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L.L.H Chapter 25: 30 Minutes away From the Battlefield

It’s quite funny how six medium-sized clans are fighting against each other for the mine. But up until this point, it’s still in the Sarutobi possession.

The Senju reached the mine unimpeded, and immediately set a camp; no clan but the Senju is here.

The small clan coalition finally decided that they will not participate in the war as long they got 10% of the ore, and if the Sarutobi wants them to participate, then they will ask for 30%.

Regardless of that, with both Hashirama and Tobirama here, they felt these two are enough to cope with six other clans.

In results, the Senju moved to the mine and set a camp with the help of the Sarutobi Clan.

The moment they were there, Masahiko saw some of the Sarutobi and Senju Clansmen taking things out from their bags… Pickaxes? Then those people start to dig around where the Chakra conducting ore was excavated.

Masahiko couldn’t help but whisper, “This is…”

Hashirama explained, “Yes, they are mining the ore. While we wait for the other clans to come, we can take advantage of this period to mine for ourselves. As for the pickaxes, we brought them before we came here.”

Masahiko got stunned, but he wondered: “If that’s the case, then why not just mine all the ore?”

“Huh? It will need a lot of people to carry such a big amount!”

“Too big? Don’t we have sealing scrolls for that?” The moment it slipped out of his mouth, Masahiko, remembered that in this era the sealing scroll hasn’t been invented yet.

“Sealing scrolls? What’s that?” Hashirama asked curiously.

“Uhh… Nothing…” Masahiko didn’t know how to explain that…

“Speaking of it, the sealing scrolls haven’t been invented yet. Is it possible to develop it with my current sealing level?”

“Well, Tobirama, me, and the other Shinobi will join to mine the ore. I’ll go now.” Hashirama then said, “Second Grandpa… you can do whatever you see fit.”

Masahiko thought about the sealing scroll for quite a time. But because he doesn’t have the materials, he could only figure it out in his mind. Thus, he decided to join the mining group.

Masahiko chose a corner where no one is standing there, and took a pickaxe, then started to dig, after a while the pickaxe got broken.

After destroying three ore pickaxes continuously, Masahiko’s skill got improved, and he couldn’t help but think.

“No way…!”

Masahiko looked at his property bar. Sure enough, one more skill popped up.

Mining LV1 (1/100)

Skill… Mining? He feels discouraged, somehow.

But then Masahiko noticed how low the experience was, and he put 4 points in it. Thus…

Mining LV6 (10000/20000)

Suddenly his skill increased by 5 levels!

All of a sudden, Masahiko was digging as if God himself was helping him. Wherever he digs with his pickaxe, a pile of ore appears!

It turned out the Europeans technology can be defeated by skills… He turned to look at Hashirama, to find that the former has already dug a huge ore reserve.

Masahiko wasn’t gonna lose to him, he took a pickaxe and dig until the evening. He ended up with more amounts of ore than the whole of the Senju…

Well, as long as he beat the God of Shinobi, he was fine.

Meanwhile, at the six clans’ camp.

The moment they received the information about the Senju occupying the mine, the patriarchs of the six clans held a council at the Nara camp.

“What? Senju?” Izunuka patriarch said in surprise. “Is it not enough for them to occupy the lush and fertile land in the east? They want to rob us of this mine too? Nara patriarch, what do you say about this?”

Although they are hostile to each other, they all believe in the Nara clan strategy-making capability.

“It’s not that bad to have the Senju involved.” The Nara patriarch slowly said, “The six of us were about to fight against each other, but looked at us now, were allies.”

“On the other side, the Senju doesn’t have many allies. And they have a tense relationship with the Uchiha too. So if the Six of us unite, we won’t lose against the Senju.

“They don’t have a lot of people. I’ve detected less than 1000 chakra presence. But three of them had a massive amount of Chakra… I’m afraid it’s several times bigger than us.” The Yamanaka clan patriarch spoke.

“They must be Hashirama and Tobirama, I am afraid they are stronger than us. As for the other, It should belong to one of the Uzumaki clansmen. But he shouldn’t be too hard to be dealt with.” The Akimichi clan patriarch said.

“This is why we have to join forces and chase them away, isn’t it?”

“I hate to admit, but you are right. Although we have different interests, in the presence of these foreign parties who dare to waltz in our territory, our clash would be imminent. And it’s possible that the Senju is stronger than we might think.”

The Nara patriarch then said, “We won’t fight them heads on. We are fighting a war of attrition. We can’t just do it with six peoples. We have six armies, and it’s at least three times bigger than their forces, this is what they don’t have!”

“As for the Uzumaki, his Chakra is quite massive too, there’s a chance that he’s also a patriarchal figure. At this moment, please join our cause, Hatake patriarch.”

The Hatake clan is unique, even amongst the six clans. Their number is small, only less than a hundred people. But they are considered to be a medium family just because of their unparalleled fighting skills, and their patriarch is also the strongest between the six.

Since the beginning of the council, the Hatake patriarch just sat in the corner with his sword on leaning on his shoulder and didn’t speak a single word. The reason behind his participation is not really because he wants it, but because the Inuzuka and the Aburame promise to give him the ore and a good quality ninja knife.

To response to the Nara Patriarch suggestion, he nodded, then went back to his silence.

“Then, it’s settled. We will gather our peoples, and tomorrow, the biggest clash in the warring states era will break out!” The Inuzuka Patriarch said.

“We don’t need to rush things…” The Nara patriarch said, “The Senju is probably mining now. We have all the time we need to prepare and rest our people. We will attack when they’re about to return back. Then we will take their ore for ourselves! They don’t know it yet, but they’re digging for us!”

The people in the council were amazed. The Akimichi and the Yamanaka patriarch quietly muttered, “It appeared, the old fox of Nara!”

There’s no one opposing this idea, as it seems beneficial for them. And during this wartime, a few days’ preparations could make a huge difference.

So, the Senju kept happily mining the ore for half a month…

The other six clans haven’t attacked yet. And Hashirama thought that they’ve already given up the idea of fighting for this mine. Thus he prepared his men to pack up and leave.

Suddenly someone came carrying a message.

The Six-Clan-Coalition army is 30 minutes away from the camp, prepare to battle!

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