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L.L.H Chapter 46: The Battle of The Soul

At that moment, Masahiko fell on the ground.

Although it wasn’t a normal thing for him to lose strength and fall on the ground, Masahiko knew that it had nothing to do with the draining of the vitality nonsense that Tobirama was talking about…
“Did I use a lot of Chakra?” This is his last thought he had before he went unconscious.

The Battlefield of the Valley of the Wind.

After Masahiko fell, his disciples burst into tears.

Hashirama shook his head and said, “Second Grandpa, you’re already on your way to the other side, and the Senju Clan will never forget your sacrifice.”

Tobirama got saddened; his heart was full of sorrow. He took two steps forward then looked at Masahiko carefully, then he suddenly looked at Hashirama…

“Big brother…”

Hashirama didn’t hear Tobirama, he kept weeping on Masahiko, talking to himself. He got lost in his thought, while his face was full of emptiness.

“Big brother! Get yourself together! Second Grandpa is still alive, he’s breathing steadily, he just falls into sleep…”

“Huh?” Hashirama look at Tobirama, his face got filled with confusion and joy mixed up.

“Really?” The three disciples quickly looked at Tobirama, they seemed to be overjoyed with this news.

Deep into Masahiko’s consciousness.

Masahiko found himself in a place that was both familiar and unfamiliar.

“Is this the Uzumaki village? The place is right. When did these buildings change to black and white? And the village is very vast. Is it because of the population explosion?”

After that, Masahiko saw a huge battle breaks out. He couldn’t hear the sound, and couldn’t recognize the people, he could only watch the battle from the black and white light behind the shadows.

Many people were falling down into the darkness, while two people who seemed to be the leaders appeared in the distance, fighting against each other until one of them took out a “disc” shaped object. After a few exchanges of blows, both of the figures were simultaneously sucked into the disc-shaped object.

“Disc? No… It’s a mask…” Masahiko whispered helplessly.

“I thought, that I’ve destroyed the Shinigami when I got those 2 witness points from the system, but I was actually doing the Death a favor, I’ve let him free…”

“So, I’ve pulled by him now into this darkness by him?” Masahiko gently shook his head.

Some of the souls that were passing by told Masahiko that his soul, as a person who crossed over from another dimension, is stronger than ordinary people.

The Black and White world suddenly got destroyed, leaving him in this vast dark space, with only one soul left there with him.

“Oh, is that a Shinigami? In just two years, it has already grown this much… I remember the last time I saw him, he was barely capable of sucking a chicken soul. But… How the hell did I turn into a stickman?!” Masahiko looked down, to see his hands and legs, to find it very think, he really got turned into a stickman!

The Shinigami then rush to Masahiko, and Masahiko turned away and ran.

“Hell, is this how strong my doubled soul is? I’m just a stickman! Seniors, I’m gonna die!”

“Okay… I have to rely on myself. This is my Spiritual World, and I should be the master of my own world.” Somehow this time, Masahiko thought of the first time he played the video game League of Legends in his previous life.

“Okay, I got this… Lend me your strength League of Legends! Lend me the Twilight Dawn armament…” Upon shouting this, suddenly, a sword and a shield appeared in front of Masahiko.
(T/N: One of Diana Leona’s skin, the Twilight’s Dawn/ Leona is one of League of Legends’ Champions.)

Masahiko got overjoyed, put on his stance, and turned around to face the Shinigami, “Death! Taste this, Zenith Blade!”
(T/N: One of Leona’s skills.)

Five minutes later…

The stickman, who now has lost one of his arms, was running away into the deep darkness. The gap in power is too big. Masahiko blade seems to not that effective; he stabbed the Shinigami several times, but it doesn’t hurt him at all. In the end, he didn’t have any choice but to run away.

“I’m lost if I don’t do anything! System! come out, and help me!”

Name : Uzumaki Masahiko
Age : 22 years old (-)
Endurance: 553(+) Physical: 489(+) Technique: 3834(+10) (transformable)
Three Body Technique : LV10 (100000) (Max Level)
Shuriken-jutsu : LV10 (100000) (Max Level)
Earth Attributes (Doton) : LV4 (121223/200000) (+)
Wind Attributes (Futon) : LV6 (425628/600000) (+) (Fuseable ½)
Fire Attributes (Katon) : LV6 (412335/600000) (+) (Fuseable ½)
Water Attributes (Suiton) : LV2 (10000/20000) (+)
Lightning Attributes (Raiton) : LV4 (103608/200000) (+)
Sealing Technique (Fuinjutsu) : LV6 (413228/600000) (+)
Yang Attribute : LV5 (200000/400000) (+)
Yin Attribute : LV-1 (-1000/0) (+)
Special Talent : Perceptive
Mining : LV6 (10030/20000)
Smithing : LV8 (40059/60000)
Rank : S (Lower Patriarchal Level)
Witness Points : 41

“Huh? Yin Attribute is LV-1? Is it because I’ve lost an arm? But it can be considered a blessing due to misfortune; The Yin Attribute has finally appeared on the status bar. Masahiko then decided to add all of his witness points to the Yin attribute.

Yin Attribute: LV6 (409000/6000000) (+)

Masahiko, the stickman, grew out a new arm, he felt like somebody is inflating him like a balloon, he’s soul was expending widely.

He waited for the changes on his body to be completed, then Masahiko looked up, and suddenly he saw the Shinigami is already in front of him, and he shoved him by reflex.

Only then, Masahiko managed to have a better look at the condition of his soul. Unexpectedly, Masahiko didn’t become a giant, but he regained his true appearance, with a new sensation of strength.

“Is this the strength of the LV6 Yin Attribute? So, if I can reach level 9 or 10, I will be able to roam the world in a spiritual state like Hagoromo? Masahiko thought about it, then he shook his head, “Hell, I will be immortal at that point!”

Masahiko then looked at the Shinigami, who was continually struggling to get up. “If its decades later, your power would be enough to absorb the Nine tails, and I wouldn’t be able to match you… But now…”

Masahiko went closer to the Shinigami, he clenches one of his fists, then smashed the Shinigami.


The Shinigami then dissipating, and its fragments got absorbed into Masahiko’s body. At that moment, Masahiko felt that his soul got stronger again.

Yin Attribute: LV6 (510000/6000000) (+)

“Good, the increase is equivalent to 10 witness points, and…”

Suddenly a sentence came flashing in front of Masahiko’s eyes. “Witness and Completely Change the Main Storyline of the Naruto World: The End of the Shinigami, Obtained witness points +8 (*10).”

“With the previous 2 points (*10), I got rewarded by 100 witness points in total from this storyline, right?” Masahiko muttered, “Changing such an important storyline will multiply the reward only by *10. Does this mean that the highest multiplication that I can get from the system is *10?”

Masahiko didn’t want to think about it further. To learn this without any instructional book is really a pain in the butt.

“It’s time to get out… I don’t know how many people are waiting for me. Did I saw Hashirama shedding tears after I fall? Well, when you think about it, my life was really in danger.”

The moment he thought about it, the Spiritual World disappeared, and Masahiko opened his eyes.

“Second Grandpa! You finally woke up!” A gentle female voice came from the side.

Masahiko thought about many of the first persons he would see when he opens his eyes, but he never expected that this person would be Mito.

Alas, it was Mito, and 8 years old Senju Kenji who was playing around.

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