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L.L.H Chapter 29: Raijin No Ken

Masahiko couldn’t wait until the next day, he was too eager to show off in front of Tobirama, so he went to find him.

When Masahiko showed the sword to Tobirama, the former was left in awe.

“Second Grandpa… Did you learn how to blacksmith?”

“Learn? I can forge weapons from a long time ago. Do you see this blade? I created it myself.” Masahiko felt like he’s being doubted.

Tobirama inspected the swords in Masahiko’s hands. It looked like a fine sword, the edge was sharp, it was no different than any normal ninja sword.

Tobirama thought about it, then he gave his opinion honestly, “Isn’t this like any ordinary sword?”

“What? Look at it! Look at it carefully!” Masahiko said this angrily, then he injected the sword with his chakra, a dazzling light glowed from the blade.

“Understand?” Masahiko said.

“Ohoho… I… Cannot see anything now.” Tobirama said after he blinked with his eyes showing a helpless smile.

Masahiko, “…”.

After a variety of demonstrations that took Masahiko for about an hour to explain, Tobirama finally had no choice but to submit to Masahiko.

“Second Grandfather, you said you want to make a sword for me. This is fine as a prototype, but now the workshop is already closed. Let’s go tomorrow.”

“No, it’s still open, there’s no way it’s closed when a blacksmith needs it the most. We can make it now.” Masahiko said with a smile.

Tobirama couldn’t help but follow Masahiko.

But halfway, a shinobi come to them.

“Tobirama-Dono, the patriarch is looking for you.”

Like having an unexpected savior, Tobirama looked happy, while Masahiko seemed irritated.

But drawn by curiosity, Masahiko followed Tobirama to the hall. Why does Hashirama have to call Tobirama at this hour?

… At the patriarchal hall.

“Oh, you are here.” Hashirama opened the discussion, “There was an accident in the workshop.”

“What’s wrong big brother?” Tobirama asked in confusion.

“A furnace has been blown up as if it was struck with a sharp weapon before.”

Masahiko’s expression turned gloomy and looked down.

Seeing the change in Masahiko’s expression. Hashirama asked, “Second Grandpa, don’t tell me…”

“I… was careless,” Masahiko said with deep remorse in his tone.

“Ahh… Forget it… Only two master blacksmiths have been slightly injured, but please, pay more attention next time, okay?” Hashirama knows that Masahiko didn’t have the slightest intention to harm anyone.

“Well, I’ll be more careful next time… I’ll treat these two blacksmiths masters to a drink.” Masahiko tries to wrap this matter, he felt so embarrassed.

Seeing Masahiko walking away, Tobirama breathed with a sigh of relief.

“Big brother, the second grandpa has already promised to make me a sword, I…”

“Never mind, but for now, let him deal with this first…” Hashirama doesn’t want to discourage them.

The next morning. Masahiko found Tobirama and then dragged him to the workshop.

Looking at Masahiko, Tobirama reluctantly asked, “Second Grandpa, why do I have to go too? Can’t I just wait until my sword is finished?”

“Handing the blade and obtaining it is different.” Masahiko glanced at him, “When you make your own weapon, it feels more like a part of you than just a mere blade.”

“How is that?” Tobirama wanted to know more, but Masahiko got already busy forging his sword.

Tobirama didn’t have any choice but to watch. Looking at Mashiko in action, gradually, his irritation was gone. Masahiko obviously hasn’t forged for more than a week, but something is interesting in his technique.

“Is this the work of a god? No… I must be crazy!” Tobirama muttered to himself.

Half a day later, Masahiko finally finished the sword; this one should be a success.

“Take it and try it,” Masahiko said as he handed the sword to Tobirama.

Tobirama tried to swing it a couple of times, he checked its balance, then he tapped on the blade… and nodded with satisfaction. “Good, very light, balanced, and easy to use.”

“Now, try to cut something.” Masahiko felt like he’s getting underrated!

“Don’t worry, it won’t break.”

Tobirama tried to cut the wooden stick on the side, and easy it got cut into two halves.
Tobirama nodded, “A good weapon!”

“Good? This is an artifact!” Masahiko took the sword, while his face was turning red, then he injected the blade with lightning attribute chakra.

“Okay, this time it will be complete.”

At that moment, Tobirama felt like he wanted to ask Masahiko about his deal with glowing lights…

However, when it was handed again to him, he felt like it can cut through anything!

“Come, let’s go to the training ground and try the sword.” Masahiko saw how Tobirama was hesitating, so he took the initiative.

The two come to the first training ground, Masahiko then explained the ability of this sword to Tobirama, “This sword can be turned to a light sword by injecting a lightning chakra into it. It can resist most Ninjutsu. When in contact with your enemy, it will electrocute them. And It can also make your opponent paralyzed. The blade can also be retracted when not in use.”

Tobirama tried to retract the blade and was able to do it.

“It can resist most ninjutsu?” Tobirama still couldn’t believe this part.

“Well, try it! Rasengan!” Masahiko said, then attacked Tobirama.

Tobirama tried to deflect the Rasengan using the sword, but it suddenly got split in two.

“A-level Ninjutsu? And the sword can actually block it!”

“Hehehe, see it can even deflect or block an A-level or higher.”

Masahiko then threw some more ninjutsu at Tobirama, “Wind Style-Wind Blade.”, then “Earth Style-Earth Dragon Bomb!”

One by one, Masahiko’s Ninjutsu got deflected, blocked, or even cut by the sword.

“Well, Grandpa, enough with the warming up… How about you try me with your strongest Ninjutsu?” Tobirama looked confident.

“Are you sure?” Masahiko smirked.

Masahiko felt a little bit reluctant at; first, it didn’t seem right.

But Tobirama has seen Masahiko’s strongest Jutsu in the battle against the Kaguya, and he still wants to face it.

“Sage Art: Rasen-Shuriken!” Mashiko shouted, then threw Naruto’s signature Jutsu.

Tobirama, shocked, “Grandpa, are you trying to kill me?”

Tobirama tried to deflect it, but because of its concentration of chakra, he barely managed to escape with his life.

The Rasen-shuriken destroyed the terrain of the first training ground. But Masahiko was still not satisfied.

“Sure enough, it’s not as strong as Hashirama’s True Several Thousand Hands…”

At that time, the expression on Tobirama’s face was as scary as when he tried to kill Sasuke with his finger!

“Well, don’t be angry.” Masahiko smiled and said, “This Grandpa wouldn’t have used that Ninjutsu if he didn’t have faith in you. I know you are strong. Thus I showed you my respect in the form of that Jutsu.”

“Now, since you look like a satisfied customer, why don’t you give it a name then?”

Tobirama calmed down and said, “Well, to be honest, yeah, I’m satisfied. Since it works well with lightning, then I’m gonna call it Raijin No Ken.”

Just the exact words he wanted to hear!

A sentence suddenly appears in Masahiko’s mind.

“Witness and completely change the side story of Naruto: The Raijin No Ken Sword, +2 Witness Points (*10).”

Completely change? *10?

When he thought about, now there’s no chance that this sword is gonna be destroyed by Naruto’s Rasengan and Sasuke’s Chidori!

This has really brought a big profit!

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