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L.L.H Chapter 116: Jonin Test

Time flies, and it’s been a month since the first time the Gentle Fist skill appeared on Masahiko’s status bar.

Gentle Fist : LV3 (61000/100000)

“The progress is quite fast, and it’s not affected by age at all, even though I didn’t practice it every day.”

During this time, Masahiko seemed more like those elderlies who practiced Tai Chi in his previous life. He will get up early in the morning and practice his routine twice, then he will feel inexplicably comfortable.

“Alas, I thought that when I level up my Gentle Fist Skill, I will be able to learn the secret moves on my own. It turned out that I was naïve, or did I not reach the required level?”

Looking at the twins in front of Masahiko, who were practicing Gentle Fist, Masahiko smiled and said, “Have your Grandpa talked to you about the proficient degree that you need to reach before learning the Hyuga secrets Ninjutsu?”

The two looked at each other, then shook their heads.

Masahiko sighed; it seems the twins haven’t been taught anything yet.

Looking at the sky, it was almost dark…

“It’s been a month and a half since I came to Konoha. When will they choose the next Hokage? Damn, why it so hard to get witness points?” Masahiko sighed while waving to the twins.

Watching them walking away, Masahiko felt that this month and a half was a waste of time. He indeed grew stronger because of the slight progress of the Gentle Fist training, but Masahiko couldn’t bear waiting any longer.

Masahiko is too lazy to go to the Hokage office, so he just waited for Tobirama to come home.

It might be because of the Task Review Office that Masahiko has established before, or it may be because the war was over, either way, the Hokage didn’t have a lot of things to do these days. Therefore, the sun hasn’t been completely set yet, but Tobirama already came back home.

“Tobirama, come here.”

Masahiko didn’t go out much these days, and he discovered another usage of his LV8 Wind Release, which can accurately convey his voice for a certain distance and emit it inside the other’s ears.

Tobirama froze for a moment, he couldn’t see him anywhere, but it seems that Masahiko was calling for him.

“Second Grandpa, are you looking for me?”

Masahiko nodded, “I have been here for more than a month, haven’t you decided who will be the next Hokage?”

“I can’t decide this by myself. I’ve also considered your advice, so two years from now, we will hold an election.” Tobirama replied

Masahiko’s face turned pale. Although he finally decided not to back up Danzo, it seems that Masahiko will have wait two more years.

“It’s really hard to get witness points these days…” Masahiko sighed and planned to go back to the Uzumaki Village first. Otherwise, he might become a kindergartner teacher in Konoha.

All the big clans in Konoha heard that Masahiko accepted two Hyuga children as his apprentices, so they’re now trying to offer him some of their children too.

“If that’s the case, then I will go back first and wait until the election.” Masahiko shook his head and said.

Tobirama quickly responded, “You’re leaving so soon?”

“Ah, yes, If I stay any longer, I will end up opening a private Kindergartner class here in Konoha.”

Tobirama smiled awkwardly, “I’ve heard about it too. You’ve accepted the two boys from the Hyuga Clan as your disciples, right?”

“No, it’s just to pass these boring times. By the way, you should consider learning the Gentle Fist technique. It’s good for old men…”

“Old man?” Tobirama sighed bitterly.

“Things will get exciting here in Konoha, don’t you want to stay here and see it?”

Masahiko got shocked, “Exciting?”

Tobirama then took out a scroll from sleeves and gave it to Masahiko. The scroll is an announcement for a Joint Jonin Exam!

“Is there such a thing? I would understand if it was a joint Chunin Exam between villages, but isn’t the Jonin is usually chosen by their performance and completion of various difficult tasks?”

Tobirama nodded, “Yes, originally they’re evaluated by the Hokage, but in the past two years, we couldn’t produce good Shinobi because of the lack of tasks, and the war…”

Masahiko shook his head, “The war has just ended, and you’re already trying to scare other villages? But can you be sure that Konoha will win this exam? Their Shinobi has also tempered in battles. There are maybe some 30 to 40 years old Shinobi who never get promotion but always participated in battles, this kind of enemies will be the hardest to deal with.”

“It doesn’t matter, Grandpa, we have two prominent candidates, who have been taught by Hiruzen. They only need to get a little bit stronger, then they will be ready next year for the exam.”
“Only two?” Masahiko was surprised.

“Orochimaru has already become a Jonin not a long time ago.” Speaking of this, Tobirama shook his head with regret.

“So it’s only Tsunade and Jiraiya? They will be 16 years old next year, can you ensure their victory?”

Tobirama looked around, then whispered, “Well, the exam will be held in Konoha, so maybe we can prepare something in advance. I hope that you will stay and help.”

Masahiko gasped, and then he smiled helplessly, “So, you mean…? Cheating?”

Tobirama shook his head, “No, we will just add small insurance. I thought we should promote a certain Genin to the Chunin ranks, then let him participate in this exam, just to ensure that one of ours will be the winner…”

“Wait, why would you do that?!” Masahiko gasped again, “Maito Dai?” Masahiko has also met Kenichiro and his ‘uncle’ several times, these days. That dude is 18 years old but he looks like 30 years old… He’s still a Genin. Kenichiro said that Dai never been able to pass the written test because it had a lot of questions about the basic knowledge of cells that Tobirama has added.

Tobirama nodded, “Yes, it seems you already know about him too. If it wasn’t for your disciple, Kenichiro, I would have never noticed him.”

“Well, these are counted as multiple ‘insurance…’ then, which countries are you planning to invite?” Masahiko nodded, revealing his interest.

“Well, I’m inviting Sunagakure, Kirigakure, Yugakure, Amegakure…” Tobirama listed a lot of villages.

“These are a lot of villages!”

“Not all of them will agree, but an invitation is still required. In short, except for Komogakure and Iwagakure, I’m gonna send invitations for everyone, and the time will be fixed on March 25th.” Tobirama replied.

“Well, you’re not lying… this is gonna be exciting. I also want the Uzumaki to participate. Before the exam, I will go back to the clan, and find some talented young people to promote them to Jonin.” Masahiko responded with a smile.
Tobirama nodded without objection.

“So, you’re gonna be busy, Tobirama. But this Grandpa got a little bit excited, tell me more! What kind of test will it be? How many rounds?”

“There will be two rounds. The First is the written test to see how they handle unexpected emergencies during test. The second is actual combat assessment, and comprehensive evaluation. For now, the judges will be me and the Kages or elders from the major participating villages.”

“Awesome!” Masahiko seemed enthusiastic. “I remember that I’ve done a written test before for the selection of my three disciples. I really miss those days…”

Tobirama hesitated a bit but didn’t have any choice looking at Masahiko’s sad expression, “Second Grandpa, I will ask you to help with the questions of the first round, but… don’t make it too difficult for the kids.”

“You’ve seen the work of your Grandpa before, you can rest assured!”

Tobirama sighed and suddenly started regretting saying this.

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