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L.L.H: Chapter 137: The Fortune Stick

Part Two of Masahiko’s Substitute Hokage Career lasted only one month, then Hiruzen returned from the battlefield.

However, he returned with a dark face; Hiruzen really looked annoyed.

Masahiko greeted him with a smile, “What’s wrong? Who made you angry?”

Hiruzen sighed for a long time but didn’t say much.

Masahiko didn’t ask, but later, he heard the news.

Hiruzen left Konoha and went straight to the Land of Rain. He wanted to clear Amegakure out of the image since it was the smallest village, but he didn’t expect to be blocked completely.

Hiruzen joined the battlefield, and so Hanzo, the leader of Amegakure. Although Hiruzen had the upper hand against Hanzo, things didn’t go to the direction the latter expected.

Ibuse Hanzo’s summoning beast took advantage of this large-scale war, and even with Tsunade’s dioxides, Konoha suffered a lot of casualties. After fighting with him several times, Hiruzen also found it hard to deal with Hanzo.

In the end, Hiruzen couldn’t help but reach a hold fire agreement with Hanzo.

Although the two of them knew what the situation was like, the world saw it differently; everyone thought that Hanzo has “repelled” Hiruzen.

As the leader of a small village, who repelled the Hokage of the most powerful country among the five major villages in the Shinobi World, Hanzo became famous all over the world and was regarded as a sort of a hero by the villages. The name “Hanzo of the Salamander” has even spread throughout the world.

“Hiruzen should be really pissed off. He went all the way to the battlefield to become Hanzo’s stepping stone.” Masahiko laughed out loud.

“Great Grandpa, I succeeded!” Nawaki’s shout came from the distance, and Masahiko looked at him with a smile.

“You’ve finally succeeded? It took you a month, though, but it’s okay.” During this time, Masahiko decided to teach Nawaki the Rasengan.

“Let me see it.”

“Alright! Shadow Clone!”

The method that Nawaki used made Masahiko stunned.


The Rasengan quickly took form, and Nawaki pressed it directly on the wall beside.

Masahiko twitched his mouth, looking at the big hole in the wall and feeling a strange sense of familiarity.

“Nawaki, why did you hit the wall?”

Nawaki didn’t care really; he was grinning, exposing his front teeth.

“But, who taught you to use the Shadow Clone to perform the Rasengan?”

Nawaki scratched his head, “Great Grandpa, isn’t this easier?”

“Is that so…” Masahiko sighed in his heart, no wonder Tsunade felt that Naruto was like Nawaki, the two had a similar way of thinking.

“Great Grandpa, can I go to the battlefield now?” Nawaki learned a new “trick,” and he was obviously eager to try it again.

“So, you had another agreement with your friends?” Masahiko smiled.

Nawaki seemed embarrassed, “No, I’m going alone.”

Masahiko shook his head, “You still lack a lot of things. You need to sharpen your skills.” Recently, Masahiko gradually thought of this a lot. Nawaki was killed by a paper bomb. This kind of thing won’t be solved just by learning the Rasengan, Masahiko needed to teach him some combat experience.

Nawaki was disappointed, “How long will it take, Great Grandpa?”

Masahiko said firmly,” The battlefield isn’t a game, you are still young.”

Nawaki hesitated, “But many of the ten years old kids have already gone to the battlefield, and I’m the grandson of Senju Hashirama…”

Masahiko’s expression eased down; it seems that the fact that he’s the grandson of Senju Hashirama among the Senju Clansmen has put a lot of pressure on him.

“The battlefield will indeed hone your skill, but I will guide you, so you won’t miss anything. What you need now is the foundation, the very basics, not the actual combat. When the time is right, even if you don’t want to go, I will force you to go.”

Nawaki nodded, “But how long will it takes me to go to the battlefield, Great Grandpa?”
“A year, maybe two…”

Nawaki was stunned, “So long, the war will be over by then, don’t you think?”

“It’s better if it ends!”

Nawaki murmured, “Then how can I make a contribution of its end while I’m here, how will I become the Hokage…”

Masahiko felt shocked for a moment and remembered that Nawaki’s dream was to become the Hokage.

“Why do you want to become the Hokage?”

Nawaki looked up, “This village is a treasure left by Grandpa, and I want to protect it.

“A treasure left by Hashirama, huh?” Masahiko nodded, “Then protecting this treasure requires strength! I will not be easy on you in the next training!”

Nawaki nodded in agreement.

Masahiko decided to stay in Konoha again. He practiced his Gentle Fist every day and trained Nawaki. As for the Hyuga boys, the two kids have already joined the battlefield, which made Masahiko a little surprised.

“At this age, Hizashi should have already been deemed as a branch. But they still sent the two teenagers to the battlefield. What is the Hyuga Clan doing?” Masahiko didn’t know that the Hyuga Patriarch was struggling to decide who should be his successor; after all, the two were Masahiko’s disciples. Therefore he simply sent the two of them to that battlefield and decided to choose based on their performance.

The time has passed, and it was already September, the 30th years since the establishment of Konoha. When the Ninja Academy started again, Masahiko hurriedly went there early in the morning feeling that today is the day.

Sure enough, among the children, his eyes caught the back of a teenager with golden hair, Namikaze Minato!

Masahiko walked over with a smile and patted Minato’s shoulder.

Minato turned around in doubt, but also with a sunshine smile on his face, “Grandpa, do you need something?” He obviously didn’t know Masahiko.

Masahiko nodded, “Yes. Young Man, I’m surprised to see that you have such a strong body, you will be a great Shinobi in the future. I have a great cheat that you can call a Ninjutsu for you. But I won’t charge you any money, you can take it for free!”

Masahiko said, then took out a folded crumpled piece of paper from his sleeves and handed it to Minato.

“Remember, this a cheat, and it must stay secret, you can’t open it in front of anyone!” Masahiko added.

Minato seemed doubtful, but he couldn’t just ignore him, “Thank you, Grandpa!”

Masahiko nodded with a smile, “You’re really polite, good boy.” He turned then and left.

The admission ceremony continued, but Masahiko didn’t pay any attention to it. Of course, he wouldn’t record the Flying Thunder God Technique on that paper, at this age, Minato couldn’t learn it, so…

Minato followed his new teacher in charge of his class, then met his new classmates, and listened to his teacher explaining the history of the Shinobi World and some Ninjutsu basic knowledge.
But he somehow couldn’t get rid of Masahiko’s image, which was popping in his mind every time, reminding him of that secret Ninjutsu that Masahiko has given him.

Noticing that no one was paying attention to him after turning left and right, Minato secretly took out the “Cheat” and opened it.

“You will grow to become a very talented ninja, but the name Namikaze Minato might give you a lot of troubles in the future, boy, change your name!”

The excited expression on Minato’s face stiffened. He looked at it several times, but he didn’t see any Ninjutsu.

“Is this some fortune stick?” Minato seemed disappointed.

“Namikaze Minato over there, what was I saying just now?”

Minato got startled and stood up, “I’m sorry, Sensei, I’ve spaced out for a moment.”

“Sit down and pay more attention!”

Therefore, on the first day of school, Minato gave his teacher the wrong impression of him.

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