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L.L.H: Chapter 159: Treats For Old

Since then Jiraiya’s face was red and sat on his seat feeling ashamed. Masahiko ate a lot that he barely managed to squeeze out a sentence, “Tsunade… Kushina… let’s go.”

Tsunade smiled weirdly and walked out of the barbecue restaurant with the other. Masahiko took a sigh of relief, he could finally enjoy life.

“Maybe I was too harsh on him…”

Tsunade shook her head and smiled bitterly, then a scream came from behind.

“Old Devil! Didn’t you say it was your treat?”

Masahiko, who has gone far away, pouted, then muttered, “Not if you’re eating that much…”

Masahiko felt that he had made a mistake when he invited these five, but in fact, the five of them together didn’t eat as much as he did. Although he didn’t lose much money thanks to Hashirama and Madara, it felt awkward; he should be the one getting treats at such an age…

“Tsunade, I’ve brought back Nawaki with me, don’t you wanna see him?”

Tsunade paused for a moment, then nodded, “Kushina, you wanna go back together?”

“Grandpa, I’m going then.” Kushina left with Tsunade, and Minato also took over leaving Masahiko alone.

Only Masahiko and Orochimaru were left there. Masahiko sighed helplessly, then said, “If you look at me that way one more time, I swear to god that I will dig out your snake eyes out. Do you understand? Now, what do you want?”

Orochimaru shook his head, “Nothing. Elder, I have something to do, I’m leaving too.”

“Wait…” Masahiko stopped him, “It’s not wrong to pursue immortality. Everyone wants to live forever, everyone lost someone. If it’s that important, pursue it, but don’t lose yourself.” Masahiko was talking about The Edo Tensei. It felt awkward to say such a thing with the others around.

Orochimaru nodded, “Elder, I’m not interested in immortality anymore.”

He then turned around, leaving Masahiko puzzled.

“He’s not interested in immortality… then he’s not interested in me anymore, right?” Thinking of this Masahiko felt creepy.

The trip’s object was finally completed. Masahiko’s concerns about Kushina and Minato’s relationship were resolved. Although it was determinate in a messy way, Masahiko managed to accept that. Nagato was more than five years old, and it was almost time for Masahiko to give him his Shinobi Enlightenment. Therefore, Masahiko planned to return to the Land of Whirlpools after talking to Mito.

The work on the Kunai cutting machine was a few steps before finally being finished, and the one Shadow Clone he left there can’t do much.

Just when he was about to say goodbye, Tsunade stopped him.

“Great Grandpa, I have something to discuss with you.”

Masahiko nodded, “Straightforward, what is it?”

Tsunade hesitated, “Should I let Nawaki sign a contract with the Katsuyu?”

Masahiko froze for a moment, then smiled, “I have given you the scroll if you want him to sign a contract you can do as you please. I didn’t let him do it before, because he was too young to know how to use it.”

“I’ve trained him for six months, and his work rate isn’t bad. He might even pass the Chunin Exam with some luck, so I feel he’s ready to sign the contract.”

“However, he’s not ready yet to practice the Sage Mode.”

Speaking of this, Masahiko looked at Tsunade’s forehead, and the diamond-shaped mark was already there. Not long ago, she finally learned the Yin Seal technique from Mito.

“Speaking of the Sage Mode, you can try and practice it. After the war, I will send you to Shikkotsu Forest, what do you think?”

Masahiko also wanted to see how strong Tsunade will be if she successfully learns the Sage Mode.

Tsunade hesitated, “Great Grandpa, is it okay if we delay it? I still have something to do in Konoha.”

“I wanted to advocate the including of a medical ninja in every team before, but because of the fierce battle with Sunagakure, I never had the chance. Now that the war is over, I want to try and ask Sensei…”

Masahiko frowned, what Tsunade said reminded him of the original. Tsunade wanted to include medical shinobi to every team, Hiruzen agreed, but he couldn’t dedicate resources to the necessary implementation due to the ongoing war. However, only Kato truly supported her and shared her view, so the two eventually fell in love.

“However, the timing is kind of wrong…” Masahiko whispered, “Why is it two years later than the original.”

Not far away, Nawaki came running.

“Great Grandpa, I heard you’re leaving?” The joy on his face couldn’t be hidden.

“Oh, Nawaki!” Masahiko whispered it was finally clear to him. In the original, Tsunade came up with that idea after Nawaki’s death.

“Great Grandpa, are you really leaving?::” Nawaki asked again.

Masahiko glanced at him feeling speechless.

“You’re happy that I’m leaving?”

“Not like this.” Nawaki shouted, then looked serious, “Can I go back with you?”

Masahiko felt weird, what the hell did happen…

Nawaki raised his head solemnly, “Grandpa, please train me seriously!”

The look in his eyes froze Masahiko.

“Are you… okay? Did you eat bad chicken?”

Nawaki shook his head, “I fought against that damn Uchiha Fugaku again. Although I didn’t win, I also didn’t lose!”

Masahiko smiled helplessly, Fugaku has become a Chunin two years ago. From the so-called no-loss-no-win of Nawaki, Masahiko could imagine exactly what happened; using various defensive Earth Releases Nawaki literally broke the Sharingan. Of course, there’s no chance for a Chunin to win against someone who has such a variety of defensive and escaping Ninjutsu.

Masahiko hesitated, then nodded, he had to train Nagato anyway, so he won’t mind having Nawaki tagging along with Nagato.

“Okay, I will take you back in a few days!” Masahiko promised, but he also decided to stay for a few more days and see if he could gain some Witness Points from Tsunade.

So when Tsunade went to the Hokage Office to propose her idea, Masahiko followed.

“Elder Masahiko, do you share with her the same opinion?” Unexpectedly Hiruzen asked Masahiko after he immediately heard what Tsunade had to say.

Masahiko smiled, “In front of such a foxy wise Hokage like you how dare a Grandpa like me to have an opinion?” Obviously he was still annoyed after what they did to Kushina.

Hiruzen smiled bitterly, “Tsunade, I think this is a good idea, but it needs testing. Lets applied on a few teams first.”

Because the war was basically over, a mistake here or there won’t cost them any casualties. Therefore, Hiruzen didn’t refuse.

“But if this is going to work, you will need to train more medical shinobis, Tsunade…”

“Just leave it to me!” Tsunade nodded in confidence.

“Well, you don’t need to rush things up,” Masahiko said, “It’s estimated that there will be a long period of peace at the end of this war. So you can go to Shikkotsu Forest first and practice the Sage Mode.

Ever since he gave her that scroll, Masahiko felt that there was hope for Tsunade to learn the Sage Mode, so he couldn’t wait any longer.

Tsunade hesitated for a moment, and nodded, “Then Sensei, I will have to go out for a while.”

Hiruzen was stunned, “Is it the kind of technique that the First Hokage used?”

Masahiko nodded, “Do you want to learn it? Too bad, your old body won’t withstand it.” He said while shaking his head.

Hiruzen smiled bitterly feeling that he really offended Masahiko…

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