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L.L.H Chapter 158: The Handsome Hero

In the crystal ball, Minato finally caught up with ‘Kumogakure’s Shinobi.’ And after several confrontations, he successfully defeated the other party and saved the beauty’s future booty… This was Masahiko’s imagination… Not the booty but the entire scene.

In fact, the reality wasn’t that different, it’s just that Minato didn’t defeat the other guy, he chased him to the desert, but the latter escaped.

“If Minato couldn’t catch up to him, then he should be a Jonin. That kind of standards….” Masahiko twitched his lips, watching that guy escaping in the crystal ball. However, Minato saved Kushina and finally said the words, “Because I didn’t want to lose you.” After she asked, “Why did you come this time?”

“Although Kushina and Minato are finally together, why do I feel like I want to hit someone?” Masahiko sighed inside the wall while looking at Hiruzen and Danzo, “Maan, one day as a black man and I already hate you white people…”

“As I thought, Kushina is suitable to be the Kyuubi’s Jinchuriki, do you want to proceed with the plan?”

The two start discussing the matter which Masahiko has already guessed.

For a while, Hiruzen sighed, “Danzo, let’s think about how to explain this to Elder Masahiko, I don’t think we can hide it from him.”

Danzo frowned, “We can hide it for a while. We should wait until the two of them have a better relationship. Elder Masahiko cannot break them up after that, right?”

“What if we can’t hide it?”

“Well, then we will…” Danzo’s words suddenly got cut short, feeling that something was wrong, and with a confused and pale expression, he turned his head stiffly.

The question just now was asked by Masahiko.

“Tell me, how are you planning to hide this from me?” Masahiko smiled wryly.

Danzo restrained himself quickly, “Elder Masahiko, when did you come? Just now, a ninja from Kumogakure wanted to kidnap Uzumaki Kushina, but she was successfully rescued by her classmate Namikaze Minato.

“Oh, is that so?” Masahiko nodded and smiled at Danzo. He didn’t expect that he would still have the ability to talk nonsense while looking into his eyes.

“What about the Ninja from Kumogakure? Did you catch him?” Masahiko asked.

Danzo frowned, then shook his head, “Unfortunately, he ran away.”

Masahiko glanced at Hiruzen and sighed, “You should strengthen the patrolling guard forces of the village, Hiruzen.”

Hiruzen kept nodding again and again.

Masahiko didn’t say much, he turned around and walked out, what they did actually helped him, so he didn’t feel like pushing this topic forward anymore. However, he wasn’t planning on letting this one slide.

However, at the door, Masahiko turned around and said, “Kushina will never become the Kyuubi’s Jinchuriki unless she volunteers!”

Throwing out this sentence, Masahiko left straight to see Kushina and Minato’s situation regardless of the bitter smiles these two ‘scheming foxes’ were having in the Hokage Office.

The place in the crystal ball was familiar, it should be a forest in the southwest side of Konoha. Sure enough, when he reached the place, Masahiko sensed two Chakra reactions there.

He didn’t hide and went straight toward them. The moment Kushian saw him, she rejoiced, but Minato’s reaction was faster than her, “The fortune stick’s old man?”

Masahiko’s face turned pale, “What did he just call me?”

“Grandpa!” Kushina shouted, then ran over.

After listening to Kushina a bit, Masahiko turned his attention to Minato.

When Kushina shouted Grandpa, Minato’s expression became weirder.

“Are you Kushina’s grandfather? Then you’re, Elder Uzumaki Masahiko?”

The moment Masahiko nodded, Minato suddenly pondered.

“The student exchange system…” Minato whispered.

Masahiko suddenly became embarrassed and started cursing Hiruzen inside his heart. Couldn’t he give him any random reason? Why did he tell him that he was rejected because he’s too girlish…?

Obviously, Masahiko was gonna blame someone else, “What’s the matter? The approval of the exchanged students applications is the responsibility of my disciple Uzumaki Yuriko, is there any problem?”

Minato was stunned, and nodded, “Oh, well…” But he certainly didn’t believe him.

Kushina looked left and right, then gently pushed Masahiko, “Grandpa, are you bullying Minato?”

Masahiko reluctantly covered his forehead, feeling that he was quickly pushed out of the picture, but he was still happy to see this.

“How is it possible?” Masahiko decisively denied.

Then turned to Minato and asked the question seriously.

“How did you know where to find Kushina when she got kidnapped?”

Thinking about it, the kidnapper of Kushina this time should be a member of the Anbu. The strength is at least a Jonin. He’s on a different level from the Kumogakure Shinobi, who kidnapped her in the original, and he wouldn’t give her the opportunity to use her hair as a tail.

Minato froze for a moment and said, “I was practicing there before, and the man passed right beside me carrying Kushina…” Minato said, then frowned, obviously there was something wrong.

Masahiko noticed Minato’s contemplation, but he didn’t explain, it’s better if he didn’t know anything about this or his plan of the handsome hero saving the beauty.

“It seems that Hiruzen and Danzo have really taken their time planning for this, interesting…” Masahiko shook his head, “Let’s go, in order to thank you for saving our Kushina, I will invite you to a barbecue.”

The two kids followed as Masahiko took them to the 30 years-old Akimichi restaurant.

Unexpectedly, he found the Legendary Sannin there.

“Old Devil!” Jiraiya shouted.

Ignoring him, Masahiko smiled at Tsunade, who had messy eyes, “What’s wrong, who bothered our princess?”

Masahiko asked without waiting for Tsunade to speak, then he suddenly felt a cold chill on the back of his neck. He turned to find Orochimaru staring at him.

“Damn it, as expected, now that his parents are dead, he’s more interested in researches…”

The moment Masahiko glared at him, Orochimaru lowered his head and said hoarsely, “Elder, just now, that idiot has confessed his love to Tsunade for the first time…”

Masahiko froze for a moment, then smiled, and pointed at Jiraiya, “With this appearance…”

Masahiko didn’t finish his sentence, then he closed his eyes and shook his head, making Jiraiya even more miserable.

“Old Devil, you…”

“All right,” Masahiko waved, “Since I’m here, I will treat you all to a meal.”

Only then the three noticed the two children behind Masahiko, Tsunade was naturally familiar with Kushina and greeted her with a smile. Minato looked at Jiraiya and Orochimaru… and didn’t feel like they were good people, so he sat down close to Masahiko.

“Old devil, watch me eat until you’re poor!”

Masahiko shook his head helplessly; he was twenty-five years old, but he acts as if he didn’t grow up a day since they first met.

“Wait, twenty-five?” Masahiko thought, “Isn’t Tsunade twenty-five too? What happened to Kato? Is he dead?”

Well, she doesn’t seem sad, so maybe she didn’t meet him yet since Masahiko recalls that Kato died when Tsunade was twenty-five years old in the original…

“Is it because the course of the war is different?” Masahiko couldn’t remember when or how Tsunade fell in love with Kato.

“In this way, Jiraiya should have a chance…” Masahiko then turned to Tsunade and wanted to ask, “Do you want to give him a chance?” But upon seeing Jiraiya eating stupidity, he shook his head.

“Sorry, you’re not handsome enough to save the beauty’s current booty…”

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