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L.L.H Chapter 24: One Bell

In the Sarutobi Clan residence.

Masahiko and Hashirama were invited to their clan living room to discuss the alliance terms. However, Masahiko was so damn bored.

They didn’t even reach the part where they discuss the war tactics. They’re still talking about the distribution of the benefits.

Masahiko wasn’t listening to their wrangling anyway, so he went out for fresh air.

The Sarutobi place is not small, although it’s still incomparable with the Senju, it doesn’t lose to the Kaguya.

And to put it bluntly, the western area of the Land of Fire has the feeling of sparsely populated and its land is not fertile.

“Well, it’s also near the borders of the Land of Wind, and the desertification is quite significant too.”

By using the fancy word, desertification, Masahiko suddenly felt that his cultural skill has increased.

Thinking of these things, Masahiko suddenly found himself wandering on the borders of the residence.

Here, he found two teenagers who are practicing.

They were about 12 years old, which is the age when Naruto graduated, but they’re already ranked Jonin.

Masahiko looked at them and felt both confused and relieved. If it were not for the witness points system, he would be as strong as these boys when he was 49 years old.

“Youngsters, they really don’t give others a break…” Masahiko muttered to himself.

Hearing his voice, the two kids stopped and looked at Masahiko with confused expressions. It was obvious that this was their first time seeing a person with red hair.

One of them hesitantly asked: “Uncle… I heard people from the eastern area say that the Uzumaki have red hair… Are Uncle one of them?”

When the young boy called him uncle, Masahiko felt happy and overfilled with joy. Although being around the Senju boys is really cool, but he always feels very old around them, calling him Grandpa.

“Boi, you have a great eye!”

Even he didn’t know why he praised that young boy, for recognizing him as an Uzumaki, or because he called him uncle.

The two boys looked at each other and apparently couldn’t figure out why Masahiko is so happy.

The other boy hesitantly spoke: “Uncle… Don’t you have something to do here?”

“Oh, nothing, I’m just wondering.” Masahiko smiled and said, “I have nothing to do anyway… What do you think? Do you want me to help with your training? I’ll make you grow stronger. Take a look…”

“Rasengan!” Masahiko hit the ground, and the dust burst from the explosion.

“See this scroll? I have a bell here. Anyone who can take this bell from me will be rewarded by teaching him this technique that I’ve just used.” Masahiko is obviously acting mischievously.

The boys looked at each other’s and looked at the crater left by Rasengan and became thrilled, and at the same time, both of them said, “Then we will take the bell from you!”

These two didn’t immediately charge forward to Masahiko. Instead, they threw some smoke bomb and hid in the bush.

It seems children who train until the end of the warring states are stronger than those in Naruto’s era. But even blind people can tell that Masahiko is not weak, as he knows how to move.

However, Masahiko is not Kakashi. He’s an Uzumaki, he can detect enemies, even behind these bushes. This hiding trick won’t fool him.

But to keep the boys’ enthusiasm, he pretends to look around looking for the boys. However, his acting skill wasn’t as good as his Ninjutsu. If you’re seriously looking around, then why are you looking at the sky, they’re not some kind of birds that gonna jump in your hand… In short, he’s trying to fool and lure his opponents.

Sure enough, looking at Masahiko’s pathetic act, the boys changed their hiding spot.

They kept playing hide and seek for ten minutes.

“Okay, it’s futile to hide… I am a ninja with perception skill, you can’t hide from me.”

The moment they heard this, the two kids jumped out of the bushes and look for a crack in Masahiko’s defense.

“Ken!” One of them shouted.

“Alright, Wind Style-Vacuum sphere!” The others throw a Jutsu.

Several high-pressure wind sphere got spewed from his mouth and hit Masahiko.

Masahiko’s initial plan was to train the boys, even though there’s only one bell, but this kind of cooperation is good, there’s no need to dispute.

But, somehow, Masahiko got caught off guard by the wind sphere, which made him feel embarrassed.

One of the teenagers who were about to attack stopped. He said, “Uncle, are you really gonna take the two of us at the same time?”

The crying Masahiko inside, smiled at the outside, and gave him a thumbs up and said, “Boy, you have your way with words. But isn’t your friend is the one with the legendary Ninjutsu that stopped me?”

“This won’t work on me! And my name is Ken Shimura, not Ten!”

“Ah, sorry… sorry… I won’t get distracted again. Now come!” Masahiko forced a smile.

Ken got triggered and said to his friend, “Sasuke! This time you attack too.!”

“Oh…” Masahiko couldn’t help it; he smiled and looked closer.

The boys looked at each other’s and seemed puzzled; this uncle is weird after all.

“I see… You are amazing, Ken and Yasuke… You remind me of someone.” Masahiko said.

“Uzumaki, uncle! Shall we continue?”

“Hehe… My name is Uzumaki Masahiko, remember that…”

The other boys said, “My name is not Yasuke! It’s Sasuke Sarutobi!”

“Well, both of you relieved me from my boredom, for that I shall grant you both this ninjutsu.” Masahiko seems to be familiar with Sarutobi Sasuke’s name, but he couldn’t quite recall where it came from.

It took an hour to teach both of them about the basics Rasengan technique.

The boys begin to practice, and Masahiko went somewhere else, then it took him an entire hour to remember.

“Right! Sasuke Sarutobi!” Masahiko suddenly remembered. “He’s the father of Hiruzen Sarutobi, the Sandaime Hokage!”

“Wait! Did I just change the course of history again? And the Shimura boy…”

“Ahh… Forget it, I’ll think about it later.”

Masahiko thought about it for a while. But he just ended up shrugging it off…

“Well, in any case, I would be there when their descendant born, this matter will be solved by then…”

Masahiko wandered for a long time, and he didn’t find anything interesting. So he went back to see the two boys practicing the Rasengan.

Watching them practicing the Rasengan, Masahiko recalled a familiar memory about this scenery.

Suddenly Tobirama came and said, “Second Grandpa, Big Brother has finished the discussion, tomorrow we will occupy the Sarutobi Clan to the mine, and guard it against any incoming attacks… The Sarutobi patriarch has prepared a banquet for us, and big brother asked me to find you.”

“Well it’s about time, I’m already hungry.” Masahiko rubbed his stomach and smiled.

As for Sasuke and Ken, food is more important!

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