me that school only takes half a day?”

Nanako next said helplessly, “Kushina, you’re skipping classes again.”

Kushina’s face turned red, “School is boring, and I’ve told you that I wanna go to Konoha…”

Masahiko didn’t expect Kushina to take the initiative to go to Konoha. Does she think that Konoha is a bit more lively?

Nanako sighed, then said: “Okay, I will let you go, but you can’t lose your temper in Konoha like you do here. Be careful, don’t…”

This sentence was followed by all kinds of grandmas’ nagging, which Masahiko didn’t pay any attention to.

After a while, Nanako finally felt satisfied.

Masahiko then smiled and said, “Why are you so hard on Kushina? Her character was exactly the same as you when you were a child. Don’t you remember that time when you splashed that pot of water on me?”

“Grandpa! You splashed a pot of water on Grandpa?” Kushina exclaimed.

Nanako recalled and couldn’t help but giggle, “Well, I didn’t know a lot of things back then. But I’m old now, I have to take care of Kushina, I don’t know how much of time is left for me.”

Masahiko was stunned, “Hey, don’t talk like this, you’re fine.” He said then quickly tried to shift this topic, which has started to feel heavy on his chest, “It’s settled then, Kushina will be sent as an exchange student to Konoha.”

Nanako no longer objected, and Masahiko sent the exchange list to Konoha.

Masahiko was relieved now that the plot finally got back on track.

“I should really give a burnt offering to the gods…” Masahiko scoffed as he was walking, then he took another glance at the exchange student list.

“First Grade, exchange student, Namikaze Minato?”

Masahiko’s face stiffened, is this some kind of a joke? He finally managed to send Kushina to Konoha, and now Hiruzen is sending Minato to the Uzumaki.

“No god, not like this…”

Two days later.

In the Hokage Building, Hiruzen was dealing with some affairs when suddenly an Anbu flashed in.

“Hokage-Sama, we have received a reply from the Uzumaki Village regarding the exchange student list!”

Hiruzen raised his head, “What did Elder Masahiko say?”

“He rejected one of the kids, first year, Namikaze Minato.”

Sarutobi was stunned, “Is there any problem with that kid?”

The Anbu hesitated before he slowly spoke, “Elder Masahiko replied with only two words…” The Anbu stopped for a moment, “Girlish Refused!”

Hiruzen’s face stiffened, “As I thought, that kid is too blondy, huh….”

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