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L.L.H: Chapter 160: The Fourth Disciple

Masahiko stayed in Konoha for about half a month. By witnessing the “Hero saving the beauty,” and Tsunade’s proposal of adding medical ninja to every team, he earned 10 witness points from each one, which was fair enough.

Before leaving, Masahiko sent Tsunade to Shikkotsu Forest, where he found out that Tsunade had the standards of learning Sage Mode, which made him even happier.

“Thinking of it, I believe Tsunade will be stronger than what she was in the Original!”

As for Orochimaru, Masahiko couldn’t make the comparison, since he didn’t know which part of Orochimaru’s strength in the Original belonged to him.

“He had an SSS classed viability, what a shame, what a shame…”

Nawaki really followed Masahiko back to the Uzumaki country. It seems that competing with Fugaku to win Mikoto’s heart has become his Nindo.
(T/N: Nindo (Literally meaning: Ninja Way) is a personal rule that each Shinobi lives by. It is their way of ninja life, their motto, belief, or “dream”.)

Masahiko glanced at him with a smile, “Nawaki, you’re 15 years old, and Mikoto is also 14 years old, she will be married earlier than you.”

Nawaki shook his head, “No, Mikoto said that she will wait for me to defeat Uchiha Fugaku!”

Masahiko’s face became stiff, and he muttered: “What should I do. Should I turn into Nawaki and rescue the captured princess Mikoto from the evil hands of the demon king Fugaku?”

Masahiko shook his head, feeling that he won’t be convincing.

“Maybe kind-hearted Mikoto is just encouraging him, right?”

When they returned to the Uzumaki, Masahiko didn’t go to find Nagato right away. In his mind, there was a more important thing to do.

“Yuna, how are the researches on the Kunai cutting machine?” When he opened the door, Masahiko found that Yuna was still busy.

When she saw Masahiko, Yuna froze for a moment, then looked at the other Masahiko beside her.

“Grandpa, you actually fooled me by this Shadow Clone!” Yuna shouted.

Masahiko’s face stiffened, then he smiled weirdly.

When he released the Shadow Clone, the information came to him, then he sighed, “Failed?”

Yuna shook her head, “It didn’t fail, Grandpa. But I couldn’t improve its accuracy. However, with Chakra, the accuracy will get better. As long as the user is a Chunin, it generally won’t miss the target.

Masahiko nodded, feeling sad. In this world where Chakra is the mainstream, there is no way to develop a device that doesn’t require Chakra at all. Although it can be mass-produced, the civilians will not be able to participate.

Although Masahiko has forgotten all about the economic knowledge he learned from his previous life, he still knows that the country can be strong if civilians have a stable income source. For that reason, he proposed to build such a machine, but he ended up failing.

Yuna noticed how Masahiko looked disappointed, then smiled and shook her head, “Grandpa, it’s not completely impossible, I will try again.”

Masahiko nodded, “There shouldn’t be anything else I can help with, so let me take care of Nagato.”

Yuna was surprised, then she smiled, “Nagato is also five years old, and it’s indeed time to start practicing.”

Masahiko waved his hand, then turned and walked heading toward Yuriko. During this time, Yuna and her husband were very busy, and Nagato spent most of the time with Yuriko.

Sure enough, when he came to the Patriarch Hall, he found Nagato sitting beside Yuriko, who seemed busy.

“Sensei, you’re back!”

Masahiko nodded with a smile.

“And since I came back, Nagato will officially become your little brother.”

“Sensei! Are you really going to accept him as your disciple?”

Over the years, Masahiko has taught many people, Sasuke Sarutobi, Takeshi Shimura, Kushina, Nawaki, the Hyuga brother… But Masahiko has only recognized Yuriko, Nanako, Kenichiro as his disciples, and now he added Nagato.

Masahiko nodded and looked at Nagato, who was still an ignorant kid. “This boy is very talented. His talent cannot be wasted. Therefore, I’m going to accept him as my fourth disciple.”

All of a sudden, Yuriko widened her eyes, and her face looked really strange.

“You… you’re not teaching him to be like Kenichiro, right?”

Masahiko turned pale, and he didn’t know if he should laugh or cry.

Indeed, out of his three disciples, two girls grew to be okay, one majored in Fuinjutsu, and the other in Ninjutsu. But the boy who was majored in Taijutsu grew up to be a big idiot.

“Don’t worry. Although the three of you are talented, you could only walk one road. But Nagato is different. My hope for him is to inherit all my Ninjutsu, Taijutsu techniques, and Fuinjutsu.”

Yuriko hesitated, “Ninjutsu and Fuinjutsu should be enough…”

Masahiko glared, “How can a true ninja lack an aspect. Look at you, although you’re strong, you could never become one of the strongest Shinobi in the world…”

Masahiko thought he was trashing her, but he realized that he was trashing his own teaching methods.

After a moment of pure silence, he said a few words to Nagato, then took him out.

The first step of the ninja enlightenment, after knowing the history of the ninja world, is controlling Chakra. As for history, it wasn’t really important in Masahiko’s opinion. Because he can shamelessly say that he was a living history book of the Shinobi World!

Therefore, Masahiko was planning to pass his own glorious history on the way while teaching Nagato…

In short, the first step was refining Chakra.

As for the method he was going to use to teach Nagato, Masahiko didn’t really have anything special, or in other words, the entire Shinobi World didn’t come up with any special method.

However, that has only proved that Nagato’s talent is really high, using the same old method, he managed to successfully his Chakra in 10 minutes.

As for what 10 minutes means on the scale of geniuses, the old Grandpa, in front of Nagato, who regards himself as a genius, took him ten hours to control his Chakra the first time.

Without using Chakra test papers, Masahiko could perceive the kind of Chakra Nature Nagato had just by using his ability. After leveling up his Yin Release to LV9, Masahiko’s Kagura Mind’s Eye has also improved.

“Wind, Earth, and Fire? What a coincidence!” Masahiko secretly whispered, although Nagato, who didn’t have the Rinnegan wasn’t born with all five releases, it was just right; the three Chakra Natures he had by birth were the same as Masahiko’s.

“In this way, it would be best to train him according to my childhood practice methods!” Masahiko whispered, “Moreover, Wind, Earth, and Fire will help him learn how to use the Dust Release…”

After thinking of it, Masahiko sighed again, “But I can only hope that he has the talent for it in himself.”

Masahiko’s success in learning the Dust Release was entirely due to the System. He can only describe it roughly, and cannot teach it to others. Therefore, Yuriko couldn’t learn it too.

“From today, I will officially accept you as my fourth disciple!” Masahiko looked at Nagato and said with a smile.

“Hmm!” Little Nagato was somewhat introverted and only promised.

Masahiko was stunned as a line of Chinese characters suddenly popped before him, “Witness and completely change the side story of Naruto World: Teacher of Nagato. Reward: 10 (*10) Witness Points.”

“Is that also okay?” Masahiko was shocked and overjoyed, “If that’s the case, then maybe I should accept a fifth or even sixth disciple…”

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