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L.L.H: Chapter 136: The Critical Situation

Masahiko carefully inspected Danzo’s injury and frowned slightly.

“Who took care of his wounds? He’s already treated, I can’t do anything else.” Masahiko wasn’t good at medical Ninjutsu, but he picked up some things after so many years. He could level it up, but with the Katsuyu, it wasn’t necessary.

“It was Utatane.” Hiruzen responded.

“Utatane?” Masahiko was shocked, and the face of an old lady with a cold dead expression flashed in his memory, “I didn’t expect her medical Ninjutsu to be this good.”

Masahiko sighed, then shook his head, “Ask Tsunade to come and see him, she will help him heal quicker.”

Although she’s only 21 years old, Tsunade gradually gained the title, Princess of the Slug. She has rescued and healed the wounded in every battlefield and became trusted by everyone in Konoha.

However, Danzo was seriously injured; his right eyes should be already blind. The injury on the right side of his body will also cause him a permanent decline in his strength. I’m afraid he has no hope in training his Wind Release to LV8. Although Masahiko said that he should ask Tsunade to help him, he actually believed that these wounds cannot be treated.

Hiruzen shook his head, “The situation in Amegakure is critical, and Tsunade can’t come back.”

Masahiko sighed, “Here we go again.” Masahiko smiled then said, “How critical is the situation?”

When he saw Masahiko’s expression, Hiruzen was slightly stunned. However, he kept the act and said: “Danzo is injured. I had to send Kagami to lead the team in Sunagakure. In Amegakure, only Orochimaru was experienced enough to lead. Yet the situation is so critical, and the villager leader, Hanzo, didn’t make his move yet.”

Masahiko frowned, “You sent Kagami to Sunagakure because of Danzo’s injury?” Masahiko didn’t know about this.

Hiruzen suddenly stupefied, “No, ah, Danzo got injured, but the Second Kazekage died in the battle! Sakumo is also over there.”

Sarutobi shook his head helplessly, “However, after they have selected the Third Kazekage, the battle will become fiercer. I can’t rest assured with only Sakumo over there.”

Masahiko hesitated.

Noticing that, Sarutobi secretly rejoiced.

“Also, the situation at Iwagakure’s side is a bit unfavorable to us. Although there are the Senju and the Hyuga, none of them could handle the Dust Release. After all, the Dust Release is such a strong Ninjutsu, I’m sure you know that.” Hiruzen said, then patted Masahiko’s shoulder.

But when it came to this, Masahiko no longer hesitated. Everything Hiruzen mentioned was to exaggerate the disadvantage of Konoha. If that was the case, Konoha would have been defeated in the original.

“If that is the case, why don’t you go to the battlefield personally?” Masahiko said with a smile.

Hiruzen’s face stiffened, “Elder Masahiko, I still have to stay in Konoha to prevent others from attacking our village.”

Masahiko smiled, “it’s okay, I’ll stay in Konoha for a while, you go!”


One day later, Masahiko sent Hiruzen to the battlefield, and the life of the “Substitute Hokage” started again.

The first thing he has done as the Substitute Hokage is to issue the arrangement of the new graduates of the Ninja Academy, whether to transport them to various sides of the battlefield or to distribute them to the various departments that lacked people in Konoha. It must all be decided by Masahiko; however, he was willing also to respect the wishes of the kids.

“Uchiha Mikoto applied to help in Konoha Hospital. Masahiko looked at the file in his hand, feeling slightly stunned.

“Uchiha Mikoto has already graduated? Konoha Hospital…” Masahiko stroke with his pen, a big check symbol! You will surely need those skills when your kid decides to kill you all…

After flipping through a few documents, Masahiko felt stunned; none of them applied to the battlefield. This group of kids…

Masahiko froze a little; he remembered that during the Third War in the original. After graduation, the Hokage sent them directly to the battlefield.

“Although he called it a critical situation… Sure enough, Hiruzen thought this through, he really was trying to deceive me into helping.” Masahiko smiled slightly. He was really amazed at how much he grew in such a short period.

After reading through to the end, Masahiko finally found a person who applied to go the battlefield.

“Applying to go to the battlefield? Finally, one brave kid!” Masahiko looked down to read the applicant’s name, “Senju Nawaki!”

Masahiko yelled decisively, “No!”

Masahiko still remembers how Nawaki died in Amegakure on the battlefield after graduation. He might be thinking of finding his sister there, but Masahiko knew for sure that he’s going to die…

Nawaki’s talent can be regarded as high, but it’s not really remarkable, and much worse than everyone’s expectations. He is still eleven years old, and he has just graduated from the Ninja Academy, which is still worse than geniuses who graduated at the age of seven and eight.

Masahiko thought that after he disapproved, Nawaki will just drop the idea, but unexpectedly, he came over to find him.

“Grandpa, why don’t you let me go to the battlefield?”

Masahiko looked at the frustrated Nawaki before him, and couldn’t help but sigh helplessly.

“What will you do when you go to the battlefield? And does Mito know about this?”

Nawaki shouted, “Grandma agreed!”

“She wouldn’t if she knew…” Masahiko whispered, “You have just graduated, you lack strength and experience, just wait for your time.”

But I made an agreement with several classmates to go to the battlefield together!” Nawaki said.

Masahiko was surprised, and couldn’t help but feel sorry for him.

He picked up a pile of documents on the table, then handed it to Nawaki.

The more he looked, the more Nawaki seemed frustrated, “They didn’t apply, these cowards… Even Mikoto didn’t apply either.”

Masahiko was stunned, he felt that something was wrong, but he didn’t think much about it. “I’m going to stay in Konoha for a while. Stay, and I will teach you some Ninjutsu during this time.”

Although he still felt frustrated, Nanawki didn’t oppose it, he nodded, then left.

Masahiko breathed a sigh of relief, and suddenly he felt like he had missed the opportunity to gain some witness points.

“If I sent Nawaki to the battlefield, and followed him secretly, then saved him, I would have gained a lot of witness points.”

Masahiko pondered while shaking his head with a wry smile. Granting for witness points was really driving him crazy.

“If this is the case, I might as well kill Hiruzen, maybe I will get five hundred points or even one thousand points from that!”

“Maybe kill him with the Sexy Technique? He will definitely die by Exsanguinations!”

While thinking about this, someone knocked on his door.

Masahiko was stunned and slightly sensitive with a strange look on his face. It seems he was busted as soon as he wanted to do bad things, “Come in!”

Danzo, who was dressed the same way he did in the Original, walked in with a cane and greeted Masahiko.

Masahiko smiled, “Welcome, The Hero of Konoha!”

Danzo was silent for a while, “Elder Masahiko, my body…”

Masahiko shook his head, “I can’t fix it, but you can.”

The expression on Danzo’s face changed, then he pondered silently.

Masahiko sighed, “You’re trying to hide it, but I can see it. Stop thinking about protecting the village from your allies. Especially the Senju and the Uchiha. Just heal your wounds and redeem your place!”

Danzo nodded and went out.

“I hope he can restrain his heart, and don’t take the same road he did in the original, because if that happens, I will end up killing the hero of Konoha… Well, as long as I’m around, he wouldn’t dare!”

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