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L.L.H Chapter 48: Hiruzen Sarutobi And Danzo Shimura

A month later.

The Senju’s Fist Training Ground.

“Sage Art: Lava Release: Rasenshuriken!”

The Rasenshuriken hit its target, but Masahiko didn’t turn his head to look; a real man will never look back to see the explosion…

In the past month, Masahiko has stabilized his appearance as a 53-year-old guy and finally managed to convince his three disciples.

Masahiko’s life wasn’t completely idle, he does some little stuff here and there. The previous event with the Shinigami, grant him 80 points, Masahiko added 28 points to earth attribute, and finally fused it with fire, creating the lava release. Then he added another 20 points to Yang attribute, which enhanced his physical abilities and increased his Chakra.

The remaining 32 points are kept by Masahiko for later use, ready to develop the Dust Release…

The breeze blew through Masahiko’s face, with someone suddenly appearing next to Masahiko.

“Second Grandpa, my older brother requests your attendance…” Tobirama words got cut off short.

“Your big brother calls me?” Masahiko said as he turned to look at Tobirama.

“Hey… What happened to the training ground?” Masahiko acted like he was innocent; The ground behind him got smoldered from his technique earlier.

“This kind of power is enough to break Madara’s LV2 Susanoo… But now I’m really afraid that he had already awakened his Eternals, I feel like I’m always one step behind…” Masahiko said.

“I’m going to find your brother!” Masahiko then turned, leaving the desolated ground to Tobirama.

Masahiko arrived at the Senju Assembly Hall, Hashirama was already waiting for him there.

Masahiko snorted, then said, “Are you preparing to leave Hashirama? Going alone?”

He nodded, “Yes, my visit has already got delayed for a month, and it cannot be delayed anymore.”

“Do you want me to go with you?” Masahiko asked.

“Oh…” Hashirama hesitated, “I want you to go with me, but this gonna be considered as a statement from the Uzumaki to the other clans. Thus, I will understand if you’re willing to refuse my invitation.”

Masahiko thought about that for a while, and asked: “Which Clan are you going to visit first?”

“The Sarutobi clan, we already cooperated before, it will be smoother to go to them first.”

“The Sarutobi…” Masahiko suddenly recalled the time when he met Sasuke Sarutobi 9 years ago.

“At this time, maybe the Third Hokage is already born there…” Masahiko murmured, then he said, “Okay, I’ll go with you.”

Masahiko packed his stuff, then Hashirama and Masahiko started their journey with three small figures tailing them in the rear.

This is was the first time for his three disciples to leave the Uzumaki Village, and now they are reluctant to go back. Thus, they wanted to follow Masahiko.

When they arrived at the Sarutobi family, everything was smoother than expected. Because the previous patriarch of The Sarutobi Clan has been replaced by the new patriarch, 22-years old, Sasuke Sarutobi.

He’s called the “Hope of the Sarutobi.” At the age of 22, he already reached the peak of the Jonin level. If he gets even stronger and reaches the Patriarch Level, then the Sarutobi will no longer be considered as a medium clan in terms of strength.

Sasuke Sarutobi is very respectful toward Masahiko; he even calls him ‘Sensei.’ After he heard Hashirama’s proposal, even though he hesitated at first, after he agreed, Sasuke has even offered to help Hashirama to convince the other clans.

The atmosphere became calm for a while, Masahiko then smirked, and turned to his three disciples saying, “Come, say hello to your Senpai!”

Then after that, Masahiko introduces his disciples to Sasuke, “This is the second disciples, Nanako.” He pointed at her.

” This is the third disciples, Yuriko.”

“Hum…” Masahiko laughed then pointed at Kenichiro with a smile, “The White Dragon Horse, Kenichiro…”

(T/N: The White Dragon Horse, a reference from “Journey to the West” is ordained as the “Great Strength Bodhisattva of the Eight Heavenly Sections” and “Dragon Horse of the Eight Heavenly Sections.”)

“The Monkey King, Tripitaka, Pigsy, Sandy, and the White Dragon Horse have finally gathered up!”

(T/N: The Monkey King, Tripitaka, Pigsy, Sandy, and the White Dragon Horse are the main characters of the novel ‘Journey to the West.’)

“Our team is finally assembled; we can start our journey to the west to spread the Sutra.”

Yuriko and Kenichiro looked at each other, and Nanako rolled his eyes and let out a sigh. Then she said, “Sasuke-Senpai, don’t mind what teacher said, he’s getting older…”

Sasuke then burst into laughter. Then he became more serious and asked, “Sensei, can I teach others the technique you gave me 9 years ago?”

“Teach it? Although Masahiko didn’t rely on the Rasengan anymore, he didn’t want anyone to pass on Naruto’s signature Ninjutsu to future generations.

“My son, Hiruzen.” Sasuke said while smiling, “He’s just four years old. I’ve checked his chakra attribute, and he has all the five of them by nature. He will definitely surpass me and become a great ninja.”

“The third Hokage is four years old now, there are still 5 years remaining until the establishment of Konoha…” Masahiko kept thinking and got lost in his thoughts, while Sasuke waited for his answer.

He noticed that and answered quickly: “Ah, yes, yes!” Masahiko kept saying that until the disappointment on Sasuke’s face got wiped out.

Things returned clear and clam, and Hashirama explained his idea of the village to Sasuke. Hashirama envisioned a beautiful future ahead.

Although Sasuke is not an idealist like Hashirama, he believed in the latter’s power, and said, “Patriarch Hashirama, I will help you convince my allies to join your cause, the Shimura family won’t have a problem with this. And the others will most likely agree. Because for small Clans like us surviving in this warring states period is the most important thing, and joining hands with you will grant them that wish.”

Sasuke then looked at Masahiko, “Now, the patriarch of the Shimura, Ken will definitely agree.”

Masahiko thought to himself, “Shimura Ken, will also have a son at the same age as Hiruzen…”

Sasuke got surprised, “How did you know? Yes, he has a son, his name is Danzo Shimura. But his talent is not as remarkable as my son, he only has wind attribute.” Sasuke said this with a proud expression.

Masahiko sighed, “Your two sons will become one of the most influential figures in the world…”

Sasuke looked joyful, “I hope so, Sensei!”

After that, Sasuke and Hashirama discussed their next step, while Masahiko and his disciples are waiting on the side, listened boringly.

At the end of the discussion, Masahiko said, “Hashirama, I will take my disciples back to the Uzumaki, I can’t join you for the rest.”

Masahiko didn’t want to join Hashirama any further because there’s basically no witness points to get from this, and there was some urgency in Masahiko’s heart.

Now that Madara has awakened his Eternals, he’s afraid that he has to face him again sometimes in the future. With his current strength, Madara will mop the floor with Masahiko. He wants to quickly get back home and train. There are still five years left until the establishment of Konoha, he will at least need four years of preparation for the next battle.

When Hashirama heard that Masahiko is going to leave, he got stunned. At first, Masahiko looked so excited. He didn’t expect Masahiko to leave this quickly.

“Second Grandpa, your body…” Hashirama thought for a moment.

Masahiko rolled his eyes, “My body is okay, don’t worry. And besides, I am still the great elder of the Uzumaki. There are many things in the clan that I have to deal with.”

Hashirama didn’t believe what Masahiko has said, but he didn’t stop him.

“Sensei, I hope that the next time I see you, it will be in our common village,” Sasuke said.

Masahiko nodded, then turned away with his three disciples who didn’t look happy to go back so early.

A for the 4-year-old Hiruzen, Masahiko didn’t bother to see him, because after five years… he will see him everyday…

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