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L.L.H: Chapter 161: Konan

“Fire Release: Great Fire Annihilation!”

A slightly soft voice emitted, and the raging flames rushed towards Masahiko, but when it was about to connect, it split into two rows directly, passing by both sides.

“It’s good,” Masahiko said while smiling, and Nagato, who was breathless.

It has been two years since Masahiko accepted Nagato as a disciple, and Nagato’s amazing talent was fully revealed. At only seven and a half years old, he can skillfully use this A-Class Fire Release. If it wasn’t for his young age, his small amount of Chakra, plus his lack of experience, he would have been rated as Jonin. But even so, he makes a good Chunin.

“Of course, if Kakashi, no, I mean if Kakakeru could be a Chunin at the age of six, Nagato wouldn’t be worse than him…” Masahiko felt proud. Two years later, Kakashi was born, and Sakumo really listened to Masahiko’s suggestion and named him Kakakeru. Masahiko feels weird every time he says his name.

“Sensei, has brother Nawaki gone back?” Nagato took a breath and asked.

Masahiko smiled, Nawaki has a really messed up life. “Your brother Nawaki went to claim his wife.”

Nawaki trained with him again for two years, and he made a lot of progress. Two years ago, he was just a special Jonin, but now he can be regarded as Jonin, and there is also his defensive specialty. The seventeen-year-old Nawaki has matured due to love reasons, but that only made him improve faster than before.

Of course, Masahiko didn’t dare to let Nawaki return by himself. He separated a shadow clone to escort Nawaki and Sarutobi Shinnosuke, who graduated from the Uzumaki Ninja Academy. Although the Akatsuki hasn’t moved much in recent years, Masahiko will not just ignore them.

“How does brother Nawaki’s wife looks like?” Nagato has been practicing with Nawaki in the past two years, and the latter has been really kind to him. At this time, it seemed that Nagato was a little curious.

“Not necessarily his wife! Maybe if we catch up to him, I will show her to you.”

“But more importantly, how about I take you out to find your wife?” Masahiko laughed.

Nagato blushed and didn’t answer.

Masahiko actually wasn’t kidding. Two years ago, he accepted Nagato as a disciple and gained a full of 100 witness points, which made him more interested in having “other disciples.”

With having Nagato, Masahiko’s first sight was Yahiko and Konan in Amegakure. Unlike the original story, due to Masahiko’s influence, the course of the war has completely changed, and Konoha retired from the battlefield early. Using his “peeping ninja skills,” Jiraiya heard that Tsunade began practicing her Sage Mode in Shikkotsu Forest, so he went to Mount Myoboku as well; thus, he didn’t meet Yahiko and Konan in Amegakure.

“Although these two kids aren’t as important as Nagato, I feel that I might get another 100 witness points from them combined. This is a must-do!” Masahiko muttered, ready to move.

It was just because he didn’t know where these were exactly. Otherwise, he would have gone for them a while ago, but now was about time.

“Let’s go, Nagato, I will take you to Amegakure.” Nagato followed Masahiko, then said their farewells to Yuriko, and left.

Since Nagato was less than five years old when he was first brought to the Uzumaki clan, and never left it again. His memories about his early days were basically blurred. Therefore, this time when he left the village with Masahiko, everything was new to him.

To satisfy his curiosity, Masahiko didn’t fly him through the sky, and the two ran all the way for three days until they finally reached Amegakure.

“Let’s go, I’ll take you to see your former house first.”
Masahiko said with a smile.

The master and his disciple walked all the way through the Land of Rain that hasn’t changed much… still as chaotic as before.

The slum area that was completely destroyed by Masahiko three years ago was rebuilt. Masahiko’s gravity technique wasn’t as strong as the true Shinra Tensei, and he could also control it in a certain direction. At that time, the main target was Black Zetsu.

Of course, it was impossible not to damage other places, which was the case for half of this small slum area. Masahiko was still feeling guilty, but to seal Black Zetsu, he had to do everything.

It’s estimated that these poor people have worked really hard for three years to rebuild the houses.

“But why did they have to build it the same old way?” Masahiko looked around and felt that the place looked the same way the last time he visited. Even “Yuna’s house” was there, but some other people already took it over.

After he let Nagato took a final look at his old house, the two headed toward the relatively prosperous area of the Land of Rain.

If you’re looking for vagrants, you won’t find them in slums. If they stay here, they will starve to death. Of course, this is only a relatively prosperous place… They wouldn’t let them in the village, which is the exclusive territory of Hanzo.

“By the way, do you want to say hello to uncle demigod?” Masahiko snickered and thought of Hanzo’s expression before when he saw that “star” Masahiko created in the sky. But in the end, he decided to save it for another time.

“Bun shop…”

In the civilian area, Masahiko found a bun shop following the smell of it. Looking at the top of his head, Masahiko’s face went dark.

“Damn you Land of Rain, what did you to sun… It’s noon, did you eat the damn thing?” Masahiko was still focusing on the weather when Nagato suddenly pulled his sleeve, pointing to a blue-haired girl hiding not far behind the owner of the bun shop.

Masahiko was startled, “Konan? Isn’t this too easy? Then Yahiko shouldn’t be far away, right?”

The success of the trip far exceeded Masahiko’s expectations. He thought it would be very difficult to find two children with no Chakra, he never imagined it to be this easy.

Masahiko looked around, Since Konan appeared here, then Yahiko should also be nearby. Since she was exposing herself this way, she should be working as a decoy for Yahiko to steam the buns.

However, things developed beyond Masahiko’s expectations again. Konan actually moved quickly, then took two buns and fled.

“Dirty kid, it’s you again, stop!”

The owner shouted at the Konan and started chasing her, and Masahiko frowned on the side, “Yahiko is really not a gentleman, he let the girl do all the work…”

Then he glanced at Nagato and winked twice, “Boy, it’s time for the hero to save the beauty. The boss of the bun shop is just an ordinary civilian, try not to hurt him.”

Obviously, little Nagato didn’t understand what it meant to be a hero and save the beauty. He saved Konan who was about to be overtaken ignorantly, and didn’t know how to embody the “heroic spirit”… for example, he should have held Konan in the air, and the two then would have exchanged glances at each other, or he should have neatly and quickly knocked down the boss, then do a cool pose in front of him or something.

“Well, regardless, this trip went smoothly…”

Masahiko looked at the two children emotionally.

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